Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So I'm thinking....

So I have been thinking about introducing you all to more of the creatures that make up my life. You have already met the newest addition here on the ranch, the pigs. But I really want you to meet everyone!! So for today we will start with my first horse purchase, her name is Rita.

Black Diamond Rita is a 9 year old black overo paint. She is a mare that I purchased mostly because of her paint job. When we first made the decision that we were going to move out in the country I started looking at horses to buy. My sister-in-law actually found her and told me to check her out. We both at first were thinking WOW she has a crazy paint job. Rita is a broodmare, and when I bought her 3 years ago she had a filly by her side and was in foal again. So we drove about 3-4 hours to get her, and when we got there she was one crazy horse!!! I mean you couldn't come within 2 feet of her and she would freak out. I decided to buy her anyway because there was something about her soul that I could see in her eyes, she was not mean or crazy she was sad. She wanted to be with someone, and so we took her home. Her first few months were pretty hard, she wouldn't let you walk right up and love on her she was really just standoffish. After time we realized that she did better when she was in an area all by herself (cause at the time she was at my SIL mother's house) so when we got her moved out here she changed completely... She really calmed down with us, and she really loves Hubby the most!! Now when she is with the herd she still acts standoffish but when she is by herself she is really loving... I think her past is a sad one, not from the people I bought her from but from when she was way younger.

Just the many things that we have done with her I can see that she has been trained before. The first time I did ground work with her she was a pro, she did everything I asked of her and she knew exactly what to do. And one thing that struck me was she always turned an inside circle when I would turn her back the other direction. So even that step she does right what most do wrong when they are first starting training. Then we moved her up to saddling and she did really good so my father-in-law decided he wanted to see how she would do if he got on her. I was watching DD practice in the arena but I turned around and seen him on her and snapped a couple of pictures and took a little video.

Needless to say after that day we decided that she is not just a broodmare, she has been ridden. We just don't know her history and why someone quit riding her. She didn't know everything my FIL tried to show her but she did pretty great for a horse we thought hadn't been ridden LOL!! We did not continue to work with her at that point because she was bred around that time and I really don't like working horses that are in foal. She will be worked with after she foals this May.

You'll have to pause the playlist if you already haven't when watching the video, unless you happen to like mixing songs LOL!!


  1. She's beautiful! Love her "paint job".

  2. Thanks Jamie!! I love her very much!!! She is such a sweet soul :)

  3. I love them Paints! She is very beautiful and what you have done taking her in means so much. Why people do what they do with horses is beyond me. I just can't comprehend why someone wouldn't want to take this horse and make something out of her, like you will! I can't wait to hear more stories about her.

  4. Rita is absolutely GORGEOUS...excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin...I'm so jealous... :)

  5. Thank you all!! I am so glad that you all enjoyed my post about her. I can't wait to show off the new foal come May!!!