Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Cost Me My Power!

Spring time storms here in KS can be...well frustrating to say the least! Now I love a good rainy, stay on the couch watching movies kind of day but that isn't achievable when these Spring time storms steal your electricity! I honestly think we have had more power outages out here in the country than I had my whole city life!! The longest we've gone without was 2 days, which obviously isn't the end of the world unless of course your like me and have freezer's full of yummy home grown meat! So tonight as these storms rolled through and I was nestled away watching my DVR'd *Bachelorette* it happened...Yep the storm stole my power! I was not a happy camper! I mean I am a night owl for goodness sakes! What the heck am I gonna do in the dark?! Then to top it all of the Hubby is out of town working! But he had power...

So this is what I did...

I watched a pretty awesome lightening show! And just shortly after the first round ended 3 hours later the power came back on!! However it is still storming like crazy! Not sure how J is even gonna make it out on these roads when the sun comes up!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Time Wedding!

Friday night I had the sheer pleasure of shooting an outdoor wedding! Only the second wedding I've photographed so I was well....Just a wee bit nervous! I am not one of those super creative wedding photographers! However I had an absolute blast and this couple was just a joy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Conformist...I Am Not...

In my life I tend to always find myself a little over opinionated, of course this causes more conflict than I would like but I struggle because I am just not a conformist! My Hubby likes to just go with the flow and not rock the boat, well with others that is LOL!! I on the other hand am stuck in this thing if I feel like something is wrong I must win the battle! DD's school has had a music program on their calender that they had changed the date for 3 times! Now I am all about participating in my children's education and school functions and we most typically attend everything school related! However this music program has really gotten my feather's ruffled! When they set the final date which was Tuesday night, I told DD she wasn't going. Most all of you know that aside from rodeo DD also really loves dancing. Tuesday nights are dance & gymnastics night, she does ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics! This takes up our entire night but we love it! As the dance year comes to an end they are preparing for their BIG dance recital. This week was their last "official" practice, they will have a sleepover next week and practice some but no dance class, then recital is Memorial weekend. All of this not only takes a massive amount of time but also costs alot of money, so to me this music program was just not on the list of being a priority. I have always had an issue with them trying to say my child is "required" to come to any event outside of school hours. I just don't feel like they have the right to enforce something like that! So DD comes home and says that if she is not at the music concert she will get a failed grade that counts as her "final" for the class bringing her "A" down to a "B". Needless to say I bucked the system and didn't take her!

I have emailed with the teacher and have currently requested her to show me anything that states they can require my child to be at a function outside of school hours and grade her on it!!

*Stepping off my soapbox now*....What do ya'll think about this?! Do you think schools should be allowed to require this?!

TOP Dance Competition from a couple of weeks ago!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Horsey Butts?!?!

Here in our neck of the woods we are working on staying afloat! Mild temperatures and lots of rain have taken over our last few weeks. I always love Spring for the showers it brings!! However I think my horsey's might just be getting tired of it...

Shortly before one of our storms last week I was on the hunt to find my 3 young mischief's...Had myself a little heart failure when I realized they weren't out in the pasture anywhere!

Lo and behold they had crammed themselves into the small side of the barn they have! I promise this really only houses 1 full sized horse comfortably!!

I hollered at them and Bubba pops out like *who me*?!

Here was the start of some rotating clouds over our place!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Uh Yeah We Should Have Named Her Grace...

So yeah I just realized I didn't share this with everyone...We have come to a conclusion in our house. DD should have been named Grace *no offense to anyone with that name as it is a beautiful name it's just slang for klutzo around here*! Literally this girl can look at something and get hurt!

Here she was last weekend at her TOP Dance Competition

Now here she is 3 days later...Sorry I know you can't see it real well but her right hand is all wrapped up bout midway on her arm.

Now not to be confused because l did know she actually had *an* injury then but I wasn't being a good attentive mommy and rushing her to the DR! Now don't go gettin all in a tiffy calling SRS on me! We just thought her finger was jammed!

Seriously I was gone to a meeting for 2 hours and come back and she's all puffy in the face been crying her eyes out so I ask what are all the tears about and she shows me a slightly bruised swollen finger. So I ask her what the heck she did?! She says "I was playing soccer out front and I kicked the ball way up high and went to catch it and jammed my finger"! Who does that?! Gets injured playing by themselves! So I have our resident Dr J look at it and he says it just jammed so we iced it and went to bed. After the main swelling went down her finger was still puffy between her top knuckle to her middle knuckle and resident Dr J said he now thinks it is broken on that bone. You may be asking yourself why I ask my 15 *nearly 16 in my defense* son about her injury, but he has had training at school and this is the exact field he is leaning towards career wise. He had set his heart on being an FFA teacher but in the last few months he has realized he's pretty good in the sports medicine type issues! So anyhoo...I took her to the Dr and they X-rayed and sure enough it's broken right where J thought it was! So my girl has to keep this brace on for a few weeks! Hopefully not to long because she has recital coming up and that would suck!

Oh and I might add just as an example why I call her Grace....Right after I called the Dr's office to schedule her appt she was going into the other room and stubbed her pinky toe on the chair then proceeded to wallow around on the floor for 15 minutes thinking she broke her toe! Then as soon as she got up she says "ohhh and I hit my knee on the shower ledge this morning getting out"!! All of said injury's happened on the same side of her body!! I told her I'm gonna wrap her in bubble wrap!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Everybody Loves A Rainbow...Right?! Especially If It Tastes Good!!

I'm pretty sure I have never met a person in my life who doesn't love a pretty rainbow!! So I was pretty excited to try out this rainbow cause it sure looked tasty!!

These were such a hit with my family that ALL of them were gone in one day!!