Monday, April 13, 2009

We're all full of fire!?!?!

First off I want to thank Jesus for this celebration he gave us today!! Today we celebrated Easter out at my place, it has become tradition that we do Easter here because we have so much more room to hide eggs!! Unfortunately this Easter was spent inside due to a never ending rain!!! But the kids got to hunt their eggs, Hubby just took them down to the barn and hid them in there. Unfortunately I didn't make it out to take pictures because the wonderful women in my family decided to go shopping in my "store" while they were here!!

I would like to take a minute and introduce you to the people that make up my big fun and crazy family!!! First up would be my Granny, my Granny is awesome!!! She is a woman who has always been full of fire, I definitely get my fire from her!! Granny is the rock of our family, we are a family that fully believes in spending good quality fun time together and this we learned from my Granny and my late Grandpappy.

Granny being sweet with Dakotah!!

Now here is Granny's ornery side!!

Next up is my Mama, she is a very caring and most generous person. My Mama is ornery and sometimes fiery lady too!! Mama loves Jesus with all of her heart and has dedicated her life to helping others find his love, and she carries an awesome gift of powerful prayer!! My Mama gives so much of herself to others that sometimes she forgets to take care of herself!!! One of the most important things in my Mama's life is her grandkids, if she could spend all of her time with them she would!!!

Mama with Dakotah

Next in line will be my Auntie!! Now talk about fire in this family....Well I think all of us women in this family have the fire, but Auntie she takes the cake LOL!! She is an awesome and super fun person to be with. She is the person that will take you down if you mess with her family LOL!! No kidding she will!! But she is so loving that I just love being around her. Auntie is married to Uncle Gairs (that's what I call him)now Uncle Gairs is a special man!! He has to be to put up with the women of this family LOL!!

Auntie and Uncle Gairs

I only have one sibling and that is my brother Josh. Joshy is a great protector of me, he always has been. Our Dad passed away 3 1/2 years ago and Joshy has gone out of his way to make sure that I am OK even when he might have needed a shoulder. He is very much like my Dad was, a strong and caring loving man. He too is a ball of fun, not so much fire like us girls....Well he has fire just different from ours LOL!!

Joshy and I

Uncle Jack is the oldest of my mama's siblings and he too is a protector. He is sometimes seems quiet and reserved, and he is, but he is also lots of fun!! He is a wonderful uncle and he always makes me smile. Jack is married to Teresa and she fits right in with our family, she's fun and ornery with the best of us!

Uncle Jack and his daughter Shea

I have many cousin's but I'll just tell you about a couple of them.

Shea is a strong confident woman who I am amazed by constantly!! She is a dedicated wife and mother of 2 but also finds the time to workout like none other LOL!! And it shows!! Shea is gorgeous, sweet, and incredibly funny and of course full of fire!! One thing I love about her is that no matter what she always see's the bright side of things. Shea has taught me many things and she doesn't even know it. Many years ago I remember her saying something to me that changed my outlook on life completely (little long to tell but she did)...

Shea and Dakotah

Jodie is my cousin who might as well be my sister. She is 4 months older than me and we were always inseparable as children!! Jodie out of all of us women has overcome many life obstacles. Her life was never an easy one, and she had many struggles in her path. And even though she sometimes doesn't see it she is really a very strong woman. She is also a woman who has always worn her heart on her sleeve, from the time we were kids she would do anything for you and put herself last. She is my Best Friend and she is beautiful and full of life and has so many things to offer this world!! She might be the Queen of fire!! But the kind that will fight to the death for her family and protecting us. I can't even begin to tell you how many times she has protected me!! She too can make you laugh your pants off!!

Jodie and I

As for me and my Hubby and kiddo's we are very blessed to have all of these wonderful people in our lives. There are so many more of them but I would write a book if I told you about them all LOL!!

And this is my fabulous family!!!


  1. Glad you got to spend time with your family! THey sound pretty awesome!

  2. Family is everything! Sounds like yours is wonderful!

  3. You have a great family! Thanks for introducing us!

  4. How sweet! Thanks for introducing your family...and your horses! :)