Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is 8 Years To Long?!

Ya'll know how picture crazy I am but would you believe it if I told you the last time we had formal family pictures done was in 2002!!! Yep it's been 8 years and I can't believe it!! We used a phenomenal photographer and I spent WAY to much money on pictures...But in my defense I did purchase a lot that were used for Christmas gifts for like my parents, granny, and in-laws. So after spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 the Hubby has never been very anxious to update our pictures. But when my sons friends continue to comment on how they CANNOT believe that is us in the pictures, well that says it's time to update them! I mean I still have them all up of course :) Including a 20 x 24 in my living room! So beings that I now have the skills to do this myself I decided a couple of months ago when Fall hit I would do it! In light of my decision to take on this task I would first need to order me a remote for my camera! Of course my next task was coordinating and shopping for our picture clothes (which just so happens to be one of my favorite things to do)!!

So just to show you, this is the BIG one I have hanging in my living room from 2008!

So I went on the hunt for clothes, I found the shirts that I wanted the Hubby and I to wear and was going to order them from the catalog that I found them in but was weary of what size to purchase for me. So as luck would have it we spent a day in the city a few weeks ago and we went shopping! At one of the western stores in town I found THE shirts I was wanting! I was so very excited! I had picked this blue one for me and a red one for the Hubby, but as soon as I showed them to him he said he really would like the blue one too...He tried to sell me a million reasons why it would be okay for us to have matching shirts but I wasn't so sure about that! I mean I wouldn't mind owning the same shirt and even wearing them on the same day (cause we're kind of weird like that) but I just felt like it would be TO much in the picture. So sis and I headed off to the dressing room to decide which one looked better on me and luck was on Hubby's side because the blue did not look so hot on me, the red one looked good sissy said! So then I got even luckier by convincing the Hubby to let me buy him some retro Wranglers! OHHH I was so excited about that! He is very much just a plain ol Wranglers kind of guy but I just LOVE the *sorry gotta say it* sexiness of the distressed Wranglers UM-HMM!! I of course then coordinated the kiddo's to color fit as well!

My handy dandy remote! *picture courtesy of google*


Now I just have to say, I'm really not sure how this happened but last time we had our pictures taken our color scheme was the same LOL!! Reds and blues! Really honestly I very rarely wear those colors, so I'm not sure why I always gravitate towards them for pictures! But none the less I was so pleased with everything we got!

Finally the weekend I had planned to do them arrived! I had originally planned them for this past Saturday but we had a small disaster happen at home (I'll post later on that) and so I bumped them back to Sunday, which in all reality worked out better cause the weather was so good and no wind like we'd had the day before!! So we all get dolled up for our shoot and head on out to do them. I get us all set up for our first picture and get into position and click my handy dandy remote and...nothing...okay that must have been an error, so I click again...nothing...Really?! I tested this baby out right away the first day when I got it and it shoots up to 30 feet away so I was a bit perplexed by this. It would trigger when it was right in front of the camera but not at a distance so we figured the battery was a weak one :( And of course it's one of those tiny watch batteries that most people don't just have laying around! So I resorted to using the handy dandy timer instead LOL! Oh that was a sight! I was RUNNING to get into position every time, I was a bit afraid you'd be able to tell I was huffing & puffing in the pics LOL!! But all went well and I'm loving them! 

Always the daring child!!

The guys call this the "Marlboro Man" LOL!!

Pictures of the Hubby and I courtesy of J 

As you can see I am having a hard time picking favorites LOL!!!


  1. Your pictures turned out AWESOME!!! Good for you...but yeah...you are going to have a hard time picking out your fav--they are all good! :) Come say hi.

  2. These are SO good, girl! *I* had a hard time picking out a favorite, they are all so cute!

  3. Those are all so great it will be hard to pick a favorite.
    I really did like the one with dd on the fence and the rest of standing. Great shot.
    thanks for sharing.
    Please let us know which one you choose.

  4. amazing, amazing pictures!!!! You did awesome. I love sooooo many of these. I love, love the one of y'all walking away from the camera. You are soooo very talented. Such a beautiful family!

  5. wow those turned out AMAZING! I had never thought of using the timer on my camera and I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars for someone else to do it! I may try your idea! The problem is that I have a 2yr old that sometimes requires a lot of encouragement to smile for a camera! Lol

  6. They are all so good! I think my fav is the family fence one, but they are all very good!

  7. I think my fav is the ones with y'all holding hands with your back to the camera... AND the one with DD on horseback. BTW, how's Krissy?!

  8. I shouldn't be surprised that you take great photos - but dang girl, you even took them great on a timer! So does that mean you have to pay yourself for those professional shots now? :)

    I love the family shot right before the Marlboro Man one best! You guys all look happy! Such a beautiful family!

  9. Amazing! I love them all, love that last one of DD. I would have a hard time picking one too!

  10. Great job! Who needs an expensive photographer? NOT you!

  11. Thanks all!!!

    BK~ Krissy is doing great!! After the short flare up right at the end of the infection she's healed wonderfully! And feeling quite spunky too LOL!! She had some time off for healing but we're getting ready to hit rodeo season again so she'll be hitting the training hard again!!

  12. Those pics are WON-DER-FUL! I've been trying to coment for several days...with no luck ;)

    GREAT WORK and you have Soooooo motivated me to get my rear in gear and get our family pics going...I have a tripod but no remote...I think I can do it! LOL

    Beautiful family :)