Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Being Thankful

I had a post all set up for today but in light of some things today I have decided to delay it till tomorrow...You know I as a person am just extremely tender hearted, to come across anything sad will stay with me for days and I will have trouble getting it out of my mind..I don't know why I am this way, I think I just have a real and deep sadness when I have to think of something bad that happened to someone. My Dad passed away 3 1/2 yrs ago and I will never get over it, I will never be done hurting but I am OK with that. I loved him soooo much, he was my rock as a child and throughout the rest of my life till he died. It is not uncommon for me to cry over something that doesn't even involve me if I find it sad... I think this is why I had such a sadness for TW with the death of her dear friend, I couldn't even imagine what that would feel like and my heart just breaks for her and her friend's family.. So The events that happened this morning just really snapped me back into reality of how quick people can be gone...

My Hubby called me about 11:00 am this morning and told me that one of our dearest friends was in a horrible accident...The minute he spoke those words my heart sank in fear that something had happened to GS.. Hubby quickly explained that he was OK, but the wreck was bad. GS was headed to a job in a town about an hour from here and he had his worker and his 2 sons with him. 1 son is really good friends with J, matter of fact he just stayed over 2 nights ago. The other son is friends with DD, they are in the same grade and we often tease her that they will end up married one day as he has always had a bit of a crush on her :)So Hubby was headed to the accident as was my BIL who was actually on the phone with GS when the accident happened.

They had stopped in a town at about the half way point for a restroom break and a soda and off they went again to the job. A few miles out of that town GS encounters a car drifting over the center line (2 lane highway) and she was not correcting so he then proceeded to drive his truck into the ditch, he was driving a Dodge Quad Cab Dually and also had a massive gooseneck flat bed trailer he was hauling. So he enters the ditch with only the driver's tires on the asphalt at this point and was hoping the lady would miss him, but she didn't...She ended up hitting his dually tires and then her car went under the trailer and the trailer came unhitched and flipped but because of the safety chains it did not break free, so the trailer lands upside down on the bed of the truck. GS's employee ran to the other vehicle and she was killed instantly...The entire top of her car had been ripped off and was wrapped around the trailer. This woman was 65 I believe, and apparently was a diabetic who had gone off of her medication and there was people looking for her everywhere but couldn't catch up with her because she was traveling across the state. There was actually a man already following the lady and was on the phone with the police when the accident happened, he had been following her cause she went blasting by him at about 70 mph and was swerving everywhere so he thought she was drunk. Upon testing with the coroner's office they determined that her blood sugars were so off she should have been in a Diabetic coma..

So I was then told that the younger boy did not put his seat belt on when they left the gas station and his dad did not know that. But the reality of this is that if GS hadn't of seen this car doing this (which he says happened in a flash) he would have been hit head on and his son who was in the middle seat would have likely been ejected from the truck...*sighs* Makes me tear up just thinking about it. I told my Hubby that they are only alive by the grace of God, every detail that happened was just so surreal and they walked away without a scratch..So today I have spent my day thanking God for the safety of my friends and praying for the family of the lady who lost her life...


  1. Okay I'm really sorry about this, I'm really glad that your friends are okay!! This story made me cry, I'm a lot like you about things making me sad that doesn't even know!

  2. what a sad story. I'm grateful your friends are okay. Sorry for the loss of the other. By the grace of God walk I.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a awful story. Sorry for the loss of the older lady. Glad everyone else was okay, God be the Glory. We have so much to be thankful for everyday. Take take a day for granted.

  4. I am so sorry to here about the accident! Thank goodness your friends are ok!
    I am also so emotional when it comes to things. I have a hard time too.

  5. Oh Stephy~ You are so much like me LOL!!! Maybe that's why I love you so much!!!

    You know I have done a lot of thinking on this subject of being so emotional over things that don't even involve myself. My conclusion is this; I think those of us that are that way just have a profound realization of the depths of someone else's pain and we are full of compassion... I'm sure we have all had some type of trauma in our lives and unfortunately some worse than others, but if we never experienced heartache we would never appreciate the people we have when they are with us...

    I continue to pray for the family of the lady who's life was lost...


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