Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's that time of year again!!!!

Now that Spring has arrived it was time to get the kids started with their 4H projects. DD is doing Horses of course, she will be showing her steer Midnight, and today we added her pig that she will be showing. J will only show a pig because that is what he likes...Remember he would rather be doing sports LOL!! But he loved fair time last year with his pigs so he will do it again.

Piglet and Cookie Dough (DD named them LOL)

Piglet drinking

So today was the sale of pigs from a local family who raises show pigs and we had our appointment with them after DD's Soccer game this morning (which they won by the way!!). So she already knew what she wanted and that is a Duroc and luckily they had plenty of those, we actually had the pleasure in helping with the birthing of the Duroc litter that she got hers out of. We went over to visit a couple of months ago and when we arrived there was quite a panic because this Duroc sow had not been moved to the farrowing house and she had started delivering...Well the crate in the farrowing house wasn't put together yet so Hubby helped to get that taken care of while myself and my friend watched the births of the piglets and then moved them into the farrowing house to warm them under a heat lamp cause they were a bit chilly.

Piggy Pileup!!! I love this part :)

DD with Cookie Dough and Piglet....Piglet is the runt that is actually older than the Duroc LOL!!

So we went today and DD got her Duroc and we also ended up buying a runt York from a litter that was born a few days before the Duroc's. We always like to have an extra :)Tomorrow Hubby will be driving to meet a man to get J's Hampshire for him!! Hope it's a good one!!!

DD giving Piglet some love!!!


  1. Great looking pigs you got there! Good luck with 4-H~what fun! Love there names!

    Great riding practice she had the other day! The weather here has been crazy as well!

  2. The piggies are cute too...My aunt and uncle had pigs for awhile....My personal favs are Duroc's and Hampshires.