Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time to start training again!!!

As some of you have heard out weather here in KS has been up and down LOL!! But on the up days it's great!!! We are having 70 degree days and those days make perfect practice days. So we are getting DD and her rodeo horse Pete warmed up for some upcoming rodeos. Pete is a horse that we bought off of a ranch that used him for rounding cattle, roping, you know just typical cowboy stuff!! He has been converted to DD's rodeo horse, so she is essentially training him to run the patterns and as I said before in past post she has done pretty well on him.

Warming up

Well we saddled him up for the first time in about a month and DD went off riding. First getting him warmed up and then getting some good exercise. She ran him on the Barrel pattern a few times and he did pretty good. He was giving DD a bit of trouble turning him, he acted up a little and she quickly got him back in line. So we are on our way to being ready for upcoming rodeo's!!!!

DD riding around the arena

Pete acting up so DD had to correct his attitude!!

Practicing Barrel pattern

More Barrels


  1. Our weather has been up & down too. It is windy here today! brrrr.... I wanted to thank you so much for your great comment. So sweet. I am so happy to have found, and been found by all you great friends out there. I know that if Jill knew what I was doing, she would thank you too. Looking forward to a lasting friendship with you. ((Hugs))