Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yes, yes it is this bad....Part 1

I am currently sitting here feeling as though I have been hit by a mack truck...Ironically this same weekend 2 yrs ago I was having quite a bit of pain too, although this time did not involve jumping of a horse and breaking my back...Today it's my flower beds...Yes you heard me right, my flower beds...Now you ask why in the world would you be hurting from your flower bed?? Well you see I have this never ending flower bed that is in dire need of work. As ashamed as I am to admit we have not done much yard work this Spring, a lot of that due to the incessant rain and the rest due to just being to freaking busy. So today my innocent trip to the store turned into a flower shopping frenzy!!! See 2 years ago before my accident I had planted all kinds of pretty Lilies, Hibiscus, another special plant for Breast Cancer Awareness and just many other pretty flowers. The problem with my flower bed is it literally wraps around 3 sections of my house, and my house is big!!! Now last year I got spoiled, my MIL was so sweet to come to my house while I was gone and pull all of my weeds for me so that my flower bed was ready for planting. I realized today just how much more that meant to me as I was out there pulling weeds *uhh*...Then for Mother's Day last year my DD planted my whole front 2 sections of my flower bed for me!! My DD did a great job!! So as ashamed as I am to share the horrid pictures of my yard and flower bed before, I must so that when I am finished I can show you the after!! I'm not really sure how long this is going to take LOL, I was hoping I would get it all done today..Ha! Funny!! Well I pulled weeds in about 3/4 of the section that goes across my garage, then it got dark and I had to go in which is just as well because my body is now aged far beyond it's years!!

DD after she finished planting all of the flowers last year!!

She did such a good job!!

Yes, yes here it is...My mess!!

A weed eater would be good but ours burned in the fire 1 year ago and we haven't gotten a new one..

Yes those are wagon wheels hidden behind the weeds!!

My special flowering plant from my Granny

If you look close enough you can see the Yucca plant peeking out!!

Ewww WOW that's a mess!!

*Sighs* my work thus far...

See my cut off line LOL!!


  1. But it will so worth all that hard work when it's all done. Have a great rest of your weekend. :)

  2. Wow! That's a lot of work! I would have stopped after about 5 minutes! If I even ever started. I hate gardening.

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  4. OMG, it is sooo much work LOL!!! But you are right Jamie, it will be worth it!! Almost done!!!

    Heather you are too funny!!! I don't mind working in the flower bed, I actually like planting flowers but the whole weed thing...Yeah, sucks!!

  5. I must be on the same schedule as you! Yardwork!We have been busy with weed eating, weeding, oh and it wasn't me weeding, my OH's mom came and did it for me! It will never end! So much work to do!

  6. PG I laugh reading your comment, if you haven't seen it yet look at my last comment for you on the the middle section!!


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