Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

A beautiful family whom I've known FOREVER and finally got the pleasure to photograph~!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SOOO We Said No Injuries...Right?!

SO in my last post I asked everyone for some prayers that we have NO injuries at the game this Friday! I think I need to revise that request and include NO injuries at practice either!!!

NOOO J did not get hurt! But...He did hurt another kid...:( They were doing tackling drills today at practice and it was 3 kids per drill and he was tackling a freshman from the JV team and well..Long story confusing story...He facilitated in breaking the young mans arm *insert tears*...J went down low to tackle and the boy tried to jump over him so J jumped up and flipped him over with the boy trying to break his fall with his arm and J said literally you could hear it snap...He said "it was so crazy Mom, coach asked him if he was okay and did he need any water and he said....No but can I get some Koolaid" LOL LOL LOL!! J said the young man kept good in spirits through out the whole ordeal but would ya'll please shoot up some prayers for him! And for J...I know my kid and he's gonna be blaming himself for this one...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Am I?!....

So yes I have been slacking, I mean busy lately...I promise I have been here and reading everyone's posts, sorry about the lack of commenting on said reading! I have been a lil bit busy lately. This is the time of year when I don't get to share much rodeo related because well...there's no rodeo'n going on! You know the drill, 2 kiddo's with different interests and the Fall season brings on Football for J which I know most of my posts have consisted of lately :) But in all truth we REALLY do love football! I love watching my kid play, it's absolutely one of the most fulfilling things I've ever felt...To watch him do something that is so rewarding and fun for him!

J's Varsity football team has had a rough many of years holding season records of 2-7 for a long time! But this year as of right now with 2 regular games left in the season they are 6-1!! WHOO-HOO!!! And truly their 1 loss was simply just bad luck and non-team playing, they really should have beat that team but they haven't let it haunt them in any way. Three weeks ago marked their biggest game of the season they went into the game against a team that was undefeated and had 2 running backs that were darn near impossible for every other team to stop! They had scores against other teams like 58-15, 28-0, 47-13, 55-7....Then we played them and WON in overtime with a score of 22-21....UH YEAH! Nail biter for sure! J's team literally stopped their runningbacks right in their tracks! The best one on their team was averaging about 220 yards a game and J's teams defense stopped him around 95 yards! Talk about amazing game play and super awesome coaching!

J's Tackle on the *BEST* runningback in the state!!

Overtime WIN~!!

So this weeks game is against the league's top runner right now who is standing at 7-0 with scores on average over 60 points to ZERO!!! SO needless to say these boys have their work cut out for them!! UGHH will be such a tough game to watch!

One of J's interceptions!!

Catch almost good for a touchdown!!

Nice tackle!

And most importantly PLEASE pray for J and his teammates for NO injury's! These boys are ruthless!! So my mommy heart is a little bit scared!

That's GOOD for a TOUCHDOWN!!

As my Boy would say "nough said"...

SO the main reason for my absence after these last few weeks of great football...That night after the super victory 3 weeks ago...We came home to find our basement flooded...Yep...Water heater blew out...I'll give all the gory details in my next post!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Great Pig Escape!!

OK so I've linked this up for TST!! Cause Rach's making me....:)

After our county fair back in August the kids' pigs returned home with us until they go to the butcher. Unfortunately it's looking like we can't get them in until November 8th or something like that! So their eventful lives here on the ranch just keep getting funner!

With daily escapes from their pen we are constantly herding them back and telling them NO-NO PIGGIES~!!! So Wednesday afternoon DD and I were leaving the house to head to a meeting and as we drove down the back drive she yells "OH NO pig in the water tank"!!! WHAT?!?! I slammed on the brakes and looked over to find this...

I was on the phone with the Hubby and nearly burst out laughing and said "let me call you right back", he's like "HUH why?! What's going on"?! I said just let me call you back! I wanted to snap that picture and send it to him right away! So I did then my phone promptly rings and he says WHAT THE HECK?! I'm like "yep, he's in the tank..." Hubby says "is he going to drown"?! I told him it appeared he'd been in there for at least a couple of hours because he was a bit sunburned on his back *the part of his body that wasn't underwater*...So I left for my meeting and when we got back the Hubby was almost home so DD and I thought it would be awesomely hilarious to see J's face when he seen this (he'd just gotten home also) so I have DD ask him if he's checked on his pig today and he says "no".. So she says well you might wanna do that! So we head out all giggles waiting for him to burst out laughing! BUT he didn't laugh! He didn't think it was one bit funny! In fact he was kind of annoyed with us for laughing as he thought "his pig was going to die"!!

So we talked about how in the heck he could have gotten in there! This is the horses tank that stands at least 3 1/2 - 4 ft from ground level! This pig weighs somewhere around 300 lbs so it couldn't have been an easy task for him to get in there! SO finally the Hubby gets home and he and J had to get in the tank with a tow strap around the pig to hoist the front half of his body up on the ledge then shove him out onto the ground! I thought he was going to end up breaking a leg or something!

All kidding aside it was a good thing we got him out when we did because he was tired! He kept going underwater trying to lay down and then popping back up shaking his head trying to figure out why the heck he couldn't lay down LOL!!!

And just a note in case you wonder~ Yes the tank has been blocked off until we can drain it. We put out another temporary water tank for the horses until this one is cleaned as it could be dangerous for them to ingest this water that has now been soiled....EWW...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is 8 Years To Long?!

Ya'll know how picture crazy I am but would you believe it if I told you the last time we had formal family pictures done was in 2002!!! Yep it's been 8 years and I can't believe it!! We used a phenomenal photographer and I spent WAY to much money on pictures...But in my defense I did purchase a lot that were used for Christmas gifts for like my parents, granny, and in-laws. So after spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 the Hubby has never been very anxious to update our pictures. But when my sons friends continue to comment on how they CANNOT believe that is us in the pictures, well that says it's time to update them! I mean I still have them all up of course :) Including a 20 x 24 in my living room! So beings that I now have the skills to do this myself I decided a couple of months ago when Fall hit I would do it! In light of my decision to take on this task I would first need to order me a remote for my camera! Of course my next task was coordinating and shopping for our picture clothes (which just so happens to be one of my favorite things to do)!!

So just to show you, this is the BIG one I have hanging in my living room from 2008!

So I went on the hunt for clothes, I found the shirts that I wanted the Hubby and I to wear and was going to order them from the catalog that I found them in but was weary of what size to purchase for me. So as luck would have it we spent a day in the city a few weeks ago and we went shopping! At one of the western stores in town I found THE shirts I was wanting! I was so very excited! I had picked this blue one for me and a red one for the Hubby, but as soon as I showed them to him he said he really would like the blue one too...He tried to sell me a million reasons why it would be okay for us to have matching shirts but I wasn't so sure about that! I mean I wouldn't mind owning the same shirt and even wearing them on the same day (cause we're kind of weird like that) but I just felt like it would be TO much in the picture. So sis and I headed off to the dressing room to decide which one looked better on me and luck was on Hubby's side because the blue did not look so hot on me, the red one looked good sissy said! So then I got even luckier by convincing the Hubby to let me buy him some retro Wranglers! OHHH I was so excited about that! He is very much just a plain ol Wranglers kind of guy but I just LOVE the *sorry gotta say it* sexiness of the distressed Wranglers UM-HMM!! I of course then coordinated the kiddo's to color fit as well!

My handy dandy remote! *picture courtesy of google*


Now I just have to say, I'm really not sure how this happened but last time we had our pictures taken our color scheme was the same LOL!! Reds and blues! Really honestly I very rarely wear those colors, so I'm not sure why I always gravitate towards them for pictures! But none the less I was so pleased with everything we got!

Finally the weekend I had planned to do them arrived! I had originally planned them for this past Saturday but we had a small disaster happen at home (I'll post later on that) and so I bumped them back to Sunday, which in all reality worked out better cause the weather was so good and no wind like we'd had the day before!! So we all get dolled up for our shoot and head on out to do them. I get us all set up for our first picture and get into position and click my handy dandy remote and...nothing...okay that must have been an error, so I click again...nothing...Really?! I tested this baby out right away the first day when I got it and it shoots up to 30 feet away so I was a bit perplexed by this. It would trigger when it was right in front of the camera but not at a distance so we figured the battery was a weak one :( And of course it's one of those tiny watch batteries that most people don't just have laying around! So I resorted to using the handy dandy timer instead LOL! Oh that was a sight! I was RUNNING to get into position every time, I was a bit afraid you'd be able to tell I was huffing & puffing in the pics LOL!! But all went well and I'm loving them! 

Always the daring child!!

The guys call this the "Marlboro Man" LOL!!

Pictures of the Hubby and I courtesy of J 

As you can see I am having a hard time picking favorites LOL!!!