Friday, June 12, 2009

In need of some more Prayer Power my Friends..

I come to you again tonight and ask for more prayers...My SIL recently found out she is pregnant, about 20 weeks along. She did not know due to the fact that for one she was on birth control, and second she was having women episodes...Or so she thought...Well she was at the Dr's a few weeks ago so that they could do a sonogram to find out how big the cysts were on her ovaries because they thought that was the reason she was having these severe women issue's....Well during that sonogram much to their surprise they were told she was pregnant, almost at 20 weeks and it's a girl...WOW, what do you say to that...I'm not sure what she said other than a WHAT!! They have 3 other children so to them this was not bad it was another blessing added to their family! Well as the last couple of weeks have progressed she has had problems with the bleeding on and off. Basically if she literally stayed on the couch and didn't move she wouldn't bleed but if she moved around she'd bleed. She went in last Friday for another sonogram so that they could check everything again and everything was seeminlgy fine. She was put on bed rest over the weekend because when she had the sono the tech had said her amniotic fluid was low and her DR was out of town so the on call DR just wanted to be on the safe side. Well come Monday when she spoke to the DR he basically told her again everything looks normal other than the bleeding so she just needed to stay on light duty and rest as much as possible and he said her amniotic fluid was not low it was the same as the first sono...

So throughout the week she has continued to have problems and they of course where scaring her I'm sure. Well she passed a blood clot and was put back on bed rest and again same thing, after she lays it slows but if she moves it gets worse?? So strange I tell you, well this morning brought another blood clot and this time the DR finally decided she needed to go to the city and get a sono at the hospital and then see him again. Well she did that and after the sono they took some blood to. Which I might throw in here that she is anemic when she's not pregnant so when she is pregnant it can get worse. The resident specialist finally came in and told her that upon investigation of the sono she has another blood clot in her uterus and they couldn't rule out whether or not her water had broke so they started treating her as if it had. When they got the blood back her H&H was at an 8 so they immediately ordered a blood transfusion for her and started that as well.

She waited till this evening before she finally got to see this "specialist" who came in and literally has NO bed side manner what so ever!!! If I would have been there I might have slapped her across her face!! She told my SIL that her water had broke and that they needed to induce her labor and her baby would die...She is 21 weeks and 6 days, well by the time you read this she will be 22 weeks along...She was told that the risk to her was high if she did not deliver and she basically told that DR that she was not willing to give up just like that!!! Well her Cowboy was extremely upset so he went for a walk and ran into her OBGYN and he told Cowboy that he was on his way up to see her. So her DR said this is how it is; She can stay how she is under the following conditions: 1- her H&H levels must stay up and her bleeding must stop or at least slow down and 2- she could not spike a fever. If either of those things happen she would be forced to deliver the baby...So she of course said this is what we will do. The next thing he told her gave me great hope, he said that they do not know the size of the hole in her sac so if it's small with the antibiotics they have her on and her blood levels coming up it is possible that tear could heal and she could produce more amniotic fluid. The goal is to at least get her to 24 weeks, a Neonatal specialist came in also and said that 24 weeks they would probably be OK but now she has to get there..

I myself have lost 2 pregnancies and I do not want her to go through that heartache and pain. She is a wonderful sister, friend, wife, mother and she deserves the best...So I ask you all to please pray for her and her baby girl...


  1. Oh no! I hope everything goes well for your SIL!!!! She will be in my thoughts and prayers too! I couldn't even imagine having to go through all of that! DR's can be such a big pain. I am thinking of you guys, and praying that all goes well.

  2. Oh my goodness! ((HUGS)) will start praying for her and your family.

  3. Okay Shelle, you made me cry, We of course are already praying for her!! I hope my sister and our neice will be okay.

  4. Good luck to her--my best friend had the exact same thing, other than not knowing she was pregnant---but her water broke at 11-12 weeks. She hung on, on bedrest, until 26 weeks and 2 days-and Sam is wonderful!

    Fingers crossed for your SIL

  5. thoughts and prayers are w/ her I lost two myself it is terrible.

  6. Thank you everyone for your prayers! My SIL has made it through the day with no set backs and some hope! Her bleeding has slowed and her H&H was up to 9.3 the last I heard, but they did not do another sono today as it seems the hospital is a little crazy and no one seems to know who is in charge there...So hopefully Saturday will bring an even better day!!