Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Skunk Why?!?!

Dear Mr Skunk,

Please do not come visit my house and spray my dogs again! And Hubby, when the skunk does spray the dogs please don't put them in the garage!!

Yep that's what I awoke to Friday morning...Hubby woke me up, and shortly after opening my eyes it happened...I smelled *that* smell... Me to Hubby: "what's that smell"? Hubby: "ohh I was hoping you wouldn't notice that"! WHAT?! How the heck do you NOT notice that wafting of skunk through my house!! Hubby said he *might* have left the dogs out a little to long as when he went to bring them in he realized they'd been sprayed by a skunk! All 4 of them!! So I informed the Hubby that their kennels were to go to the barn and they could spend the day in there until we got back from my DR's appointment!

We got the special recipe for removing skunk smell and when we got home later they were brought out and bathed in it!

Hubby trying to explain to Laramie why she needs to stay away from skunks!!

She was freezing!!

Good shake when she was all done!

Now it's baby Chevy's turn~!

Georgia wasn't really liking the cold water! But she's such a good girl!

Double duty

Here is Connor...Yes he is all dry...Because we finally figured out that they all did NOT get sprayed...Only Laramie...So the others were guilty by association!

Does Georgia even look like she's had a bath?! Seriously!! She ran straight to the dirt and rolled around! And that's why she doesn't live in the house LOL!!

My dog gang!


  1. I'm a sucker for Shar pei's !!! but naughty naughty hubby for putting them in the garage! What an ick smell to wake up to.

    What is your "special recipe" for de-skunking?

  2. What a guy thing! LOL! Do you use the peroxide/baking soda/dawn detergent combo? We would give that magic potion recipe out a lot a work, especially this time of year. :P

  3. My red heeler NEVER learns. He has been sprayed several times. Gakkkk!

    Cute pack of pups.

  4. Oh - I fear the skunk encounter every spring! It hasn't happened here for quite a few years now. Thanks, for the recipe - I'm hoping we wont have to use it!!!!!!! Such a job to have to bath all dogs! Hope you have a better week now. jo

  5. I will have to remember that recipe since my gs dog likes to chase those skunks. It looks like he would remember. My dil uses tomato juice but that can get costly.
    how much of the peroxide/baking soda/dawn do you use?
    I hate that smell, it always seems to linger for a long time.

  6. Love your dog gang! Thanks for sharing and sorry about the skunk.

  7. This is so funny! (You may disagree!) I have no idea what a skunk smells like, but I can imagine it's bad. And Connor is stunning. If he'd like to come and meet Tessa some time...

  8. After a skunk spray it's hard to think of anything worse! Ick. My dog was sprayed while I was away. When I got home she still smelled because the Hunter washed her with MY SHAMPOO!!! Let me just tell you salon product does NOT remove skunk oder. In fact, it may make it worse!!!

  9. I can sooooooo relate! We have a Mr. Skunk living close by and Cowgirl finds him the minute we turn her loose!! BTW I thought tomato sauce was the only thing to get the smell out . . . what did you use?

  10. Ahhh, skunks. I HATE waking up to skunk smell. Done it more than once. Hopefully they don't find another one!

    Hey, posted my glamour shot pic! Took forever to find it!

  11. Eeewww.... Stinky la'pew!! I hate when that happens.... One time one of our dogs found Mr. Skunk just prior to leaving for the State 4-H Dog Show.... that was a problem --- Would like to know more about the secret recipe, just heard the baking soda one being tested on tv - is that what you used?

  12. Okay here is the recipe for skunk odor removal LOL! LeAnna was SOO right! Only thing different was we used Ivory soap. I have heard about tomato juice before as well but I don't know how well it works. Most vet offices use this recipe, I think!

    ~ 1 quart (32 fl oz, nearly 1 liter) Hydrogen Peroxide

    ~ 1/4 cup baking soda

    ~ 1 to 2 teaspoons liquid soap (such as Ivory™ Liquid Cleanser or Softsoap®) I think if it cuts grease it should work.

    They recommend putting an eye lubricant on their eyes as this would be BAD to get in their eyes. Also do NOT put in a closed container! I think this recipe worked awesome! The only hint of smell Laramie was left with was right around her nose where we didn't put the solution very good.

    Now I hope nobody else has to use this LOL!!


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