Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

My Foggy Morning Drive

My favorite Pistol

Man I LOVE this Muzzleloader!!

My Auntie being Sneaky and sniped me LOL!!

Again my Auntie taking the picture... Pretty neat perspective on the shot huh?!?! Oh and that's my Mama then me in the background :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh What a Day!!

I usually love Mondays during this time of year because we always go watch the JV boys play football!! And now since J has been sent in to assist with the JV games I get to watch him 2 nights a week! The start of the game was good, J got a tackle and when he brought the kid down the kid landed on his chest pretty hard and when he got up I could tell he was in a bit of pain but it's football so that'll happen... So a few plays later J was receiving the ball but it had been thrown a bit to high so he jumped pretty far off the ground and BAM 2 guys tackle him mid air and he comes down hard! He kind of layed there for a minute then proceeded to play one more play before heading off the field. I could tell that he was hurt because he wasn't making himself available to play... So they lost the game, it was pretty much bull crap to watch we were not impressed with the Ref's who ignored numerous personal fouls..But oh well it is what it is..

So J went back to the high school and hung out in the parking lot for a bit. Something all of the boys like to do. Well he had a friend pull up beside him and he didn't realize she had parked so close to him and she was parked at an angle. And he had another friend pull up in front of him so he backed out when he was leaving and turned to sharply....Oh and did I mention that we just put a Ranch Hand bumper on his truck, you know for extra safety...Well that Ranch Hand bumper met almost the entire length of his friends car.. So when he got home I knew something was up with him and he sat down and explained what happened. Well the door was so bent that his friend couldn't drive the car, so J and I went back to the high school so that I could assess the damage.. Yeah not good...

Damage to her car :( can't quite see it all because it's dark...

In the mean time J keeps grabbing his chest. He had some problems after a tackle a couple of weeks ago and the Dr had said she thought he had strained the muscle there. So I asked him did he get hurt during those tackles he said yes when he tackled the first kid and the kid landed on him it started hurting and then when he was tackled mid air and hit the ground it got worse and he was having a hard time breathing. So I said forget the car I'm taking you to the ER to get a chest Xray.

So we arrive at the hospital at about 11:00 pm, then of course we wait and the Dr comes in and says he is ordering the chest Xray and it will be a bit because there is someone in front of us...So that little trip to the ER lasted until 1:00 am....The Xray was good, J just has muscle contusions and is ordered off football for a week... UHHH... So now I ask, can I have a redo on this day LOL?!?!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Us Crazy Girls & the Shooting Range!!

Saturday morning at the break of daylight I was up and about to head to the city for a day at the shooting range.. The National Rifle Association held an event called "Women On Target", which was Firearm Education and Marksmanship Orientation. So myself, my mom, my Auntie, and my cousin S all went! We knew from the moment that we started talking about it that we would have a BLAST!! My Auntie accordingly named ourselves "Crazy Girls", because when we get together there is NO telling what could happen!! Seriously the Hubby's were saying stuff like "be careful" LOL, pretty bad when even they are worried!!

Cousin S, Mom, and I....Auntie is taking the picture :(

So upon arrival we had a little meeting then we were split into groups, so we had 4 other gals paired with our group. We were assigned to start at a specific event then would move from station to station. Our first station was pistols were we had choices from some different 38 revolvers and a semi-automatic 22 pistol. I first shot the 22 then the 38 revolver, I really preferred the semi-auto over the revolver. I've shot a revolver before but as far as I can remember I'd never shot a semi-auto 22 pistol before.. It was a general consensus with us girls that the pistols were not our favorite guns.

Our next station was the Muzzleloaders, of course we had our brief description of the guns and how they operate etc. So me and Cousin S went to one setup and learned how to load the muzzleloaders, I shot first and didn't hit the target! I had these "safety glasses" on that I had to put over my regular glasses and I just don't have enough nose to hold them on and they kept falling off!! So Cousin S went next and BAM like a Sniper hits the target first and second shot!! So I go up next again and talk to the guy about these glasses and he allows me to take them off and we also decided I needed to sit because the barrel on that gun was a little stinkin heavy!! So YES it worked, I hit the target every other time I shot it!! Of course Cousin S never missed it! And we all agreed that we really had fun with those guns!!

So next they fed us then it was off to Shotguns! I love shotguns, I have a Winchester 12 gauge but it's been a couple of years since I shot it. So there they had 3 different 20 gauge's for us to choose from. They had a couple of over/under's, a pump action, and a semi-automatic. So at this station we were shooting clay pigeons which I LOVE to do!!! The first gun I shot was the over/under and of course had a little problem lining up right cause of those glasses LOL!! I said something to this guy and he said "oh heck, take them off you'll be just fine with what you've already got on"!! WHOO-HOO so again next pigeon BAM!! My mom and Cousin S both did really good on the pigeons!! I decided after shooting the different 20 gauges that I definitely want an over/under, I loved that gun!! And one of the guys had a 12 gauge in his truck that he brought out for me to shoot, it was OK but alot heavier then mine is..

Next station was Bolt-Action 22 Rifles with scopes. What a blast those were!! I really loved shooting with these guns. Now my Auntie definitely found her gun calling at this station. She was having a blast and did a great job nailing the targets! She got a little bored shooting the target so she started shooting at some dangling targets and was doing great then she thought it would be funny to shoot down to the other end where our other group members were shooting a dangling target, so Auntie starts shooting at it and hits it then smiles real big and looks down at them and say's "OH YEAH that was me" LOL!!! She is a riot!! So everyone did really good at this event!

Last event was Archery, I was not sure I would do real great at that event but I ended up doing good. Auntie and Mom both did great hitting their targets! It was fun, but not near as fun as the guns were LOL!! So needless to say our day at the shooting range was a BLAST!! Then we finished off at a very long (4 hour) dinner LOL!! But I had a blast seeing my girl's and I absolutely LOVED spending the day with them! Now we can't wait for our next excursion, but I can't reveal it just yet...

Just a reminder in case you haven't already, mute the playlist as this video has a very special song that might provoke My Girl's to dance!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday Skywatch

Friday Night Football!!

Love the rays of light!

Incoming storm that ruined our game :(

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm so Excited for a Day with my Crazy Ladies at the Shooting Range!!!

I am so excited for Saturday I can hardly contain myself!!! First off I'm so excited to spend the day with my "Crazy Ladies" LOL!! We for some reason have named ourselves that...Actually my Auntie named us that LOL!! So who are they you ask?!?! They are my Mom, my Auntie, my cousin S and me!! Believe me this a group to have a blast with!!! So what are we doing?!?!.....Well....My crazy Auntie's husband found this day of fun for us as "Women On Target"! We will be going to a shooting range for the day and will be attending an "Instructional Shooting Clinic" which is an official program of the National Rifle Association!! Basically the way it has been described to me is we will be learning everything from shooting sports to smaller caliber handguns and rifles. There will of course be the basics "gun safety"...etc...Now all of us have shot guns before, well I guess I can't say for all of us but at least I and my mother have. I own a 12 gauge Winchester Shotgun, but it has been a few years since I have shot it. My dad purchased it for me for my Birthday before he passed away. Dad always took me out shooting as a kid, my favorite thing to do was shoot clay pigeons!! So this rusty girl is going to get all polished up!!

Cousin S and Crazy Auntie!!


OH and another great thing!!! We get to take our cameras with us!!! That outta make for some fun pictures!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday was a tough day for me...Not me personally but I have so many family and friends in need of miracles and prayer power...My day started off with a very sad story about one of my cousin's friends who is the same age as my J. The young man whom his friends called "Whisper" because he had an Esophagus problem and spoke only in a whisper. The coaches announced to the football team Monday night that they needed to prepare to go to the funeral of their teammate...I guess unbeknownst to the team and friends Whisper had found out in June that he had Lung Cancer...And he was in the hospital's PEDS ICU, so many went to visit him and it was very hard. Tuesday evening 11 minutes before my cousin and friends made it to the hospital Whisper passed away. This is just tearing my heart apart, this boy was my son's age! The only thing I wanted to do all day was find my son and hug him!! And when I did it felt great!! He of course was wondering what the heck was going on!! He of course understood after I told him...

I also have a friend who is waiting in limbo to find out if he is dying from cancer...He is a very good man and he has children that he takes great care of, and I pray that his cancer is not the terminal one.. It will be 1 of 3 types and the worst being a full diagnosis of a terminal cancer with short time to live..

Then I find out tonight that my SIL's granny has had a stroke Tuesday. I do not have the details but it doesn't sound really good from what small bits I have figured out..

So many prayers needed...So please join me and put these families in your prayers...

This picture was taken Monday evening when my Cousin was at the hospital with his friend Whisper...Amazing the rays of light...And no I didn't know anything at that point

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fat and Happy they are!!

Sometimes in life we get so caught up in the rush of the things that consume our daily lives that we forget to stop and watch the horses! On a daily basis we always have SOMETHING to do! We never have just a free day to do whatever we want.. When those rare occasions come that we are home on a weekend and we have free hours DD and I love to just go anywhere around our place. Whether it be down to the creek to play or out in the back pasture watching the horses graze or just watching the sunset it is such a reminder of how precious our time is. This past weekend we had one of those times with some free hours on Saturday night, DD and I just enjoyed being outdoors and decided to take a ride to the back of our property into the 20 acres where half of our horses call home.

We love going out there to watch them, it just makes my heart light and we love to see what funny things they will do when they finally spot us spying!!

There they graze down in the hills...

Some close gun shots got their attention!!

All is well again as they eat!

Love them....

I like to call these ones "The Three Stooges" HA!

DD's black beauty Ebony..

Mr Handsome Pete

They love to be close :)

Lets not forget Bob our Jersey steer!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

WOW What a Weekend!!! Is it Already Gone?!?!

Needless to say, my weekend was over in a flash!!! Starting Friday night football, which was a rough one on J but they pulled it out and won! Then all day Saturday was spent watching DD Cheer for the local football team, then we came home did chores so later in the evening DD and I could go see our horses that are in the back pasture!! Then today was just all around BUSY HA!

You know as a mother my first instinct is to ALWAYS want to protect my kids...Have I ever mentioned this before?!?! Not sure if I did but yes I am an in your face kind of mom!! And pretty much blunt and to the point of any issue involving my kids!! So when dealing with things such as sports I have to keep my mouth shut!!! This is my kids hard work at stake here...You know that dreaded fear that if you piss of the coach he'll take it out on your kid!

My J # 22 during the National Anthem

Let me first say I think J is very blessed with the coaches he has. He worked very hard to make Varsity so he takes it very seriously and the coaches always encourage him and praise him when he does right, they also talk to him when he does something wrong! On occasion he has been yelled at hard enough to break his spirit.

Coach G giving J a pep talk after he thought he messed up!

Team field huddle...Look at how much smaller he is :( Mind you they are all Juniors and Seniors!

So at Friday nights game, J was going to be playing Offense and Defense because at our game last week they had a few V players injured...J loves playing both so he doesn't mind. You know sometimes there are things that you wish you could give your kids and its absolutely impossible?!?! Well if I could give J what he really wants that would be to be taller and be built more solid...Now my J is about 5'8 I think....Now he may be smaller size wise but he has muscle and a very fit body. J when playing Defense he plays Corner Back and he is really good at it! When he plays Offense he plays Wide Receiver and does pretty good in that position as well.. Now the problem Friday night started because the kid J was covering on D was much taller than him but J did great keeping speed with him, there were a couple of close times were the kid almost got the ball but he missed it and then another time when he did catch the ball he pushed off of J to catch it which should have been a flag!! But luckily our safety was there in no time to get him out of bounds. After that happened the other team just kept running the same thing trying to smoke J every time. He did great but playing offense to was really wearing on his stamina... So he finally got to sit out a couple of plays and we finished the game with a win!!!

That'd be a tackle over there!

Waiting with intensity...He was ticked by this point...

But J was extremely upset, he felt like his size and him could have cost the team that game... Well out of the blue a very unexpected source came and spoke with my husband and FIL and told them that he believes that J is THE MOST improved player out of the whole team. He felt like J was being attacked because of his size but he also said the coach left him out there on his own island and he shouldn't have done that!! WHOA!! I was floored I couldn't believe that this guy of all people would say this!! There is nothing wrong with this guy, he is just not the type to hand out compliments and sincere words to lift J's spirit! I was so thankful and impressed that this man said this stuff about my son and J did feel better after hearing that LOL!!

Run for the kick!

Again ready to take him on again!

He had practice Saturday morning and they always watch the playback video and when he got to the field where we were for cheerleading he said "I didn't do near as bad as I thought I did"!! I said LOL "Um I think I tried to tell you that"!! So it ended on a good note and my son is happy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Skywatch Friday

This sunset mesmerized me...Such beautiful hues of pink!

Friday, September 18, 2009

OK Brown Eyed Cowgirls...Here is my Review on the 2010 Camaro!!

So the other day I posted here about my Hubby renting me the 2010 Camaro!! Well I must first remind everyone that I am a truck lovin girl but this model of the Camaro is a "replica" of the late 60's model...Which just so happens to be my dream car!!

Well Brown Eyed Cowgirls wanted to know how the modern version stacked up!! So lets review the car a bit...The model we had was the Coupe 2LT with a 304hp 3.6L V6, it was decked out inside! The way they designed the dash and gauges is to have the similar feel of the old cars, it's really cool!! The car has complete controls on the steering wheel meaning, radio, bluetooth, cruise, and even your shift up and down buttons if you so choose to drive in manual! The sound system in the car is "Boston Acoustics" and really sounds great! Of course the car was equipped with a sunroof as well.

Interior...Love, love, love it!!!

Driving the car is awesome, mind you we had the "baby" engine (but come on 300 hp is enough). The car just glides, it is not rough riding and can take of from the line good and does great for passing people! Hubby says he would have to have the 426hp 6.2L V8 if he ever owned one because you "HAVE" to have the maximum speed, really it is not necessary with this car! But the biggest deal breaker is the fact that there is literally NO backseat!! For me to drive I needed the seat all of the way back to be comfortable but that left ZERO leg room for DD so I had to move up a bit then she just sat indian style..

I may not get to keep her but it was fun!!

So all in all the car was awesome!! I had a blast driving it and was sad to take it back LOL!! However after hitting that deer yesterday I was really glad I was in my Dodge!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Very First Wildlife Vehicular Manslaughter...

Living in the country you have that constant thought that someday you are bound to hit an animal... Well I have been making sure I do not drive fast at night down our dirt roads because of all the deer and other wildlife. We have been out here for a few years now and tonight I had my first "wildlife vehicular manslaughter"....It was a young buck and I totally did not see him, he must have stretched out running fast enough that I got him with the front of my truck. I turned around to check and see what I hit and what I needed to do... So as I approached the buck he lifted his leg up but he was bleeding from his mouth, I felt SO-O-O-O bad!!!!!! I immediately went to call Hubby to have him bring a gun down to put him out of his misery, but then remembered that I had left my phone at home earlier so I had to race home to get my phone to call him (he was down the road working). So he gets home grabs the gun and we head back, we pull up and Hubby gets out and nudges the buck a few times and says he's already dead. I was like thank God!! I did not want that buck to lay there in pain. He was in the middle of the road so Hubby had to drag him into the ditch.

I of course snapped a picture of him just in case there is any damage on my truck, we hadn't even really looked yet. But we looked it all over when we were done and didn't find anything but maybe a spot in the middle part of the bumper! So all's I have to say now is Gotta Love my Dodge!!! I'm impressed that it didn't damage the truck!

So I am feeling really bad, and I hope I never hit another one!!

Warning!!! Dead deer in photo below!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Here's the little critter we got to puppysit!!

Cute Puppy Indigo!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If it Taste so Good, Why Does it Smell so BAD?!?!

Here in the Heartland we have had more than our share of rain these past couple of weeks! Now of course we always welcome the rain as it is usually needed... However the rain does cause one big bad problem at my ranch. And that problem is the pig!!! WHOO-WEE it smells BAD!!! Of course the pig area always smells bad but when it rains like it has been it just gets worse! See we had 3 pigs, 2 of them went to the County Fair and then to the butchers but the 3rd pig that we sold to a friend, he didn't want his pig going to the place we took ours because he likes another place better but he couldn't get the pig in for a few weeks after we took ours... So she should be going next week but until then, I might have to spend more time inside since I feel the need to gag when I get that right hit of the smell LOL!! And it amazes me how something that taste so good can stink so-o-o-o bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how can they be so cute when they're babies!!

It seems like we're never going to dry out!!

The doggies do love the puddles though!!

Aww there is Mrs stink bucket herself!!

Would you want to wallow around in that?!?! LOL!!!!!!!