Friday, April 3, 2009

This decision isn't an easy one....

OK so today was kind of an odd day for me... As you all know I am a huge horse lover!!! I personally own 8 horses but I have 14 on my ranch and soon to be 15 as one of my mares is pregnant. The others belong to my mom and my father-in-law. Well we have raised 6 from the time they were babies. But a couple of years ago a dear friend of ours was going in to have a Quadruple Bypass and before he went in for surgery he asked us to take care of "KC".... Well before he went in for surgery our friend Coop told my Hubby that if anything happened to him then he wanted us to have KC. Coop had many horses and we had already gotten one from him when she was a foal, she will be 3 this year. But KC he is an 8 yr old beautiful Bay paint.

KC last summer out at pasture

Well Coop went in for surgery and came out OK and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks before he went home. So after his arrival at home he was doing well and improving everyday then all of the sudden he got some kind of infection in his leg where they went in for the surgery. So his daughter had taken him to numerous Doctor's and they all said it was fine he would be OK. Sadly they were wrong. One morning a little over a year ago Coop went to the Doctor one last time to be told again he was fine so his daughter took him home and got him layed down to rest and was going to run home and come back to check on him a little later. Well another family member had tried to call him and got no answer so he rushed over there and found my true and dear friend had collapsed and died on his bedroom floor... He was a second dad to me as mine had passed away in 2005 and so this was really hard one me and my Hubby, we truly loved him and he was a great friend!!!

Hubby riding KC

So upon discussion with his family they do not like horses and already had others to sell so they did not want KC back. So they said to fulfill Coop's wishes and leave him with us. I have always loved this horse because he has so much sentimental value to me but the problem is that he doesn't get ridden... I currently cannot ride because I broke my back in a horse accident 2 years ago, my Hubby and my DD both have their own horses so he has become a yard ornament. And he is definitely one of those horses that needs to be ridden on a regular basis or he gets out of his groove.

So to move on, we have some friends a husband and wife who have always loved KC and have asked us since the day we got him when they could buy him. I have always told them no, because I had no intention of selling him. But most recently my Hubby has talked to the friends and they asked again and so Hubby told them yes we would sell him :( He did ask me first and I reluctantly said yes, and only reluctantly because of my personal connection to him. But the couple that is buying him they live in our town and they love horses, they currently own 2 others. I know them well enough to know that they would treat him like a king!!! And they have also promised me that they have no intention of getting rid of him but if they ever had to I would get first dibs...

Beautiful KC

So my heart is sad because I love KC like I loved his former owner and I'm trying to convince myself that this is OK..... They did come and ride him this evening and they really clicked well. They have been around him a million times they just hadn't ridden him. So they called when they got home and said yes most definitely want him and they will get with us tomorrow on the details...

KC's soon to be new owner....


  1. What a great and sad story. KC is very handsome! You are lucky that you will still get to visit him at his new home!

  2. KC is absolutely lovely... I hope he will be very happy in his new home!!

  3. Thank you, I too think he is beautiful!!! And his spirit is that of a child who just loves attention!! I know he will be happy at his new home, he will get much more attention as they do not have the herd size I have LOL!!

  4. He's a lovely boy...but he's going to a good home where he'll get lots of love and attention. Have a great weekend!

  5. We went thru the same scenario. Lost my BIL in 2001 to a tragic accident. He was our BF and closer to us than any other family members. We got his pride and joy...a yearling Dual Pep stud. Never intended to sell him, and Danny's 'quirks' seem to be present in this horse's personality. Cowboy started and rode him constantly until 2007 when there was no time in the day left for Dually. Last fall, a sr. in HS wanted him. After much pondering, we decided to let Dually go. He was far too young, far too talented to just be an ornament. Danny would have wanted us to pass him on to a young aspiring rodeo gal!
    We are glad we did, yet still have days we look out and miss him....just as much as we miss our BIL Danny!

  6. W.O.W.- Thank you for sharing that with me and for your kind words...It is such a hard decision, and I will miss him terribly and yes just as much as my dear friend... Wednesday is the big day, we will delivering him to them. While I'm so sad to see him go I am also excited for him because I know the man that is buying him will care for him greatly. He has wanted to buy this horse from me since the moment he saw him. And another cool thing is they are going to let their 12-13 yr old daughter ride him in a rodeo circuit that we do, so I will see him being used too!! So I know in my heart that this is the place for him to go so I can accept that.