Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FINALLY!!! We have picked a NAME!!!

So yes I realize that this colt was born almost a month ago....April 27th to be exact LOL!!! Man did we ever have a hard time finding a name suited for him!! Thanks to you all for your suggestions, I actually loved them all but my DD was being a bit particular LOL!! Hence the 3 1/2 weeks of him being called "no name"!! But today it was settled....*DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!*....His registered name to be will be "Docs Diamond Stone" his barn name will be "Stone", now let me explain the origin of this name. My maiden name is "Stoner" (wow that feels weird to type LOL, haven't done that for a while)! My dad was so proud of our "Stoner" heritage and name, but he passed away 3 1/2 yrs ago and this colt is very special to us as was my dad so it seemed fitting to give him part of my dad's name..

I am proud to officially introduce you to Docs Diamond Stone!!!!

Now if Stone would just pick a color to be LOL!!


  1. What a great name, a nice tribute to your dad! :) He's so handsome!

  2. Love the name! Dad would like it!

  3. Love the name choice! That is cool, to name him after your dad! Sweet!

  4. Thanks Ladies!! Wow it was a long time a coming to that name LOL!! But I am proud of the name my family decided on, and I too think my Dad would be proud!! He was unique and so is Stone!!

  5. Aw, I'm so glad he finally has a name! And I do love the name, and your reasons for picking it! :)


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