Monday, May 11, 2009

Loving Mother's Day

I tell you I had a great Mother's Day this year!!! Starting the other day when J gave me the vase he made for me, then Friday DD came home and gave me a basket that she weaved herself. It's so cute, lots of different colors!! Our Mother's Day was a little different this year, we usually have a big family gathering but unfortunately we didn't get to do that...We did though have my Mom and Granny and Hubby's Mom and Dad out for lunch/dinner, oh and my cousin who is J's age came out with my mom.

Me and my WONDERFUL Hubby!!!

So my day started off with my Hubby asking if I wanted to get up yet and of course I didn't so he said what do you need done so we can do it. So I told him and he came back in about an hour later and asked if I was ready yet so finally I didn't feel tired and up I go!! Hubby tells me that he is a lousy Hubby as my Mother's Day gift is not here yet, but he ordered it and has a picture of it LOL!! Only my Hubby!! But he say's DD has something that she is wrapping right now!! So I go out and finally she comes down with a hand made beautiful card and inside the card is my present so I'm feeling away trying to figure out what it is?!?! I said it feels like gravel or rocks LOL!! So I finally open it up and lo-and-behold it's a necklace from my store LOL!! She says "man that was easy, I was like I need to get Mama something...OH I'll just go shopping in her store LOL"!! So she picked me a pretty gemstone necklace and pendant to go on it...So Later in the day I say to DD "hey DD I got a call from the owner of that store you went shopping at and they want you to pay up on your bill" and DD says to me "well take it up with Daddy, he's buying" LOL!!! I laughed so hard at her!!! What a pill!! Oh and my mystery gift from Hubby is a new pair of Ariat Pro Baby's (my favorite!!!). They are soooo cute I can't wait to get them!!

So we had our lunch today and it was really good!! Although we were missing some important family members and that kind of sucked!! But we hope they had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!!

Me with my beautiful babies!! OK so their not babies anymore, but I can dream right?!?!

J Playing football with Aus

Aus passing the ball to J

Aus saying hi to the horses!! He's going to be riding the gray mare this summer :)

My DD giving Dandy some love!!

Jet tasting Papa's hat LOL!!

My Mama being attacked by my filly Ellie (on the left) and her colt Bubba!!

My Granny, me, DD, and my Mama

Granny, Me, and Mama

Granny and her favorite Ellie!

Pete getting ready to bite Dandy..Not to hard though, he was just playing!!

J and DD playing!!

Oh how they love each other!!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great Mother's day. We had a great mother's day here too....We adopted a second dog....She's soo adorable. When she calms down a little bit I'm going to be posting pix on my new blog.

  2. What a great Mother's Day you had! Everyone, horse and human, looked like they were having so much fun!
    That is so cute that DD got your Mother's Day gift from your store!

  3. Great 4 generation picture of all the girls, I love those. Glad you had a good Mother's Day! Wish I could have slept in! LOL

  4. Awww, nice photos -- glad you ahd a good Mothers Day!! :)