Saturday, May 2, 2009

Truck and Truck?? It's a truck day!!

So today was a little rough for me LOL, not really but a little annoying...Again thank you to the storms I was without something!! Today it was electricity!! Luckily it was just a line down and not whole poles like we had last year so they had it fixed in a fair amount of time!! Then when my DD came home she was so happy and so sweet and then she got really sad....

Let me just recap this for you:

Me "Hey DD you wanna ride the 4 wheeler out and get the mail for me"??

DD "sure mommy"

.......Laramie barking.....Laramie barking, once again she doesn't bark unless there is something going on so I look out the window to see DD walking to the mailbox?

DD comes in and with tears on her face she hands me the mail, I say "What's the matter"

DD says "I don't wanna tell you while you are on the phone"

Me- "Hubby I gotta call you back"..

DD- "Ummm mommy I did something really bad *sobbing hysterically* I um got on the 4 wheeler after I opened the garage and I backed out and I uh uh *boo hoo* hit your truck * BOO HOO AHH HAA*"

Me- sets down the mail walks outside to see how in the world could she have hit my truck, well that would be because daddy took the truck this morning and parked it outside the garage door WHICH we NEVER do because we are always using the 4 wheeler!! So I see that there is a little damage to the bumper...Inside I go...

Me- "DD are you OK? Did you hurt yourself"?

DD- "No but I'm really really sorry mommy I didn't mean too"!!!!

I felt so bad for her!! She was so upset about it!!! But I was just glad she was OK!! And daddy says he parked it there so I didn't have to walk in any mud if I was leaving....

And a little dirt to boot!!

Then Hubby gets home today and summons me to come outside, so out I come and there sits a truck that J has had his eye on...So I holler for him to come out, I knew he would hear me thanks to our Farm house windows LOL!! Out he comes....all cool and like "yeah what's up" I know he see's the truck he just doesn't want to say anything yet...So I shake my head towards it, he says "is it mine"?? I say "no not yet, daddy brought it home for you to drive it"!! He was so excited!!

J sitting in it!! Trying not to burst at the seams!!!

Now we are driving, course he drives like a Grandpa cause he's afraid the bumps will hurt my back LOL!! He is too sweet!!!


  1. Poor DD! She must have felt so terrible!
    J looks so happy in the truck!
    I remember those days!

  2. Aww. I feel so bad for DD, it's okay honey. Are you sure we want J driving, because is not my son and he's making me feel old...LOL!!

  3. Oh, poor DD! J doesn't look old enough to drive. I remember those days! Scary!

  4. Poor DD! I once drove my mom's car into the picnic table when learning how to drive. She was not as undersatnding as you.

  5. I have finally gotten around to accepting my award, and want to give it back to you! Thanks!

  6. I know Stephy he makes me feel old too...You know he will be 15 this summer :(

    I know he doesn't look old enough!! You should see him when he drives my truck, then he looks really tiny LOL!!

    Heather I'm actually not sure why I wasn't mad...My truck is my baby, so I even shocked myself LOL!! I guess it was because DD was so sad and I was just glad she didn't hurt herself!! And thanks for the Award!!

  7. Awww...I would've been FREAKIN' out if I'd hit my parents' cars...especially my dad's sports would so not have been pretty, especially when my dad found out... I'm glad that DD wasn't hurt, and that there isn't a whole lot of damage to the truck!! And yay for J! :)