Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a tiny???

OK so I don't want to have a pity party for myself but I'm a little peeved about something today... Now I'm going to go on the record to state that this problem of mine is of little importance compared to alot of other peoples right now but I just need to vent...

OK so my J and DD do 4H right.. Well this year they will both be showing in swine and DD will also show a steer. Any of you who are familiar with 4H you know they are required to do meetings in order to show at fair. Which I agree they should have to do things in the field they are showing so they can grow and learn. Well last year the lady who was in charge of swine she did great!! She is a dear friend of mine and she has been dealing with pigs for years. They have a great breeding facility and she is so honest in her breeding that she follows every state and county health rule that is put on her as a breeder i.e if you come to her place and currently have pigs at your place you must wear plastic booties if you go near her pig area's and other precautions as well. All of this is to keep any type's of illnesses from spreading.. Well at the fair last year, she had some pretty unfair lashings from people in our community due to the fact that she is a County Extension Agent and her son won Grand Champion Barrow. They were claiming she had paid the judge LOL!! Well the judge that did this show she did not know nor did she hire him. It was the other agent who did all of that. But at the fair there were a couple of family's that started claiming that this was rigged. Well she felt so horrible that she didn't even get to enjoy her son winning and she cried for like 2 days over this!! I for one thought it was ridiculous what they were doing to her. My thought on this was well sucks my kid didn't win but I was so proud of the young man who did. This boy really dedicates his time to his animals, he works with them and takes care of them he even takes care of his sister's!!! So SHAME on those crying adults!!! So after all of that she resigned as Swine leader *boo hoo*, well the gal who took over is a nice lady to. I don't know her real well but she seems nice enough to me. OK so moving on to my issue's...

DD also does horses to and the dead line to turn in our horse ID cards is May 1st so I called the Extension office 2 weeks ago to find out if I needed to bring new cards for the horses I had registered last year, well the male agent we will call BW he didn't know the answer to my questions so he said the office clerk would call me the following day. Which I might add here that this woman can't seem to get my family and my BIL/SIL's family separate, meaning if I get any notifications in the mail about 4H it's usually for their kids not mine!!! And vice versa. So I of course never hear from her so I go there today to just turn the forms in because I didn't want any issues about it. So I talked to my friend last night who used to do the pigs and she informs me that there is only 2 meetings left to qualify my kids for showing...WHAT???? I hadn't heard about any!!! Except for one that was an all type animal meeting but I heard that from another parent and it was the night before and we were going to be out of town for DD's soccer that day.. So anyways I get there today and get my horse stuff situated and then I start to inquire about the swine situation. So I'm sent to talk to BW, who I've never really dealt with but I always thought he was a nice guy until I was told otherwise the other day... So I ask him what is the situation with the swine meetings and he says well there is the one next week and then there is PQA (pork quality assurance) and that's it!!! I'm like well then I have a problem because DD is doing a dance competition May 9 and she has rehearsal the same night as the meeting and she can't miss it!! He proceeds to tell me "well you should have brought her to the other meetings then" and I'm going "what other meetings"? I have no clue what he is talking about, and my next question was last year the PQA day counted for both required meetings so why doesn't it this year?? And he says it didn't and I'm like yes it did because that's the only one we had to do... So after much discussion I'm trying to tell him I am not getting the mailings for these meetings and I don't know how this is fair for DD because she can't be in 2 places at once and I have alot of money tied up in both so what am I to do?!?! He then proceeds to tell me that there is no reason why I shouldn't get the mailings because we are signed up and everyone who is signed up should get their mailings. I'm like no I don't because your office clerk can't get it straight she will constantly send the wrong things!! We complained incessantly last year!!! So then he tells me I do have another option I could do Spring show but lo and behold it falls on the same day as the competition!!! AHHHH!!!!!! So he then proceeds to tell me with a snide look on his face that all he can do for me is offer an apology and check to make sure "I have my address right on my forms"!!! WHAT!!!!! Am I some kind of idiot or something!!!! So he then asks me how long have we been members of 4H? And I tell him this is our second year and so he says well then if it's your second year then why weren't you calling inquiring about meetings and such? I'm like because I didn't know I needed to last year everything was screwed up so I don't know what "normal routine for 4H is" so then he says well your club leaders share all of this with you at the meetings because they know.. UM NOPE!! Wrong again, J is Vice President of our club and he's standing there going we haven't heard about ANY of this!!

So we leave with no resolution but with the phone number of the woman who is in charge of swine now. As we were getting into the truck one of my dear friends comes over to visit and I'm crying because I am so mad so she's like what's wrong? So I tell her and she's like well why didn't you go to the one that was on Sunday? It counted for 2 meetings? I'm like WHAT!! I don't know what you are talking about?? I knew nothing about this, well she of course got the mail flyer... She would have mentioned it earlier but she had surgery last week and I had my back procedure so we hadn't talked...So I have spoken with the new swine leader and she informs me that the reason things are different this year meaning these requirements being done so early in the year is because she is having hip replacement surgery next month and wanted to have everything done with... So I am now having to make DD miss dance next Wednesday and her instructor was disappointed, I could tell by the look on her face that this does not make her happy and I completely understand, I mean we are taking these girls to competition and their goal is to win!! Well missing practice right before isn't going to help them any....

So that is my vent, not the end of the world I know, but frustrating none the less...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's name the foal!!!!

OK so as most of you know by now, we have been blessed with a beautiful painted colt!!! He was born Monday April 27, and we are having some HUGE name issues LOL!!! Which is strange for us because usually we have it within a few minutes of birth..I think this one threw us for a loop because I was so thinking it would be a filly but nope a colt it is!!

So back when our other foal from this year was born we (my mom and I) had forgotten that she had told DD that she could name the foal as that one is mom's. But DD was gone when "Angel" was born, and that was the name that my mom and I both came up with.. So DD of course crushed!! So I promised her that she could name this foal, but we are in need of some help I think... Pony Girl suggested maybe I'd need some help so that's what I'm asking for. I'm thinking if we get some idea's DD can pick one maybe?!?!

So the details to consider are; Sire name: Ritzy Dikki Doc who was sired by IM PUTTINONTHERITZ (you'll have to look at the top bar by his name and hold your curser over the picture symbol) Who is gorgeous!!! Check him out. His dam: DOC SEVENS DREAM, I have no pics of her.

This is "No NAME'S" Sire: The picture doesn't show it real clear but his black is raven black..

Dam: Black Diamond Rita who was sired by CHECK THE BREEZE and her dam is POCOS AGEE, both of which I don't have pictures of... Both of Rita's other foals I included "Diamond" i.e. her first foal I named APACHES DIAMOND MYA...

So our last bit of info, we would want something western/original as his "barn" name but to be included in his registered name..

"No name" and Angel today, she really wants to be his friend!!

Little itch I guess?!?!

Taking a nap!! I love how they lay LOL!!

PG this picture is for you, really shows those long legs!!!

I will be posting more pictures over at my "Random Happenings" blog, so I don't fill this one with to many pics!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MIA!!!! I'm back!!!!!

Well the last few days have pretty much sucked here at the ranch…We had some bad storms come through Sunday and when all was said and done we had river’s everywhere and a few lakes too!! Literally we got like 6” in a few hours so who knows where the final total ended up. So along with all of this extra water everywhere I was left with no cell service, and no INTERNET!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was gonna come unglued!!!! OK I told myself they will fix it soon, well Monday afternoon comes and it’s still down so I call them and they say “Oh well the tower was completely torn down”!!! But they were in the process of putting up a temporary tower and I should have service by the end of the afternoon…So I asked them “OK what happens if this temporary tower doesn’t work”?? And I was told “we aren’t worrying about that right now we are hoping this will get you back online”, well the afternoon comes and goes and still nothing!!! So I figured well it didn’t work *ahhhhh* so I go on about my day until later in the evening I was talking to my SIL and she says she says she is on the net, WHAT?? Since when?? She says “since I got home from work” I’m like that’s bull crap we live 4 miles from one another so why is hers working and mine isn’t?? So I call them up and they say well it should be working, of course I am not at home because I was out getting J from his girlfriend’s softball game. So I tell the man I will call him when I get back home but they close at 9:00 pm and I had 30 minutes to get home and call them so I get there with about 5 minutes to spare and call and of course get put on hold until it’s after 9 and then I get sent to voicemail to leave a message so they can call me back tomorrow…And to top it all off I can’t even use my cell phone for anything because that service is messed up too!!! I pretty much feel like I’m going to explode!! I have so much that I need to be doing online… So finally today at 3:00 pm I am back online!!!

Meanwhile at the ranch during my day from boredom!!! About 3:30 pm Monday our beloved Sharpei Laramie started barking in the dining room. I ignored her for a couple of minutes but when she continued on I knew she was seeing something. So I come and look in the garage thinking maybe someone is knocking on the door, nope not that so I look out the window and see again nothing….I’m starting to think she’s wrong about this one, so then I go to the front room window and look out and also remember that there was some cattle out the last few days so I seen a little head pop up in the driveway “OH NO I’m thinking!! There is a lost calf!!”…..OH there is the head again…..Wait a minute, that isn’t a calf head that’s a horse head *scratchin my head*….hmmm…OH CRAP that is Rita’s BABY!!!! So I grab my coat because of course it’s cold outside again!! And my rain boots then a halter and lead because I know the baby must have fallen under the wires, and no I did not know it was born until then!! So I go running out there and sure enough that baby is laying in the driveway and Rita’s pacing the fence (she is my most protective mama). So I go running out there to get her haltered and she first wants to run from me, I tell her I’m trying to take you to your baby!! So she stops and I throw the halter on, well then I have to run her to the other end of the pasture to the gate and she’s like wait whoa where are we going!! So I drag her like 5 feet and then she’d stop and look back at her baby then finally I can reach the gate and once she sees me grab it she realizes that I’m taking her out so she starts running and we run all the way to the end of the driveway to her baby. I was nearly in tears because I see this beautiful painted foal!!! Just what I wanted, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Did I mention that Rita still has the sack hanging from her….So I’m trying to keep her still so that it won’t break. Finally the foal is able to get up and start stumbling around, and I notice that IT has a blue eye!! But not really blue more like white?!?! So now the next step is to find out the sex of the foal, I’m really wanting a filly because I can add her to my program if she turns out like I want. Studs are just hard to keep, but I will keep it a stud if he turns out right also. So down I go lookingggg under and then I see it….A weenie hole!!! OH NO it’s a boy!!! I want a girl!!!! OK I’m better now, I don’t care what you are you are gorgeous and healthy that’s what’s important. He starts coming to me and every time I touch him he jumps LOL, then bit after bit he starts liking the scratching so he stays a little longer until he is practically following me around!! And of course I am out there with no camera, well I had my phone camera which I was using but not my good one and I was by myself. So then it comes Rita starts to get antsy and I knew she needed to deliver the after birth so she lays on down and gets that baby outta there, WHEW!! All clear now!! So DD finally gets home and I lead Rita and no name into the front yard and have DD hold Rita while I go get some warmer clothes and my camera!! Of course I come out to find little Miss DD with the foal sucking her finger LOL, I don’t know how she does this but every foal loves her!! It is so amazing and beautiful to me. So finally Hubby gets home and see’s our new man, we still don’t have a name for him yet. DD is supposed to be picking this one but she hasn’t come up with a really good one yet….Finally I go to get J from the game and on the ride home I hand him my phone and he just gasps and says OH MY GOODNESS it’s beautiful!!! I think it’s the most beautiful one we’ve ever had, and he is right about that. This is the foal I have been waiting for!! 

Awesome Eye!!!

His color is almost matching to the tree bark!!

Little bit of gumming action LOL!!

Beautiful head!

Again amazing eye!!!

Not sure yet if he is going to be black or grulla?!?!

Sweet baby!!

DD has such a knack for babies!

Just some resting....

She loves doing this!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude Award!!

I have been given this award from Paint Girl over at Adventures of the Painted Creek Farm. It is the Attitude of Gratitude Award, I'm so thankful that you gave this to me Paint Girl!!!! You are such a great person and I LOVE your blog, and I'm so glad you decided to go public!

Rules of accepting and sharing this Award!

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an Attitude of Gratitude.
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award.
5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for this award. Tell us how you've come to have an Attitude of Gratitude.

I of course would first nominate Paint Girl but since she has received hers I'll just say that I would nominate her too!!! I have many reason for why I would nominate Paint Girl so I'll give you a few. Paint Girl has an awesome passion for animals and she takes excellent care of ALL of her animals, she goes above and beyond what alot of other people would do. Another reason is she always has great blogs!!! I really enjoy my time to sit and read her blogs. And just one more, (I have many more but I'll share 1 more) Paint Girl is just an all around fantastic person, I think you may need to read less than 3 lines of any of her blogs and you would figure that out :) Well I made the decision a couple of months ago to start my blog. I was really unsure of how to do this and so I just started popping around and before I knew it I had some great new friends!!! I love blogging and I love reading everyone else's. You know I have found it so rewarding just to hear everyone's stories, the good the bad and whatever else they may feel!! I personally have grown from some of the life stories that I read, there are some that bring me to tears and I don't know how they withstand the heartaches they are going through. And then there are those who always keep me on my toes and full of laughter!!! I just want to thank all of you who come and read my blog, I love it and I'm so glad I made the choice to start mine!!!

1. Train Wreck I would like to say one thing about TW, her blog was one of the first ones I started reading and from the moment I read what was going on in her life my heart was so saddened.. But then again so enlightened with the things she has done through these hard times. So TW I give this to you, I know you are probably to busy to pass this on but I wanted you to have this because I think your great!!!

2. Dusty Devoe Dusty I know you have already received this but I too will add to that nomination. Dusty has been so kind to me and I really love her blogs and her copper pony is just a beauty. One thing is always for sure when you read Dusty's blog and that is there will be something in there to remind you to be thankful for everything in our lives.. So thank you Dusty for being such a great person!!!

3. Pony Girl Pony Girl to me is just an amazing person!! She has the greatest pictures with all of her stories, and she can really make you laugh your butt off!! PG (like the rest of her family blogs that I read) loves her pony and she really goes the extra mile in taking care of her horse!! He is beautiful as is she!!!

4. JamieH Jamie was one of the first followers that I had and I want to say thank you to her for helping me learn this experience!! Jamie is fantastic, she is so truthful in everything she says. She isn't one to try and hide when things are rough and I think that takes a strong person to be able to tell their troubles. So Jamie with everything you have been going through I think you deserve this award!!! Oh and did I mention she does a "Tasty Tuesdays series" and she has some great food!!! Props to you Jamie!

5. Kristen Kristen is great!!! She has one of the neatest blogs and she designs some great jewelry!! I love to read her stories and look at her pictures, they are great!! Kristen I want to thank you for popping in to my blog when I know you are soooo busy, I love your blog and I'm so glad to have found you!!

6. A Cowboy's Wife I am fairly new to W.O.W.'s blog but I gotta tell you this gal has a heart of gold!!! She has written and done some great things for her fellow blogger's and I am so glad to have found her!!! She is one heck of a hard worker and her blog's are never boring!!! She is just an all around sweet heart!!! So thank you!!

7. Paige Now this is my newest blog find, "Malfunction Junction" and I tell you this woman is amazing!!! She got me hooked on her blog from about the second line in a post!! She has the funniest and almost unbelievable stories!! She never seizes to amaze me, she is awesome, funny, and kind!! I really love her blog!!

8. Broken Y Over there at Broken Y you will meet an awesome lady!! She is a believer in Christ and she blazes it with a passion!!! She has a great blog, and is oh so dedicated to her family!!! I am so glad to have found her also!!

9. Rebekah Rebekah is a young lady that is wise beyond her years!!! She too is a strong believer in Christ and I love her heartfelt blogs!! She is a great inspiration to all!!!

10. Heather Heather is a great lady I was introduced to through a blog swap and I love reading her blogs!! She has 2 GORGEOUS kids and I love to see pictures of them on her blog. And most of the time with those pictures comes a funny story too!! I am so glad to have been hooked up with her, she is great!!!

I hope you all enjoy my nominations!!! I love so many blogs, but I thank these people for being so great!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Well I Survived...Barely...

Well today I endured probably the most painful thing in my life... I think even more painful than when I broke my back. I went into the hospital this morning for a Discogram, and for those of you who may not know what this is I'll tell you my experience.

I was warned before I went in that this procedure/test was excruciatingly painful but of course after 2 years of back problems I am ready to get this figured out and this test is the one test I need to do that. So I arrived at the hospital not having been able to eat or drink, which struck me as odd because this procedure they do with no anesthesia... So I do all of my H&P paperwork, then they take blood as they need to make sure I have no type of infection or illness because then they can't do it due to the risk of infection getting into the spine... So I was A-OK and they sent me on down to Radiology because this procedure is XRAY guided then followed by a CT scan.

Upon getting down there the Dr comes in to speak with us about the procedure and he explains that what they will be doing is very painful *ahh*. They will first insert a needle to numb the skin and then push down through another level to numb (but this is all just skin level) then they will insert the larger needle that will go into the disc itself. Now there are problems that occur in this procedure, the main one being that because the nerves are so close it is very easy to hit the nerve. If that happens you will get shooting lightening pain through the hip and down the leg *again ahh*. So after all of the needles are in place they will inject the disc's with dye, the purpose of this is to aggravate the pain you have so they can pin point which disc is damaged. So first you feel pressure in that area and then if the disc is bad then you will feel intense pain. After all of the dye has been placed then they remove the needles and send you to CT for a scan that will show with the dye any degeneration of the disc's any tears, breaks, etc... Then you go to recovery for 2 hours before you are released home. Oh and I forgot to mention they do not give you pain medicine until the procedure is DONE!!!

So after the Dr tells us everything I ask him "well will I at least get something to calm me down so that I don't jump off the table"? He says NO!!! So I told him that it isn't likely that I will be able to lay there while they do this without anything because this area of my back is a no no zone on a regular day and having someone touch it let alone putting needles in I will come unglued!!!! So he says "sorry", and walks out. I look at my Hubby and I immediately start crying because the fear is so great. And I prayed and while praying the Dr comes back in and says OK I will give you a small dose of Valium to help calm your nerves, Praise God!!!

So they take me in and get me prepped, you know the drill sterilize me and everything around me (thank you Dr's). They inject the Valium into my I.V. line and then continue to prep. So it's time to start now and by this time their small dose of Valium is wearing off...GREAT!!! So the Dr tells me you will feel a prick and then deeper and sting....then insert the other needle and into the disc. OK just that part there I was about to throw up the pain was so bad and they continue on and again prick and deeper....AHHHH you hit a nerve!!!!!!!!!!! I literally about came off of the table, the pain that shot through my back, hip, and leg was unreal...Throw up feeling goes away as it is now taken over by pain!!! So after they hit a nerve it is a race to move the needle and find a spot that isn't through the nerve...again not fun, not fun at all... I was laying there just sobbing because the pain was so horrific, then my nose starts running and so I ask can I have a tissue and the nurse goes and grabs one of those boxes with tissues the size of a toilet paper square and sets the box by my head, doesn't even get one out for me. So here I am with (oh yes I forgot to mention this part) the blood pressure cuff on my same arm with the I.V. and it is going off every minute and I'm trying to fish out a tissue without moving...I did it but I was so upset, I mean just something so simple like that was really hard to do. So all in all I think they hit nerves 7 or more times and after they hit them my leg would go from pain to numb to weak and numb...Very scary...

I made it through and the Dr's said I did a great job, and I said well I didn't feel as though I did good...And they told me that 2 weeks ago they had a grown man in there screaming bloody murder, and they actually had to ask him to quiet down because he wasn't focusing on what he was supposed to be doing and that is verifying the pain. Well I didn't think it was nice to make fun of this man but I did feel better knowing they thought I did good. They then gave me my dose of pain med and sent me to the CT department. So I went in there and completed the CT and was returned to a recovery room. I asked the nurse when I got to recovery what pain med they gave me because I had forgotten that Demerol makes me sick and I hadn't gotten any relief yet. I was starting to wonder if they injected me with water or something!! So she checked and said it was Morphine and I told her it wasn't working so they gave me a Loritab too, still didn't work :(

So I have had a very pain filled day, and also alot of pain from them getting the nerves. This kind of scares me because my leg keeps going numb or weak and then I will get throbbing pain there... I am having alot of pain in my back as well so I'm hoping tomorrow is better. Oh I hope no one I know ever has to go through that, it is unbelievable. I think the total amount of times I was stuck was 20, but I took a picture to share with you all so you can see how this looks...

The Dr's did get a good look at my Longhorn LOL!! Please excuse the ugly moles that have popped up, it sucks getting older :~)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Very Humbled by This

Typically today I would be participating in WW, however upon the arrival of something in the mail today I feel led to share something else with you. I'm sure most of you if not all of you know Train Wreck's blog. Well we all know that a short time ago TW lost a very good friend. This was a man that she loved as a friend and probably more like family. His name is Brad and he was married and had children, his life was lost but he left behind many people who loved and cherished him. So through the pain of this tragedy TW found it in her heart to create a pendant in memory of him and with the help of "A Cowboy's Wife" who wrote a beautiful poem in memory of Brad. These pendants are offered for sale with the proceeds going to Brad's family. So I ordered mine and received it today, and I must tell you that I couldn't have even pictured something more beautiful. It really truly humbles me to wear this, and I will cherish it and hopefully TW will be flooded with requests for this pendant. And the poem card that is enclosed with the pendant is even more heart touching than reading it on the blog. I don't know why but I am just so moved by this story....I guess because I lost my dad a few years ago unexpectedly, he was 50 yrs old I was 27 at the time. At that age I felt cheated, like him being gone wasn't fair because he was so young as was I. I know that all around this world there are loved ones lost young and old and no matter their age it always hurts.. But I hope and pray for Brad's family that they will persevere through this tragedy.

And I hope it's OK TW, but I hijacked the pictures of the pendant to share here on my blog.

OK so I'm freaking out now...

I'm kind of feeling a bit scared right now... Well let me just tell you what has happened in the past couple of years so that you understand how I am at this point now. On Memorial Day of '07 we had family in town so on Memorial Day we decided to do a cook out and just ride horses and kind of chill for the day. Well my father-in-law had purchased a Palomino mare a couple of months before who was in dire need of some feed and TLC. So after a few months of getting her bulked back up he had her out on Memorial Day and was riding her, when he was about done he hollered at me and asked if I wanted to take her out for a ride so I said sure!! BIG MISTAKE!!!!! I hop on, of course in his 18" saddle and I'm wearing my tennis shoes (what was I thinking? I'm not so sure I was...) and take off on her and she was doing fine but as soon as we started heading back towards the house she started acting barn sour so I wasn't going to let her have her way so I turned her and continued on in a different direction. Well that didn't go over very well with her she just got mad and started running, and when I say running I do mean like wild mustang style running. Well during this she was not responding to the bit or anything else it was like she zoned out. So my foot slips out of the stir up, no surprise as they are to long for me!! Again DUH!!! I was yanking on her head but she wouldn't give me anything so the next thing I know we are headed for a row of cedar tree's and I know that she will turn but I was afraid that since my foot was out of the stir up that I would end up flying into a tree. So I made an executive decision to jump off of her....AGAIN BAD IDEA!!!! Well to explain it better I decided to jump so I let go of the reins and before I knew it I was flying through the air, so I never technically jumped I guess she just ran out from underneath me???... So I hit the ground landing on my left hip/backside and the pain was so excruciating that I couldn't even yell for help. I finally mustered up enough strength to yell for my mom or FIL and after hollering the 2nd time they came running over and I can't move because the pain is so bad so I lay there for a moment, which wasn't pleasant because I landed where our lateral lines for our septic system are and boy did it smell *gag*.... So finally I tell them I need you to move me away from here, at this point we are trying to decide is there something wrong or am I just in pain from hitting the ground? So they stand me up and basically carry me to a chair so I can sit and within seconds of sitting I started blacking out and quickly yelled for them to get me back on the ground. About that time my Hubby pulled up, he had taken the kids to get gas for the toys. So he comes running over and quickly decides to call 911 and I just remember my sweet J sitting up by my head crying saying "I love you mommy, your going to be OK". So the EMS come and take me to the local hospital which I'll just sum up to saying they tried to make me go home claiming there was nothing wrong with me and when I refused they sent me to a hospital in the big city. Upon my arrival there I am immediately whisked to the trauma unit and they strip me down, which I was not happy about because I was wearing my favorite jeans and pink John Deer tank that my SIL got me :( But they cut it all up and sent me to CT and while I lay there in the scanner the Dr comes in and says well you are right there is something wrong, you broke your back!!! WHAT!!! NO that can't be!!! So I'm thinking I just misunderstood him and I say excuse me? He says you broke your back, specifically the L2, L3, and L4 Vertebra... So I spent some days in the hospital and was put on severe restrictions, of course so I was off work for 2 months and then after that they said I was A-OK...

Well in April of '08 I started having pain again and they sent me for an MRI and found that I had a herniated disc between 2 of the vertebra's I had broke. So they opted for me to have a nerve root done, which is where they inject cortisone into your nerves to deaden the pain, well it worked for about a month and then they did another one. So that finally wore off in July of '08 and I went back and they sent me for physical therapy and that didn't work so now after months of waiting they have decided I need to have a Discogram done. So I was fine with that until I called the hospital to find out exactly what they were doing. The nurse told me they will stick needles down into the discs and inject dye then send me over to CT and get a scan, then I will stay there for 2 hours so they can monitor my pain and make sure I have no nerve damage or anything. Then she says to me "your Dr explained to you that this is a very excruciating procedure right"? UMMM NOOO they did not, and she says well it is and you can't have any pain meds while we do the procedure because you will have to tell us when and where the pain starts... Boo Hoo!!! I am such a baby about this area of my back and now they are going to stick needles in there and I have to be awake and feel everything!!!! I asked her if they would give me anything while I was on the table and she said no, but I wonder if she was thinking I meant pain meds when I was really referring to something to relax me while they are brushing my spinal nerves with a needle!!!! So this procedure will be done on Thursday, and I'm really freaking out!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing Dead?!?!

Here on our ranch we currently have 3 dogs, Georgia who is a mini Australian Shepherd, Conner who is an Australian Shepherd, and Laramie who is a Sharpei!! I know it sounds strange right?? A sharpei in the mix... Well I grew up with my mama raising and breeding sharpei's so I have always loved them!!! I have been married to my Hubby for 11 1/2 years and have always wanted to get a sharpei but my Hubby for some reason just did not think highly of this breed, alot of it had to do with his mom says she is allergic to them and so I think for that reason they have just never been around them. Well one day last November I found that someone had been researching sharpei's on the internet and I thought that was a little strange but just figured my Hubby was just reading about them or something....Then within a few days my DD brings me her birthday and Christmas wish list (her bday is the 23rd of December, so we have always made sure to separate the two) so I get to reading them and on DD's B-day list she has listed a "sharpei puppy of my very own" and I kind of chuckled and asked her if she had been reading up on them and she said "yes I have been looking at them on the internet". So I at first thought well that isn't going to happen... But then I started thinking, you know I had always wanted another one too so I decided to talk with Hubby about it and he basically told me I could do whatever I wanted, so yeah me!!!! So I started looking on the net trying to find some close by for sale and I wasn't having any luck!!! So I called my mom to ask about the people we used to buy from having forgotten that the husband had died in a tragic accident many years ago. So mom started looking and sent me some links to like pupcity or something. Well the ad she found was in Mulvane, KS which is about an hour from me so I was really excited. So I go to the ad and figure out in order to view the ad I have to pay for a membership so I did and finally I could see the ad!!! I was so excited.....until I figured out the ad was dated from like 2007, so I thought no big deal and clicked the link to their website, and it was closed down!!! WHAT!!! I was soooo mad, here I paid for this membership to view this ad for a breeder that no longer exists!!! So I start thinking OK I will have to have one shipped but as I am going through the ads I was finding it hard to find current ads and there was hundreds of pages, so I finally started clicking on random pages and hit the jackpot!!! I found a breeder in Kingman, KS which is about 30 minutes from me. So I immediately go to her website and she had puppies for sale!! 3 litters of them, I was so excited I sent her an email and awaited her call. In the meantime I start taking into account how expensive these puppies were, so I decided I needed to talk with DD because if I was getting her this puppy she wouldn't be getting much more for her B-day. So I sit her down and ask her "DD how much do you think a sharpei cost"?? And she says "umm about $200.00 and I said wellll guess again, try like cheapest maybe $800.00 but more likely $1000.00. So if daddy decides that he wants to get you a puppy you wouldn't get much else for your B-day". So she says OK I'm fine if that's what you guys do. So then she asks me for both of her wish lists back and when she brought them back she had crossed out EVERYTHING on both lists except for the puppy on her B-day list and a pair of boots on her Christmas list!!! And I told her that wasn't necessary because her B-day and Christmas don't go together and she says she doesn't care she really wants a sharpei and doesn't want us to buy her lot's of other things. So I tell Hubby there is no way that I can't not get her the puppy because she obviously wants it :) So in the end we bought her a beautiful black sharpei from the local breeder. And to top it all off, the lady that we bought her from is a lady that we sold dogs to in the early 90's when my mama was a breeder and the puppy that I got for DD came from our original blood line!!! How much luckier could we have gotten!! So she didn't actually get to bring the puppy home until about mid January due to age etc.. Well needless to say for the first few weeks Hubby kept saying "love everything about her except the price"!!! And I think finally he is over even that part!! For those of you who may not know the breed, they are super intelligent dogs. They are wrinkly, sweet, territorial but if trained right not territorial in a bad way. They like to pick one person and that is the person they want to be with all of the time, if you go into a room and shut the door they will be laying there for you to come back, if you leave the house they will lay at the door till you come home LOL!! They are such amazing little critters, their personality's are almost that of a human and we are so thrilled to finally have that addition to our family!!

DD and Tay Tay when we took DD to see her Birthday Surprise!!!

DD and Laramie giving Kisses!!

So today I want to share some of our puppy's silliness with you. If you click on the title to this post it will take you to a video that I shot of her the other day. She will run as fast as she can around the other dogs and then just drop to the ground like she's dead!! We all laughed so hard the first time she did this. Now the video is about 4 1/2 minutes and she doesn't really get the other dogs' attention until about 2 minutes in. So please go check it out!!! ps- don't mind our lack of mowing yet :) Haven't gotten that far this Spring LOL!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mama's filling in as 4H officer's Night!!

Yesterday marked the day of our annual 4H "Parents as Officer's" dinner and meeting. Being that J is the Vice President that meant that I had to sit up front and fill the role for VP... Hubby was going to do it, but the "President" and "Treasurer" were both other mom's so they made me come up cause we women rock LOL!! So I did just that filled in as VP, and although I didn't have to do or say alot I had a blast!!. Now J's friend S who just had the surgery from his baseball injury he is treasurer and then another young lady is president. So I had a bit of a chuckle because everytime I would look at the 3 real officers they where cutting up and having their own giggles over in the corner...

Here is our real President, and notice our ornery Treasurer behind!!

J our real Vice President asking silly questions...

Our Treasurer S showing some guns LOL!!

Ohhh now we have a serious face :)

S standing, trying not to fall asleep from his pain meds.

My Hubby visiting during the meeting

My beautiful DD

Sunday, April 19, 2009

DD's Soccer Day...

As you may have figured out thus far on my blogging journey my DD is an all around kind of girl...Meaning she doesn't just like 1 or 2 events or sports, she likes them ALL!!! I guess it could be hereditary since J is that way too. Well right now is the season for soccer. So DD plays on a local team with her bestie Tay Tay.

Today the played 2 games, and of course it couldn't be easy and be within an hour of each other. Her first game was at 10:00 am and 2nd game was at 2:00 pm. Well we actually were prepared for it to rain out as the weather man said bad storms all day, well once again they were WRONG!! So we went and she played, and they won both games!! So thus far this season they are undefeated, they have one more game before they go into tournament so hopefully they can win the next one to!! So since my day consisted of nothing majorly exciting I will just share a few action shots with you!!

DD doing a victory dance after her team scores!!

More DD dancing...I'm telling you this kid wants to do everything, but all at the same time LOL!!

DD brutalizing the other team...She thinks she kicked him in the stomach, she felt really, really bad :( If you click on the picture you can see his facial expression...

DD and Tay Tay walking together...I love to catch them when they don't know I'm taking pictures, it's so sweet!!!

DD running down the field!

DD and Tay Tay giggling as they both fight for the ball :)

And this is what they do while on a short break....

Just chatting

DD fighting for the ball

She won this fight LOL!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baseball Season!!

Well you all have heard lots about my DD so tonight I am going to talk about J. My J is such a big hearted teenager. He made a deal with some of his buddies before football season that if they went out for football with him then he would go out for baseball with them. So he did as they did and has started his first ever season of baseball. Yes that's right, he is 14 and a freshman in high school and has never played baseball. Why you ask? Well to be honest I don't know....I guess he has never asked and we never looked into it. But he is doing well in practice and they had their first JV game last week and he did pretty good.

J up to bat..

J playing outfield

This past Wednesday at practice they had a bad night. J's best friend plays on the team and he's quite a bit bigger then my J, he's about 6'3 and probably around 250 lbs. He is a very good athlete and like my J he plays all of the sports. But anyhow S called me Wednesday night and asked me if I could come pick J up after practice (he usually rides home with S and then I go get him) so I said sure, what's going on?? And S say's I think I broke my ankle and I am waiting on my mom to take me to the hospital!!

S up to bat...

So long story short, he broke his Fibula and tore all of the ligaments around his ankle so he had to have surgery today to have a plate put in because the bone was to far out from the torn ligaments... So as you can imagine he is really sad because as of now he will be out of sports for at least 6 months... Which means he will miss out on the rest of baseball, a summer league basketball team, and football next fall. Hopefully it will be healed by next basketball season as basketball is his passion..