Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rodeo Booth!!

I showed you all the other night the mess that had taken over my house as I prepared for a rodeo booth Friday night...Well we pulled it off we were missing just a few key things that I need to display so do not fall over in laughter when you see that I had to put my luggage bags and train cases on boxes!! So getting that first one under my belt felt great!!! We had a good turnout and lots of people asking if we would be there every week!! I told them that I would not be set up next Friday (it's my Birthday and I don't want to work LOL!!) but we would be back for finals in a couple of weeks! So hopefully we get alot more traffic :)

Now my next mission is to figure out how to get on board at some of the bigger rodeo circuits...Gonna have to do some research LOL!!

My riding advertisement LOL!! She earned this shirt for all of her hard work!!!


Remember don't you be laughing at my boxes LOL!! Just kidding laugh with me!!

J and DD manning the fort!! J earned a wallet that he wanted for his hard work!!

Great use of the trailer LOL!!

Of course I had to throw this in here!! DD's goat tie!! She made sure that baby wasn't coming undone!!

Run in from Barrels!! Rode the whole pattern full speed with no stirrups..


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Where do I get some of your new "bling?"

  2. How awesome is that!! Love the use of the trailer, very cowgirl! Here's to much more continued success!

  3. What a fun day! THANK YOU so much for the award. I am grateful. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Life is so hectic these days. Hopefully it will slow down soon!

  4. Sounds like your first day went really well! Love the layout, and I didn't laugh at your boxes!

  5. What I want is some more close ups of your wares--maybe there is something in there I need--I bet there is!

  6. I would have been there shopping, believe me! Those are the kind of booths I first visit, LOL!!

  7. Ok ladies, I promise I will give you the website address soon!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a new shipment of Cowgirl Tuff clothing that I want to add first!! So keep your eyes glued and I will tell you soon LOL!!

  8. I too would like the web address - your area looks really nice and well laid out.

    I always wonder how the vendors to a weekend show or rodeo but it must always be like that, with some good days and some slow days...

  9. Cheers for Cowgirl Tuff!!! Yoohoo! You go, ladies!! (+J, of course!) :)