Sunday, April 19, 2009

DD's Soccer Day...

As you may have figured out thus far on my blogging journey my DD is an all around kind of girl...Meaning she doesn't just like 1 or 2 events or sports, she likes them ALL!!! I guess it could be hereditary since J is that way too. Well right now is the season for soccer. So DD plays on a local team with her bestie Tay Tay.

Today the played 2 games, and of course it couldn't be easy and be within an hour of each other. Her first game was at 10:00 am and 2nd game was at 2:00 pm. Well we actually were prepared for it to rain out as the weather man said bad storms all day, well once again they were WRONG!! So we went and she played, and they won both games!! So thus far this season they are undefeated, they have one more game before they go into tournament so hopefully they can win the next one to!! So since my day consisted of nothing majorly exciting I will just share a few action shots with you!!

DD doing a victory dance after her team scores!!

More DD dancing...I'm telling you this kid wants to do everything, but all at the same time LOL!!

DD brutalizing the other team...She thinks she kicked him in the stomach, she felt really, really bad :( If you click on the picture you can see his facial expression...

DD and Tay Tay walking together...I love to catch them when they don't know I'm taking pictures, it's so sweet!!!

DD running down the field!

DD and Tay Tay giggling as they both fight for the ball :)

And this is what they do while on a short break....

Just chatting

DD fighting for the ball

She won this fight LOL!!


  1. That is so cool! Winning both games! Way to go DD! You rock!

  2. Good for Dakotah! You go, girl! :)

  3. I love watching my little brothers play sports. You got some great shots, mine are never timed quit right!!