Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Is Stinky Business! Literally!!

Fair time in our family brings pigs! We were very fortunate last year with the pigs we had and had no problems! This year due to high demands and low supply we ended up with some pigs I wouldn't have picked... Nonetheless my kiddo's are happy with them and we got what we got!

After our troubles with pigs 2 years ago I always get nervous when one of them appears to have an issue. Ever since we got these pigs the female has had a bit of the runny gumption's, we have been waiting it out thinking maybe it was due to feed changes. Last Saturday was the annual required pig tagging day for the kids to be able to show them at the county fair in August, so the Hubby and J took them and got them all fixed up. Hubby noticed that day that the female was starting to lose a bit of weight as well... I'm hoping this isn't the start to a bad year with them!

DD was our photographer for the event!

Our *runny* girl

We decided to shoot the pig with some antibiotics and deworm them all and hope that fixes the problem! After a couple of days her stool is looking a bit better and she is still eating, drinking, and playing so I hope that's a good sign!

Doesn't J look thrilled!

I could be dangerous with this stuff HA!!


  1. Wow! And don't they look cute? I may have to have some.

  2. The girl I worked with showed pigs and she had some magic potion for scours. I may have to ask her what she did for them...

  3. ah, the joys of making sure animals are healthy for fair time. Our fair here is in July and I can remember those times, of course I showed lambs but still you sweat all the small stuff, especially the closer to fair time you get. I hope all works out and you have an excellent year with the piggies :)

  4. I do hope that you have success with the piggies this year.
    J really does not look to happy about this.
    Have a great day

  5. I know nothing about pigs but I would bet worming is always a good place to start. Those pesky things seem to torture are barnyard critters.

  6. Don't you love when those little piggies have an issue --- it always seems a little bit harder to determine than the horses what is up! And your correct -- stinky!

  7. Oh goodness! Look at those crazy piglets! They are so darn cute. I hope the deworming helps them out and they start to put on some pounds!!

  8. Well, hopefully she comes around.

    One of Meg's friends shows pigs and he put his on goat milk to get his show pig gaining better.

  9. I sure hope the pig situation works itself out. Pigs are the only critter I have no interest in ever owning. lol!
    I do love bacon, though! :D



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