Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Think I Found a Few Favorites!!

When we did our shoot the other day, I took a TON of pictures LOL!! So going back through them I have found a few that I really like and not sure how I missed them the first time!!!


  1. I like the one by the fence because she looks like the cowgirl she is.

  2. What great shots you got. I love that first one, it so natural looking.
    Congrats to your son also and happy to hear that they won.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I also like the first one, but they are all excellent!! Great job!!

  4. W.O.W! I love the first one, but the last two are equally amazing, too. Your baby girl is growing up. She has such an intense gaze. I bet she is a very focused, driven young lady. She's gorgeous!
    You must be very proud!


  5. Thanks all!!! We had fun!! Hopefully I will be able to get J out there soon to do his!


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