Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's name the foal!!!!

OK so as most of you know by now, we have been blessed with a beautiful painted colt!!! He was born Monday April 27, and we are having some HUGE name issues LOL!!! Which is strange for us because usually we have it within a few minutes of birth..I think this one threw us for a loop because I was so thinking it would be a filly but nope a colt it is!!

So back when our other foal from this year was born we (my mom and I) had forgotten that she had told DD that she could name the foal as that one is mom's. But DD was gone when "Angel" was born, and that was the name that my mom and I both came up with.. So DD of course crushed!! So I promised her that she could name this foal, but we are in need of some help I think... Pony Girl suggested maybe I'd need some help so that's what I'm asking for. I'm thinking if we get some idea's DD can pick one maybe?!?!

So the details to consider are; Sire name: Ritzy Dikki Doc who was sired by IM PUTTINONTHERITZ (you'll have to look at the top bar by his name and hold your curser over the picture symbol) Who is gorgeous!!! Check him out. His dam: DOC SEVENS DREAM, I have no pics of her.

This is "No NAME'S" Sire: The picture doesn't show it real clear but his black is raven black..

Dam: Black Diamond Rita who was sired by CHECK THE BREEZE and her dam is POCOS AGEE, both of which I don't have pictures of... Both of Rita's other foals I included "Diamond" i.e. her first foal I named APACHES DIAMOND MYA...

So our last bit of info, we would want something western/original as his "barn" name but to be included in his registered name..

"No name" and Angel today, she really wants to be his friend!!

Little itch I guess?!?!

Taking a nap!! I love how they lay LOL!!

PG this picture is for you, really shows those long legs!!!

I will be posting more pictures over at my "Random Happenings" blog, so I don't fill this one with to many pics!!


  1. Ritz Carlton, Colt .45, Sonny Day Doc, Paintin'intheritz....He's a beauty! Boy names are soooo much harder than girl names!

  2. All our horses have some Doc / Doc Bar - love the bloodline - okay, here is my name choice -

    Ritzy Doc's Dream - needs to sound "studly", he's got great color, kinda Ritzy, and I'm sure he's gonna be a dream when you're done with him! Can not leave out the Doc!

  3. Good point BY, I think I have to agree with not losing the Doc in there...OK keep them a coming!!

  4. Oh, I am not so good at names! How about "Fancy Diamond Doc" He is very Fancy and it includes something from his sire and dam!
    He is just so darn cute! I want to come over there and give him a big squeeze!

  5. I have no help, you know I suck at naming things--my last one does not have a name either.

    But I knew the last two owners of Im Putting on the Ritz---the next to last one really well.

    This would thrill her

  6. By the way, Ritz was put to sleep this year--in case you did not know.

    Your baby sure is loud--looks like grandpa some

  7. Paige- OMG I did not know that!!! How sad :( He was such a beauty!!! Please to tell your friend that I drool over his picture all of the time, I think he is one of the most awesome paints I have ever seen!!! I so prayed that my foal would look an ounce like him LOL!!

    I'm kind of torn about his color?!?! I think he will be black but it's such an odd color right now..

  8. Ritz had a kind of hard life but his last two owners loved him very much--Sandy, the one that had him for years, was so proud of him. Then he went to live his last time with another girl I know, Kim, and she did not have him terribly long, before he coliced, and the vet did not think he could be saved through surgery, esp at his age.

    Very cool horse.

    I will let them know about your baby

  9. Oh Paige that is so sad!!! How can anyone treat a horse bad!! I'm so glad Ritz got to spend the end of his life with people who loved him. Man what a beautiful creature..Yes please do tell them, that is so cool. What a small world LOL!!

  10. OK, so the first thing that comes to mind is Ritzy Diamond, or Doc Diamond's Ritz. Maybe Chief Ritz, or I'm Painted Ritzy? I don't know if y'all like to keep the sire's name in with the foal's name, but you could change Ritz to Blitz and have something like Black Diamond Blitz, or even Ritzy Blitz. On the other hand, you could go completely wild and do something unrelated like Chief Wild One, or something to go with the paint background. Or go somewhere in the middle and jump off the grandsires' and granddams' names: Dreamy Breeze, Dream Check, something like that. I like Dreamy Diamond Ritz, myself. Anyway, thanks for the fun thinking up names! I wish you and DD all the best in naming the little guy!! :)

  11. Oh so cute, thanks for posting those adorable photos! Sounds like you have some good names...hmm....I hope I'm not too late! I'm kind of feeling uncreative right now...what about "Ritzy Diamond Doc" or "Hickory Diamond Doc" (that sounds like a nursery rhyme, hee hee!) Or "Diamond Doc Splash" (me take on Jumpin Jack Flash...) Good luck, keep the cute pictures coming!!

  12. PG, you make me LOL!! NO we still have not decided on a name!! I cannot believe it LOL!! DD just asked me this afternoon "mama, do you have names on your blog yet for me to pick from"? LOL, I said yes we will look at them!!