Saturday, May 16, 2009

This was some kind of a freaky Friday!!!

My day today started out as normal as normal can be around here, we had some errands to run and J had a baseball game this evening. So before Hubby and I left the house I was of course getting ready and decided today would be a great day to wear my new Ariat pro Baby's that Hubby got me for Mother's Day. They were a couple of days late but well worth the wait as they are my favorite boot!! So I pull them out of the box take them to get my socks and get ready to put them on but when I set them down on the floor something looked funny...So I switched them around thinking I just wasn't paying attention ( I can't really afford to pay attention you know!!) So I look down again and stare at them for a minute trying to figure out what in the world was wrong with what I was looking at?!?! ....Oh now I see it.....They have sent me 2 LEFT boots!!! OMGosh, I have a 7 1/2 and an 8 both left boot!!! OHH I was so annoyed, but all is well now as they are on their way back to NRS and then they will hopefully ship me a proper pair!!!

So we go on about our day and get to J's game and all is going great until.....The storms hit!!! And when I say hit I mean from the time we left the ball diamond till we pulled into our driveway which was probably about 10 minutes the weather had gone from rain to hail and rotating clouds!!! Ahh I hate this weather!!! So we pull up to the house and I holler at the kids to hit the basement NOW!!!! And as I go running into the house I see it.... Nope not a tornado (thank God)....a package....I have been waiting all week for this package which consisted of 3 photo albums of DD's dance competition that I had created, uploaded, and ordered...Where do I see it you ask??? Floating!!!! Floating in a puddle of water ;( I grab the package race into the house ripping it open hoping I can save them....Nope all 3 are wet, OH I was mad!!! You know I get stuff delivered on a weekly basis from UPS and I NEVER have a problem but everytime it is Fedex I DO have a problem. And as sad as I am to say this I can name 3 shipments that have been Fedex the first one a Father's day gift for Hubby that was "delivered" oh and I signed for it...NOT....Well I finally found it 3 days later hiding in some bushes!! Then I had a shipment come in 2 weeks ago and they delayed the shipping for 4 days because "the roads made it undeliverable" except that the roads were fine!!! And now this, so needless to say I filed a complaint but I doubt it gets better...

But the best thing of my day was that God blessed us with safety from the storms..I am not kidding when I say it was about 30-45 minutes of "funnel clouds forming here, and here, and here. All being directly around us..Whew we were scared!! But we are safe and thanking God for that tonight...

I hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful weekend!!!


  1. WOW! Glad things settled down! Show us your boots when you get them! I don't have any yet. Don't know if I'd feel like a klutz in the round toes!

  2. I would have been so mad too, about the boots! They need to check the size and for right and left before they ship! Duh!
    Sounds like a scary storm, glad we don't get funnel clouds here! Actually we have had a couple but nothing big and it only happens every few years or so! We just get alot of rain and wind. Yuck.
    Hope things calm down for you! I'm heading out for some horse play! It is supposed to hit 70 degrees today! Yeah!

  3. Oh no--that would be frustrating to not be able to wear the boots ASAP!!

    Glad you made it through the storms safely.

    Stop in for a visit!

  4. Dusty~ These boots are sooo great!!! The are a riding boot so they aren't as wide as some of the others. This is my 2nd pair and I WILL just love them...When I get them LOL!!!!

    PG~ Our weather here this year is one for the record books I'm sure... We have gone from 70 degree days to snow then rain then another blizzard and then finally we started getting more "spring like" weather but the rain just won't quit!!! Tornado's as everyone knows are not abnormal for KS, it just gets frustrating and scary!! Our town was hit about 5 yrs ago, we didn't live here yet but I have a friend who lost everything in the tornado...Actually lots of people did :( Our weather today was about 60 but tomorrow it starts heading back up and we should be in the 90's within a couple of days *blah* I just want like 3 months of 75 degree days LOL!!!

    FC~ Yes we were very blessed this time, my mom actually lives about 60 miles from me and she was watching the radar telling me what to do and apparently it looked so bad she was crying :( Poor mommy!!

  5. They better give you money to replace the pictures! That is so unacceptable!

    Glad no tornadoes touched down and you're all safe!

  6. Thanks Heather, yes I was very thankful for NO tornado's LOL!!! You'd think having lived by them my whole life I wouldn't get so petrified, but I do!!


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