Sunday, May 31, 2009

DD's Recital Rehearsal

Saturday afternoon was the much anticipated recital rehearsal....The girls were giddy and ready to do this!! I can't believe how many girl's there are dancing WOW!!! DD is in advanced JR high Jazz and Tap as well as advanced JR high gymnastics.. Now the dancing she does great!! She also does really good in gymnastics, we just started her later in her life than most of the other girls so she can't do everything they can, yet! So as groups they all of course perform their own routines then as a whole at the end every group goes on stage for the "finale dance" it's really cute!! SO many girls up there LOL!! So today is the actual recital, but we can not take pictures during that one so I took some at rehearsal!! They ran into a little snag at rehearsal, do to the large amounts of girls and of course wanting them to practice until they have it down right they ran over the "allotted" time so the high school literally kicked us out!!! The owner of the dance studio said she has been doing this for 24 years and they have NEVER been kicked out and they always run over...Little disappointing, Dakotah's group didn't get to practice their jazz but 1 time and then the finale dance which is everyone they only had one run through of that before we left...So we will see how this works out!!

First "finale" dance practice at the beginning..

Finale dance

Girl's doing their tap dance!! So cute!!

I think she's having fun LOL!!


This one is my favorite costume!!!

Of course the lighting was bad for DD at the top of the pyramid :(

Jazz dance

Final pose for jazz dance

Finale dance

They were told to show attitude here, and as you see my DD has NO problem with that!!

All of the dancers!!! Big group!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Puppies

Well it is currently still Friday night for me...Although it is now 4:00 am, I'm not sure if I ever told you but I am a major night owl!!! Well last night around 3 am my mini Australian Shepherd started showing signs of labor so my usual bedtime of 5 am came and still no puppies but I decided to wait it out just to be sure there were no problems for her...I think she delivered the first pup around 5:30-6 am?!?! Well when all was said and done she had 5 puppies and I didn't get to bed until 9 am.... 2 Blue Merle's, I think one will be a mini, then 1 black, 1 supposed to be Blue Merle that was taken over by white, and 1 Red Merle...I love Red Merle's, that is what the daddy is, but the Red Merle puppy was also taken over by white so he only has a few red spots :(

New Mommy Georgia and her puppies!!!

1st born Blue Merle male with an already perfect tail!!! I think he will be a mini?!?!

2nd born Blue Merle male mis-marked

3rd born Black female

4th born Blue Merle female, BIG puppy!!! I'm fairly certain she will be full sized!!

5th My one and only Red Merle and it's mis-marked :( It is a male..

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Here...Finally it's Here!!! Rodeo Begins Tonight!!!

Well I think we are ready!! DD did some rodeo practicing tonight, and man did she do GREAT!!! I am so proud of how far she has come!!! She rocked that's all I can say LOL!!!! So tonight is the first in the series she will run called GHYR, and I am so excited to see how they do!!! Of course she is riding Pete, as Ebony is not quite ready yet. But I can't complain with him, he's just a great horse for her!! Hopefully he will keep his excitement under control, he has in the past gotten amped up and reared on her a few times but she handles it well and has been thoroughly trained on what to do when he does this...So I will be praying for safety first and foremost and then just a great time for her!! Some warming up!! The diva even primps while she rides LOL!! JK!! Now I want to know...Who wouldn't love this gorgeous face!!! Gotta keep him a little tighter for these turns... Great turn!!! Tons of power and speed!!! Bringing it home with speed!! DD says "hey mom, take my picture"!! So of course I did, now with that said she should not have been sitting on her horse like this....She's pretty sure he's not going anywhere...Kids!! Oh now that's much better!! DD teaching her friend and fellow rodeo'r how to goat tie the "big girl" way...This is T's first year tying the "big girl" way!! I know she looks older but she's only 7!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deworming Day!!! Fun...No...Sure!!!

I take great pride in keeping my horses, well any animal I have but on the largest level my horses parasite free.. So my method of doing that is rotational dewormings, I do a 3 way rotation with my herd. Oh and the steers too LOL!! So Memorial Day was the day!!

First up is Rita, she is such a good girl!!

Here's Lacy, she's not so good...Notice the tilt back of Hubby's hat...That's from Lacy throwing her head...

My yearling Ellie...She was not to sure about all this!!

She's now trying to decide what to do with it while my FIL holds her head up to make her swallow!!

EWW she says LOL!!

Now it's Bubba's turn!! He too is a yearling (actual July b-day) he did ok with this...

Ha now comes the fun!! Bob the steer, had a little wrestling match...

Hubby won!!

After that he took it really well :)

UH-OH now it's Midnight the steer, the untrained 1000 lb steer LOL!!!

He jumped through the water tank to get away, but Hubby got him anyway!!

He actually did fine with this...Silly steer...

This is the trail out to the pasture where the other 4 horses are!!

Looking back, that's where we came from

OH they see me!!!

They're saying, "mommy what are you doing out here"??

Hubby and FIL taking a breather while I get the horses up there

View out over the back part of the pasture..

There they go two by two LOL!!

Staying in a single file line, good kids LOL!!

Now it's Jet's turn!! He didn't really care for this...He should be used to it, he is 2 this year!!

Dandy's up, and did good!!

Here's Pete...What just happened here...He took it so fast I didn't even get a picture LOL!!

Freckles, she did pretty good. She also had to come up for some Hydro-Therapy because she injured her foot Sunday :(

We are missing 3 here so they did not get their's yet...They will get it when they get home!!