Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bold Hair!!!

You all probably don't know that I am a natural blond, but I LOVE color!! My favorite hair color is a really dark red, however Hubby really loves my hair blond. So for his sake I do add in some blond....But just a little :)

DD before we cut her long hair off :(

Already had it cut now here comes the color!!!

Well my DD is a spitting image of me, she too loves color!! I made a grave mistake many years ago in telling her that when she was 10 she could color her hair...I honestly didn't think she would remember. But I was wrong, she remembered and I couldn't possibly not hold my word, so back in December she had her hair colored for her Birthday. My DD has always had really long hair but over the past couple of years she has managed to get it shorter and shorter. DD's natural color is a really bland brown so I encouraged her to go with like a chocolate brown for her first color but she is my daughter and wanted her hair dark red like mine... So we did, we colored it a dark eggplant color. Now we were using demi-permanent but it washed out on the ends really fast and so needless to say after a few weeks it didn't look as good as it did at first. So the next time we did a weave with blond and red, she was really wanting to go blond but I am highly against it because blond is so harsh on your hair... And this time we used permanent color and it stayed really well!!

First time colored...

Second time coloring her hair

So this past week we got our hair done, and of course we had the blond discussion again and finally convinced her to go dark brown with dark red weave. So this time again it is the demi-permanent so I am really hoping it doesn't wash out and look funny *eeks*!!! Hubby was out of town when we did this so today when he got back he said "Oh my it's really dark", and he said that about 5 times LOL!! I just told him well she is just like her mommy :) So we are bold and proud LOL!!

DD's hair before another round of color!!

DD and I after we got our color!! No her hair isn't black LOL!! It just looks really dark right now :)


  1. The color looks great! Funny the things they remember! I don't have mine colored too often. It's naturally curly so the less I do with it the better!

  2. I think it looks great! Personally I like red hair the best too!

  3. I LOVE IT! The color looks AWESOME!