Monday, April 6, 2009

Today we got J's pig!!!

Not alot going on around the ranch today... It was way too windy here!!! I am really ready for this weather to turn good and stay that way!!! I did get a good chuckle today though. Hubby decided to let the steers in with the geldings cause he thinks it will be easier for me to feed when I take the night turn. So I am trying to tell him why this doesn't make it easy for me and of course that kind of wounded his pride because he was really trying to do a good thing:) So I just said OK it's fine!!! I will try it and if it makes it harder for me then we will move them back to their corral. So Hubby is standing at the kitchen window looking out at the pasture behind the house and say's ummm I'm not thinking Bob (jersey steer)is where he is supposed to be.... So I look out and yep he's out, he has gotten through the wire and gone off to feast on some fresh spring grass in the tree's :) Hubby says "oh that brat"!!! While I sat chuckling he had to go out and then move the steers back to their corral LOL!! See aren't us wife's always right *wink*!!

J named his Hampshire "Chubs" LOL!! He wanted to name her "Pot Roast" until Hubby reminded him pot roast is beef LOL!!!

Nice view of our color variation!

So Hubby and a friend of ours drove to another town today to get more pigs, well only 1 more for us. So Hubby got J his Hamp that he wanted!!! So the kids are happy campers now, they both got the type of pig they wanted!! And to top it all off they are all actually nice LOL!! Now the real test comes to see if the can survive here... Long story short last year we had a heck of a time with our pigs, 1 show pig died from dust pneumonia and then we had to buy another to replace that one and he almost died, then our other show pig got sick. The only one who never had a problem was our $25.00 feeder pig LOL!! Go figure, so by the time fair came the one J really wanted to show because he was a good looking pig he didn't make weight by like 3 lbs!!! AHH talk about frustrating! So hopefully this year we will be blessed and our pigs will stay healthy :~)

Chubs the Hamp

I think Chubs was getting a little annoyed with Cookie Dough and Piglet cause they kept wrestling around her :)


  1. Look at those cute little pigs! All of my friends want us to get some pigs to add to our farm. I haven't decided yet! I have my hands full with the animals I have!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't believe I decided to go public, but I am very excited. I think I will have alot of fun!

  2. How is Chubs getting along with her sisters?

  3. Chubs is getting along great!!! I can't believe it, I was expecting some kind of war like we had last year.... But nothing, other than just playing around!!! So I am really hoping we will have a better year this year!!

  4. Oh so cute! I love the pigs...wish we had property for horses, pigs, chickens, etc. By the way, I hear that a good pig name is Sir Bacon -- in case you get any more pigs! :)

  5. BA HA HA LOL!!!! I love that name!! I can't wait to tell my kids in the morning!!!