Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So it Starts Again!!! Friday Night Football!!!

My J has been working his tail end off through the summer and the weeks that they have been practicing trying to score himself a spot on the Varsity team...Now J is only a Sophomore this year so I wasn't sure...He did play in the 7 on 7 passing league this summer and he was the only "younger" kid asked to play!!

So Thursday night, the night before their first Varsity game it was announced....The Varsity team....And among them, 1 Sophomore....My J!!!!! He was totally ecstatic over that!! So he is playing first string D Corner-back, he also rotates out on offense as a Wide Receiver. So their first game didn't start out as they had planned it to...They held the team off from scoring and got us 1 touchdown!! So apparently the coaches had a few rather loud words during halftime and they came back out to finish the second half on top as the winners with a score of 27-6!! WHOO-HOO!! And I am not being a biased mother when I say this....But J did an awesome job for his first ever Varsity game!!

My J #22


  1. Congrats J -- that is wonderful! My son played football but not in high school - then it was Basketball -- I have a couple of favorite photos I'll have to post sometime. Your pics were great - great team shot! J - keep up the hard work! And Mom it is OK to be biased! That's our job.

  2. Good Job J! Hard work pays off! Mom's are allowed to brag!

  3. Wow...Congratulations J for making Varsity!! That's pretty exciting:)

  4. Bet you are liking that camera for Football pics too!


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