Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy Day!!!

So this past Friday I celebrated my 31st Birthday!! And I am so blessed with my Birthday because my family and friends always try to make sure I have a wonderful day!! I am such a Birthday freak LOL, I love them and I don't care that it makes me another year older!! My friends and I used to go to this country music festival called Country Stampede it's held in Manhattan KS. And never fails it always landed within my Birthday week, so the girls always allowed me to go from "a Birthday day" to "a Birthday week" Ha who wouldn't love celebrating their Birthday for many days LOL!!

So Friday I had to get my hair colored, I'd had a bit of a hair fiasco....My hair is generally dark red w/some blond highlights (my natural color is blonde, but I LOVE red)!! Well I was having some shampoo issues because I have used the same product called Grund, which I absolutely love but I can't use the same product for over a year because then my hair gets oily when I wash it EVERY day!!! So I had gotten some different shampoo from my stylist but this shampoo has color in it, it's called "watercolors" and it actually deposits color when you wash your hair!! Which I of course picked one called "crimson red" because I want red...Right?!?! Well I knew I was risking turning the blonde pink but I had hoped it would get red after a couple of washes, well after wash # 2 I decided I wasn't going any further.. My blonde was officially pink LOL!! So I wore a hat all week and got it fixed Friday!! I didn't do any blonde this time it's all dark red with dark brown lowlights.. Hubby really prefer's my hair to be blonde but he says I still look pretty LOL!! So that problem fixed!!

So Hubby had been out of town all of last week and got home on my Birthday, Friday. He was so sweet to bring me Birthday presents, even if he stopped at my rival's store to buy them LOL!! He said "well I had to check out the competition, right"?!?! But the thought was nice right?!?! So he got me the cutest sign that says "Horses Are Like Potato Chips You Can't Have Just One"!! We always joke about the fact that I need that shirt that says "I do not need another horse, I do not need another horse, etc"!! it's kind of true :~) And he got me the prettiest Brighton bracelet that is called "Love Rocks" oh I just LOVE it!! So then of course Friday night we had DD's rodeo and my Mama brought out a delicious Banana cake for us to eat!!

So sweet!! And OH SO true LOL!!

I just love this cute bag that my bracelet came in!!

Here it is!! My "Love Rocks"!!

So then Saturday night we went to my favorite restaurant called Strouds, I know my KS girl's know what I'm talking about?!?! Some of my family was there and it was so much fun, unfortunately DD was gone to camp so she didn't get to come:( Sadly I for some reason just couldn't eat so I did not enjoy their lucious food like I usually do as I only ate a little :(

Then we went to my Granny's and had cake and ice cream and more family time!! It was so much fun, I love my family!! We always have such a blast together and EVERYONE in my family made my Birthday fantastic!! I hope everyone is as blessed as I am!!

My Bubby and his GF!

My MIL, J, my nephew SB, and my Granny!!

My Granny, my Mama and I

My handsome Hubby and I!! And yes he has a horrible tan line :( He was on a rooftop in the 100 degree weather for a week!!

My J and I!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yes we Picked up Hay in the Dark!!

So literally this weekend has been gone by in a flash!!! We were so busy! Today was just overly busy and you know how it goes when you try to play catch up....Not so easy LOL!!

First off I might add that my DD is off to 4H camp with her 2 best friends, and boy do I miss her!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE when she's gone, she's my mini me and I just miss her!! So the Hubby spent the majority of the day working because he was gone all last week for his day job and is trying to play catch up on his HVAC company. He finally finished working about 4:30 but then had to go and swath a waterway of brome so we can get it bailed and moved home!! We also had 4H, so J and I went to that and man I am glad we went because there was NO one there so I wouldn't have had anyone to mooch the much needed info off of LOL!! Which J is the VP so we always go as long as we don't have rodeo or something interfering.. So it was short and sweet, which was good because we also had to get my 3 year old filly picked up from the trainer's house and J had 2 football games tonight!!

So we dropped J of with his buddies so he could head on to the game while we went and got Macy. I was so excited to get her picked up, I really missed her!! She was supposed to come home 18 days ago but when our friend David went out the morning we were supposed to be coming he found her with what he describes as one of the worst injury's he's ever seen on a horse. She had gotten her eye caught on something and literally tore from below her eye up. David immediately loaded her in the trailer and hauled her to his vet which is an hour and a half away. His vet said she was very, very lucky as she did not hit any nerves, facial/eye muscles basically the entire area that she tore is the area where all of the movement and vision comes from. So far he thinks her tear duct is OK, they flushed it at the Vet's office and it streamed through the duct and didn't leak anywhere so that was great news! Her vision is fine, praise God!! David did a great job caring for her, she got 7 day treatment of penicillin and some eye drops.

I was so disappointed because he had 40 days of riding on her when she was due to come home :( He says she bucked a little bit in the beginning but he hasn't had any trouble with her after that, she never tried to buck again and he says she never even thought about it!! He also said she will be a fantastic riding mare, she has learned everything really well and he was very excited for us to ride her, but now with her injury it will be a while... He is being very generous to us though because he is going to take her back after she's fully healed and ride her for about another week just to give her a refresher. And to top it off he tried to prevent me from paying the vet bill!! He felt bad and didn't want us to pay finally he agreed to at least let us pay half. It has now been 18 days since her injury and her eye is still really swollen!!

My poor girl!!

Oh it hurts her so bad... I just hate to see her in pain :(

So next we headed off to J's 2 football games, which they won both!! Then after that we grabbed a quick bite to eat because we still had 136 hay bales to pick up at the waterway hubby cut last weekend. So we finally made it there and I got my favorite job of driving while Hubby and J loaded it up!! We didn't get it all though, it was so dark we finally decided we will get the rest later...

Did I mention that it was dark while we were doing this?!?! Matter of fact it was 11:00 pm at the time I took this picture!!

OH and FYI, I did not have my camera so I took these pictures with my Blackberry....So not real clear LOL!! And the dark didn't help my picture taking!!

See that blur, that's Hubby picking up a bale so I can keep driving..

There it is!!!

Now on the trailer!

Time to go home!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rodeo Night

WOW, that's pretty much all I can say about tonight's rodeo.... DD was not having any luck tonight. It was crazy, her horse just kept stopping at random times.. Not doing what he was supposed to be doing, just a total mess!!! OH how frustrating!! DD handled it with grace though, she completed all of her events and got times they just weren't her "best'...

DD after her barrel run!

All around it was just a strange night for all of the horses, there were horses out of control EVERYWHERE!!! It was crazy!! Some friend's ours had their young son out warming up (maybe around 4-5 yrs old).. But his horse is usually very good and tonight he just ran straight towards the wall of the arena (during warm up, not even eventing) and stopped at the last minute and the little guy just dumped right off of him. Well apparently after he fell (we couldn't see because there was a trailer blocking our view) the horse then stepped on his leg. His mom took him to the hospital and he has a broken and dislocated Femur...Poor kiddo :( I feel horrible for him!!

On top of his injury there must have been at least 3 girl's bucked off of their horses. Many horses running wild, and rearing up. Which of course one of those rearers is Pete, DD's horse... UHH!!! So needless to say I was glad when it was over!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Let's do another Introduction!!!!

So it's been a while since I've been able to make any new introductions!! So today you are going to meet Ellie, she is a beautiful raven black yearling. Ellie comes out of DD's mare Ebony and she is a beauty!!! She is a spitting image of her mama!! Ellie was born in April '08 and was just a friendly baby from the get go, she is always the first one to greet you when you go out. And she basically will let you do whatever you want to her! Ellie at just a few months of age was better at letting me put fly spray on her then my 8 or 9 yr old's LOL!! She was very easy to halter break and she is enjoying her summer playing with the other yearlings. I am hoping and praying that when she is finally old enough to be broke that she will have the smooth gait her mama has!!

Ebony, Ellie's dam..

Don't they look exactly alike?!?!

In this video I would like to point out my Granny, she loves Ellie and Ellie loves her!! They bonded from the first moment they met. My Granny grew up with horses and always wanted a black one, so I told her that she can consider Ellie just as much hers!!

Don't forget if you haven't already, pause the playlist as I am sharing with you one of my favorite new songs!! It tends to bring tears to my eyes LOL!! I know I'm a softy :~)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Storm rolling in at J's football game Sunday..

I loved the light of the sun coming out here!!

View of the storm behind us as we drove home...Such awesome colors!!

You can click on the pictures to see better detail!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Please oh Please let it be Good?!?!

In previous posts we have discussed what types of feed and forage we feed our horses. Well as I have said before our forage of choice is Brome hay. And we always try to make sure we have plenty of it stocked up!! This past winter we fed the Brome only to the weanling's and mama's. We fed round bales of prairie mix hay to the others...So last week the Hubby started his annual cutting and currently is cutting waterways of the Brome. Waterways are pretty popular place to have Brome planted as it is a thick grass that holds the dirt in place from the rushing waters!!

Well you know when us women tell our Hubby's things they sometimes don't like to listen to us.. When the Hubby told me last Thursday he was going to start cutting I said "I wouldn't do that if I were you, it's supposed to start raining Friday night (the next day)!! Well apparently all of the local farmers got together and discussed the rain issue and they all agreed that it wasn't going to rain it would be just fine!!! So Hubby goes out and only manages to get one waterway cut before he broke the swather and had to come home to do repairs but he got it all done and he said this was the best brome he'd ever seen!! He said it was so thick he was going to have to separate the rows!! Which means LOTS and Lots of bales for my herd!! WHOOT WHOOT!!

Well my WHOOT's quickly came to an end when it stormed really bad Friday night and the Hubby said "well I'm sure that hay will be a waste" WHAT!!! Why do you refuse to listen to me?!?! He says "well the guys said..." I said you KNOW I am a weather watching queen and you doubted me!!! OMGosh!!! So Sunday we took a drive over to see if there was damage done and it seems to be OK, not as good as before but will make OK hay.. Of course the Hubby's response "it's OK I have 2 more to cut, I'm sure they will be fine", Oh YEAH RIGHT!! Not if you listen to the men again it won't!!

Hubby checking to see how much green we got left...

The rows faired pretty well for the rainfall we had!

May not be as good as before but at least it's still here!!

Love big thick rows!!

I'm thinking we should start a women's farming society so we can teach our men how to do things the right way LOL!! Can I get an AMEN here!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What Father's Day Meant to Me...

You know I always want to keep my writing something that is fun and interesting to read...These past few weeks have been filled with a lot of sad things, not even things that directly involve me but even still my heart hurts as well...

So today as I am writing this on Father's Day I want to share with you what this day has always meant to me. When I was a little girl I would look so forward to this day so that I could tell my daddy that HE was the best daddy in the whole wide world!! I know, I know most of us say that about our daddies LOL!! It's not like I didn't tell him all of the time but he really enjoyed "his" day!! My favorite gift that I ever got him was a trophy that said "#1 Dad"!! So why do I bring all of this up, well I think I have mentioned in past posts that my daddy died almost 4 years ago.. His death was unexpected, it was a shock and a devastation to my whole world.. I was 27 at time of his death and I guess I just was not in a frame of mind that even considered that he could die because I was so young and he was only 50 yrs and 3 months to the day...

So here is his story,

October 14th 2005, the worst day of my life. A day that keeps replaying over and over, I never forget one single moment. Hubby the kids and I were on our way to visit our neice in Texas, who was thought to have brain cancer and we were so scared she was just a tiny thing I think she was almost 4 at the time. Hubbys's brother and his family were following us down the highway, we stopped and had breakfast before we left. We got through Norman, OK when my phone rang and it was my brother he says I got a call they have taken dad to the hospital by ambulance but that's all I know. Well at the same time my mom is calling Hubby's phone and he is saying tell your brother to get to the point, well he didn't know the point he just knew dad was taken by ambulance... So then Hubby pulls the car over and says no you better call her, so my phone rings and it's my momma and she says " Michelle it's your dad, he's dead" NOOO I scream your lying why would you say that and how would you even know cause you aren't married. Then my line beeps, it's my stepmom she says "Michelle I'm at the hospital I got home from work this morning and when I went in to check on your dad I found him slumped by the bathroom toilet, he had an esphogeal aneurysm and started vomiting blood, so much blood that he went into cardiac arrest and died"... So my life stopped... He was 50 years and 3 months old.... He was my life, he was my only salvation as a kid, and he was my best friend, and he was my sons best friend. Anyone who knows me knows that I had J when I was very young, but alot of you don't know that J was born on my dads birthday, dad said in spite of everything J was the best birthday present he ever had. Every year on their birthday they went to Village Inn for a birthday celebration breakfast and every year my dad would challenge J on how many chocolate milks he could drink, on their last birthday breakfast J drank 4 and thought he might puke and my dad just laughed!!!

I hope and pray every year that it will get better but it doesn't, I will forever be missing a peice of my heart that can't be repaired. They say time makes it easier, I wish I knew their trick.. Cause I don't think time has made it easier, I still have the same feelings and the same questions as I did that day. I am left with a couple of great things, my dad did some wierd things in the weeks leading to his death and one was a letter from my dad that he wrote to his "two best friends" me and my brother, another thing he brought some stuff to my house for the kids to have and stuff for Hubby and the wierd thing about that day is we were living in Derby and the kids weren't home they were down at the pond in our neighborhood fishing so dad hugged and kissed me goobye then he left but only for a few minutes cause he decided to go see the kids and he brought them back home and he came in and asked can I use the restroom? I said of course, then I went in the other room and came out to see him driving away and I thought well that was strange he didn't say good bye. Well I now know why, he wasn't saying good bye cause he was being perpared by Jesus to leave this earth. I had been a saved Christian for about 4 years at this point, and had prayed for him every night. Well God answered my prayer but not the way I thought he would. I now know from the letter he had "coincidentally" wrote and some poems he wrote that he had in fact accepted Jesus in his heart before he passed away. The question for me still remains why so young? I guess I just have to have faith in knowing that God had to take him right then. Does it hurt less knowing all of this? No, it still hurts me to my soul everyday. But I am thankful for when my time comes I know he will be in Heaven with me.

So the lesson I have learned is never take those you love for granted, cause when that call comes you want to have nothing to feel guilty about. I'm sure no matter what we will always find something, but I do try harder to show my love for all of those that I love...

I also would like to tell you what an amazing man my dad was, no one was ever a stranger to him he loved everyone like they were family, once he was in a gas station and he overheard the teller say she had a new baby but couldn't afford a crib. So he left that gas station and went straight home to find a crib we had and took it back to the woman for her baby. Another time he was driving down the street and seen an older woman trying to cross the road and she was having trouble so he quickly parked his truck and jumped out to help the woman cross the road. Those are only a couple of the many wonderful things he did for people. He loved so deeply and was loved even more but I don't think he ever knew that. I found out after he passed away that he would watch my wedding video on a regular basis and cry every time he saw it. He was my rock, and I loved him very much now I watch his videos and cry every time I see them. I guess all things come full circle.

This is something I wrote back on the anniversary of his death this past October, but it fully describes my pain and the love I feel for him.. One thing I have taken from this is that life is to short to never tell everything that's on your mind, and I mean everything. I live with a horrible guilt over his death because my dad always put himself last when it came to holidays or anything else, he knew I had other family members that I had to try to "please" so he would always say "don't worry about me, I'll be here any day" now I wish I hadn't of listened to him because he's not here any day...

My Daddy...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rodeo Booth!!

I showed you all the other night the mess that had taken over my house as I prepared for a rodeo booth Friday night...Well we pulled it off we were missing just a few key things that I need to display so do not fall over in laughter when you see that I had to put my luggage bags and train cases on boxes!! So getting that first one under my belt felt great!!! We had a good turnout and lots of people asking if we would be there every week!! I told them that I would not be set up next Friday (it's my Birthday and I don't want to work LOL!!) but we would be back for finals in a couple of weeks! So hopefully we get alot more traffic :)

Now my next mission is to figure out how to get on board at some of the bigger rodeo circuits...Gonna have to do some research LOL!!

My riding advertisement LOL!! She earned this shirt for all of her hard work!!!


Remember don't you be laughing at my boxes LOL!! Just kidding laugh with me!!

J and DD manning the fort!! J earned a wallet that he wanted for his hard work!!

Great use of the trailer LOL!!

Of course I had to throw this in here!! DD's goat tie!! She made sure that baby wasn't coming undone!!

Run in from Barrels!! Rode the whole pattern full speed with no stirrups..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Such sad words I never wanted to say...

Many of you know and have been praying for my SIL and her precious baby girl as she was having complications with her pregnancy...Well Wednesday she had gone in for another sonogram and they said her fluid levels were up which was good, not great like they wanted but good and her H&H level had stayed up so they were happy with that. Well Thursday morning she had some problems and some pain in her side so she immediately called the Dr and they sent her to the hospital for another sonogram and blood test. So she went and did these things and they determined that her cervix was a bit dilated and that the pain was contractions, but her sonogram was the same as the day before and her H&H level was good so they decided to just keep her for observation overnight and to try and get the labor to stop.

Well I am deeply saddened to tell you that I got a text this afternoon (which was actually sent this morning but it came through late) but the text said that they had lost the baby this morning and they were expecting delivery within the next 8 hours...And she would call me later, well I never did talk to her...I was tempted to call her so many times but I just knew if she wanted to talk she would call me, and I want to give her the space she needs to absorb all of this...I do not know what happened other than my FIL in a brief conversation with my Hubby said that the baby's heart stopped and that she still had not delivered the baby, they were waiting for that to happen...So that is what I knew as of 3:30 Friday afternoon and I know nothing else...

My heart breaks for her and she is in my prayers profusely and I love her very much...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Working on my Secret!!

Some of you have figured out that my SIL and I have been working on opening a western shop, it's been many months in the making and I am going to do my first rodeo booth Friday night!! So what that means is I have literally spent the last 3 days rechecking my inventory tagging and pricing all of my merchandise!! Now some of you might have found if you go to my profile page you will see the blog where I have put in a few entries of what I am doing with my shop!! So all of this work I have been doing is WOW, alot!! So my little DD has won the title of "Administrative Executive" as she has helped me with everything!! As the matter of fact it is 5:00 am here and she just went to bed about a half an hour ago because she wanted to help me finish, and finish we did!! So I thought I would share some pictures of the MESS we have going on here LOL!!

I also want everyone to know that I haven't gotten a chance to read my daily fix of blogs:( So I will hopefully be able to catch up with everyone tomorrow!!

This is the tired face of my new "Administrative Executive"!!

OHHH in those boxes house some of my coveted Cowgirl Tuff apparel!!!

Oh more Cowgirl Tuff!!

And of course what shop would be complete without Rhinestone Flip Flops, Fantastic belts, Jewelry, Handbags, Wallets, & Hats!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feed, Feed, and More Feed!!!

Living here with all of these animals requires alot of feed, and I do mean alot!!! I am sure some of you are quite aware of these things in your own lives!! So it was time for our Horse Feed run yesterday. We buy our horse feed from a town about an hour away that makes a special pelleted feed for horses. We in the past always fed Alfalfa pellets with brome hay, but decided to switch to this other pellet because it has Amino Acids in it and a mixture of other necessary things made from an equine nutritionist! We met with another Equine Nutritionist a couple of months ago she worked for ADM Alliance Nutrition, and while their product was great it was quite a bit more expensive to buy but the benefit to most people was that they could cut the amount they fed in half because this stuff had it all. So I brought in the label to my feed and had her look it over and she seen no reason for me to switch as we wouldn't benefit from it because the stuff we feed is already good!

So I thought I would share with you our process of getting 3 tons of feed home, most stays here and some we deliver for other people in our county that have also switched to this product, and they too love it!!

Hubby and J arriving home with the feed!! Yes they took the stock trailer, thought it might rain..

This is what 3 tons (well almost they had already unloaded some) looks like!!

And again..

1 & 3/4 ton stayed here, the rest we delivered to fellow cross brand feeders!!

J unloading bags

Hubby too!!

J's a little hot :(

These are the times I'm glad I can't lift heavy things LOL Just kidding!!! Or am I?!?!

Grain bin with the horse feed on the left...

Steer feed straight ahead

Pig feed on the right side of bin...We have got lots of feed!! If only our refrigerator where this full!!

I'd love to hear how you other animal loving friends feed your animals!! It's always a learning experience for me!!