Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where does it all go??

You know how when your kids are in grade school and they make these life size class crafts...Ever wonder what the teacher might do with those said "crafts"?!?! Well I soon learned yesterday that my daughter's teachers were very smart about this...Instead of having crap pile up every year they offered these things to the kids through a class room auction!! WHAT?? Seriously?!?! I don't want those gigantic things either LOL!! Now don't get me wrong I ALWAYS keep J's and DD's craft or art projects...But a life size class project, man those teachers are witty!! So yesterday was DD's last day of school and she says excitedly "guess what Mama?!?! We had an auction today for things in our class room and me and Tay (her bestie) we won our class Rain Forest"!!! And then " I have the tree trunks and leaves and Tay has the vines and flowers, so when she comes over tomorrow we are going to make my room into a Rain Forest"!! Yay me...NOT LOL!!! So sure enough the girl's went skating for their last time of the school year tonight and then they came right home and got to work on their rain forest....So it is now complete....DD no longer has a horsey room she has a rain forest LOL!!

DD and Tay sitting in the Jungle!!

OHHH, there is the Rain Forest tree!! (luckily they only put up one, they have more but they ran out of tape, LOL)

Again the Jungle :~) They actually did a pretty good job!!


  1. So the teachers where I work had a huge castle last year, and they did the same thing. It was really cool but I think they parents were like um, gee, great! :) Luckily they had a huge toy room that could accommodate it! :) Like your new header photo!

  2. LOL! That was a pretty smart teacher!

  3. Thanks PG, yes the kids love having their project home with them!! I think the cat does to because he is getting the "flowers" off the ceiling and playing with them LOL!!

    And yes teachers are smart cookies!!! Right PG?!?!


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