Monday, September 14, 2009

Please Remind Me Why I Can't Have a Sports Car?!?!

Living out in the country is one of the greatest blessings on earth!! I could never imagine myself anywhere else...But sometimes there are some cons that come with this, you see I live down 5 miles of dirt road, 10 miles if your coming from the city... And when it rains around here it can get pretty sticky out on these roads!!!

So Saturday the Hubby needed to work on my truck, but he forgot that I had made plans for the day so I wouldn't have my truck :( Well he called on Friday night and said that he was going to go ahead and leave my truck in the city so our friend who owns a diesel shop could get started working on it...I didn't really like that to well because my truck is kind of my baby and I don't like leaving her away...So he told me he was driving our friends truck (he just got a new one) so I thought to myself he isn't leaving it there because he wants it started first thing in the morning he's leaving it so he can drive our buddy's new truck!! OH MEN!!! I was a tiny bit annoyed with his silliness!! So he gets home and comes in while I am eating dinner and says "you wanna come see this truck" I'm like "UMM hello I'm eating"!! So he gets DD and then when I got done eating out we went, he opens the garage door and I see a low profiled car front end....HUH?!?! Our friend has a truck and its big, not a car?!?! What in the world is it....So the door opens all of the way and there it sits....The replica of my dream car....My dream car is a '69 Camaro, I LOVE them and will hopefully someday own one....So there sits a 2010 Camaro, I'm like "what the crap, where'd this come from"?!?! *SMILING* Well the Hubby decided since he was taking my truck for the day he'd rent me that new Camaro so I would at least get to drive one in my life!!

So needless to say, within 5 minutes I was in love...Yes with a car...I'm a total car/truck freak, LOVE THEM!!! I'd own 20 different ones if I could LOL!!! So now I'm needing to remind myself why it is that I need to keep driving a truck and not race down and trade it in on a new Camaro!! Actually Chevy made the decision for me since the car virtually has NO back seat!! DD had to ride Indian style while Hubby was in the car LOL!!!

AWWW She's a Beauty!!!!!!!! Am I the only car freak in the world?!?!

OHH and there is my real baby in the background!! Definitely NOT a sports car LOL, however I do drive it like one!!


  1. Why you can't have a sports car? Cuz a Camaro won't haul a trailer LOL!

    WV = inglyc
    This is America and our native language is Inglyc.

  2. That is a Honey of a Car - and how nice of your Hubby to surprise you with a day of fun driving!

  3. Great car, but better yet great honey!! What a sweet man to rent you your dream car. Love that:)

  4. Oooh ahh, snazzy. Sweet hubby!! :) Enjoy your driving!

  5. Very nice car!! I love sports cars, but not as an everyday driver. I drive an SUV and the truck most the time. But some day would love to have a sporty little car, just for those really hot, sunny days of summer!
    That was very sweet of your hubby to get you that sports car for a day!

  6. I've obviously always been a "truck" girl, but whenever possible, I've also owned whatever little sporty "sumpthin', sumpthin" I could. Fuel mileage ya know!;)

    Right now, My Honey is searching high and low for his 70 Camero. I keep looking for my 76-78 TransAm. And Megan has become enamored of Mustangs. Huh-Don't know how I ended up with a Ford girl?
    And in the meantime, we have been trying to find someone who is willing to start rebuilding our 67 Camaro RS. You'd be amazed how many people aren't that interested in rebuilding these cars anymore.

    Soooo, you will have to tell us how the modern version stacked up???

  7. What a sweeet hubby you have! Hope you enjoyed your ride!

  8. Oh boy that is some ride.
    I think it is so nice that your hubby rented it for you to drive for a day.
    I felt the same way until I found my mustang.
    Loved that car.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. OK so I LOVED that car!!! Tomorrow I will give my own little review of it!!


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