Monday, June 8, 2009

Prayer Request for a Precious 2 yr old Little Girl

I am feeling led to ask all of you to come together in prayer for a precious little 2 year old girl named Hailey. My mom's life long best friend Carla who is also like a 2nd mother to me got horrible news Saturday evening in regards to her 2 yr old granddaughter Hailey. Hailey is the daughter of Carla's youngest Emily. On Saturday Hailey went with her dad to a friends house to spend some time there and her mommy Emily was at home studying as she is currently taking night classes. The friend's house that they were at had apparently gotten a pit bull last week, well Hailey is used to them because they have them in her family. She spent the day playing with this dog and there was never any problem, until later in the evening Hailey being a fun 2 yr old jumped on the friend's leg you know how they wrap their arms and legs around your leg as you walk. Well when she did that the pit bull went after her and attacked her, her dad and dad's friend beat the dog off of her but she was in terrible condition. She was rushed to the hospital where there was a trauma team of 12 awaiting her arrival, after arrival they had a plastic surgeon in right away to operate on her face as that is where the damage is. When he was done and spoke with the family he basically told them that the entire right side of her face had been mauled. He said that dog bites are the hardest to fix as they are jagged lines unlike if you were cut with a knife there would be a straight line. So his opinion is that there is a possibility that she may have permanent nerve damage to the right side of her face to where she wouldn't be able to make facial expressions on that side..The damage is so extensive that when they go to remove the stitches in 2 weeks they will put her under again just as they did for the surgery. And when she is about the age of 5 she will probably have to start plastic surgery to repair the damage... This breaks my heart on many levels, I love this family and they have had many hardships these last few years and they have stayed strong and overcome losses and illnesses that most of us would want to give up on. So I am asking please EVERYONE pray for Hailey, and pray for her family as they will truly need God's help to get through this.

Just a note, the owner of the dog immediately called animal control and the dog has been put down to my understanding...I do not want to make an issue with anyone by my next statement but I just pray that people please, please remember that these dogs are completely unpredictable so if you are ever around one especially with kids be extra cautious...

This is precious Hailey...


  1. Oh my...I just had to cry when I read this post. I will pray for this sweet little girl.

  2. I am in tears right now. It breaks my heart this had to happen to this little girl. She will be in my prayers daily, please keep us posted. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh my...I will keep her and the family in my prayers.

  4. Thank you ladies!! The prayers are so powerful!!

  5. Wow. I'm definitely praying for sweet Hailey! God is good and He's got her in His hands.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment. I'm definitely going to have to follow you...does my heart good to see blogs about the things I love. :)

  6. Oh My Goodness...
    This is just so sad. And I am so sorry this sweet little girl is hurting...I will pray for the whole family. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.