Sunday, May 31, 2009

DD's Recital Rehearsal

Saturday afternoon was the much anticipated recital rehearsal....The girls were giddy and ready to do this!! I can't believe how many girl's there are dancing WOW!!! DD is in advanced JR high Jazz and Tap as well as advanced JR high gymnastics.. Now the dancing she does great!! She also does really good in gymnastics, we just started her later in her life than most of the other girls so she can't do everything they can, yet! So as groups they all of course perform their own routines then as a whole at the end every group goes on stage for the "finale dance" it's really cute!! SO many girls up there LOL!! So today is the actual recital, but we can not take pictures during that one so I took some at rehearsal!! They ran into a little snag at rehearsal, do to the large amounts of girls and of course wanting them to practice until they have it down right they ran over the "allotted" time so the high school literally kicked us out!!! The owner of the dance studio said she has been doing this for 24 years and they have NEVER been kicked out and they always run over...Little disappointing, Dakotah's group didn't get to practice their jazz but 1 time and then the finale dance which is everyone they only had one run through of that before we left...So we will see how this works out!!

First "finale" dance practice at the beginning..

Finale dance

Girl's doing their tap dance!! So cute!!

I think she's having fun LOL!!


This one is my favorite costume!!!

Of course the lighting was bad for DD at the top of the pyramid :(

Jazz dance

Final pose for jazz dance

Finale dance

They were told to show attitude here, and as you see my DD has NO problem with that!!

All of the dancers!!! Big group!!


  1. Don't know how they wrangle all those girls at one time!! She's a cutie!

  2. That is one large dance group! DD looks like she is having so much fun! Love her attitude face.

  3. Thanks, I like to think so as well LOL!! But I'm pretty biased LOL!!

    OH for the "finale dance" it is ALL groups, they have each been taught their own versions then they just put them all together...Worked out pretty well, they did quite a few changes at rehearsal!!

    The recital was today and they all did great!!


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