Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I finally got him bucking!!!

You know this new foal Stone is a tricky little booger LOL!!! He loves to buck and run and I have tried to be out there with my camera while he's doing this but never fails he will quit as soon as I have my camera!! Finally I have caught him!!! So for today I'm going to keep this short and sweet, just some simple pictures of my favorite little guy!!!

Stone before his play time!!

He's so silly!!

I love this picture :)


He's really quite impressive LOL!!


  1. Oh he is quite the deal isn't he? LOL!

    I think he is an awesome colt. What a hip in him!

  2. I have obviously been consumed with my own little world of mice! I have gotten caught up on your blog and alots been going on!

    First, thank you Lord that there were no other fatalities in the accident!

    Second, de-worming is a necessary evil - fortunately, my Cowboy has a way with our horses too!

    Third, the little Diva is adorable!!

    Fourth, she looks great on that horse! Which summer rodeo series are you doing? Bailey has been having 1st barrel issues so we are back in the practise pen for a while.

    Fifth - love the bucking pictures! Wow - just wait till that baby is full grown and does that!

    I'm so glad we have met in blog world. I believe we may be kindred spirits. Hopefully we can meet in person soon!

    Blessings, Friend~

  3. He is adorable. Nothing like capturing play time!

  4. Sweet baby! What big bucks for a little guy! :)

  5. Stone has sure gotten big! He is so cute and playful, I just love your pictures!

  6. Oh yes he is a bundle of energy!!! I am afraid of what he will be like with all of this energy a little later LOL!! Thanks ladies!!! I love taking pics of him!!

    BY P~ Your so funny, I love your mouse stories LOL!!! And yes I too am glad my friends were OK!! DD is running the Gyp Hill Youth Rodeo circuit in Medicine Lodge right now. It's a great rodeo for them because they have a mixture of kids who are really competitive and there are others who are just learning! What exactly is going on with Bailey and the 1st barrel? DD has had a similar problem with the horse she has been riding for over a year now. When we get into a circuit he may not do it right the first couple of times but when he finally gets back into the groove he's great. This gelding has massive speed on him and if they could incorporate that with good turns she would do better than great LOL!! She's working on it, we will see how it goes this weekend. She rodeo's Friday night and Saturday afternoon this weekend. We also have thought about doing the OKYRA this summer because they are also doing the Mulvane buckle series through that...We'll see...So what rodeo's do you guys do? Or want to do? How old is Bailey? I definitely hope we meet in person!! That would be awesome!!

  7. Hey There! Bailey & Bo do the OKYRA - hopefully this weekend Bailey will be there. Bo and I are headed to KC to a baseball tournament. I'll send you an email when I get back!!

    The Mouse stories are fun . . . just wish someone else was telling 'em!

  8. Really the OKYRA?!?! We were going to have DD do that one but I haven't paid much attention to the schedule *eek*!! I will most likely run her in most of the Mulvane one for the Buckle series, I think they are having something this weekend but we are missing it because we have rodeo in Medicine Lodge Saturday..

    Tell Bo good luck at the baseball tournament!! Yes please do send me an email!

    Have a great weekend!!


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