Saturday, May 9, 2009

It was time to move them!!

I have talked before about J and DD's pigs for 4H, and yesterday was the big moving day for them. We had been keeping them in one of our outbuildings because we had such a terrible time last year I didn't want to have a repeat...I'm not sure who knows the story about that but long story short we had 1 die, replaced her then the new one and the other original one both came down sick. The replacement pig actually almost died, when I found him he was having seizures about every 30 seconds and they would last from 30 seconds to well over a minute. He had a temperature of 109 degrees, whereas their normal temp is 100.5, so needless to say I thought he was a goner but I spent about 8 hrs running water on him and gave him some high powered antibiotics (don't worry I didn't sell him to anyone to eat, we ate him)...So he survived but did have lung damage where he just had a huffy groan sometimes when he breathed. So we found out that because we had put them in an area that had never been touched by anything but nature they all got "dust pneumonia". So this year we decided to wait until they were a bit older before we put them out, and hopefully they will fair well out there.

So we got the out side pen set up again and corralled them over to it. And they had a blast!! They were blasting around, rooting everywhere and just being silly!! This year we have all gilts and they seem to be nicer than the barrows were...Naturally we girls are always the nice ones..Right?!?!

This is Piglet she is a yorkshire, she is now up to about 60 lbs I believe...Which is good because she was just a feeder pig but she started gaining weight and she is built right so we went ahead and tagged her to show!!

This is J's Hampshire Chubs (no idea where that name came from LOL) she is about 100 lbs now, which is really great!! This Hamp is huge!!! Nicely built!!

This is DD's Duroc "Cookie Dough" (again no idea where the name came from....see why we are having some much trouble naming the foal LOL), and she is around 95 lbs right now!! So we are doing good with the weight so far but she was built really well when we got her, and she has lost some of her shape. I'm hoping being outside she'll bulk up again..

Here is Chubs and Cookie Dough checking out their new digs LOL!!


  1. I love looking at pigs, that might sound strange but it's true! I think they are so cute! And they get so darn big too!

  2. PG I don't think that's strange LOL!! They are especially cute as newborns.. That makes the cutest piggy piles LOL!!

    Thanks I think they are cute too...Hopefully they will have a good year!!