Friday, June 26, 2009

Let's do another Introduction!!!!

So it's been a while since I've been able to make any new introductions!! So today you are going to meet Ellie, she is a beautiful raven black yearling. Ellie comes out of DD's mare Ebony and she is a beauty!!! She is a spitting image of her mama!! Ellie was born in April '08 and was just a friendly baby from the get go, she is always the first one to greet you when you go out. And she basically will let you do whatever you want to her! Ellie at just a few months of age was better at letting me put fly spray on her then my 8 or 9 yr old's LOL!! She was very easy to halter break and she is enjoying her summer playing with the other yearlings. I am hoping and praying that when she is finally old enough to be broke that she will have the smooth gait her mama has!!

Ebony, Ellie's dam..

Don't they look exactly alike?!?!

In this video I would like to point out my Granny, she loves Ellie and Ellie loves her!! They bonded from the first moment they met. My Granny grew up with horses and always wanted a black one, so I told her that she can consider Ellie just as much hers!!

Don't forget if you haven't already, pause the playlist as I am sharing with you one of my favorite new songs!! It tends to bring tears to my eyes LOL!! I know I'm a softy :~)


  1. Thanks for sharing such great pictures! She is such a cutie! Beautiful song.

  2. She's certainly a looker...of course I'm partial since my Miss Kitty is a black beauty.

    There isn't much that beats a new baby kicking across the pasture!

  3. What a precious horse and I love her name too. Great video and the song...made me teary.

  4. Ellie is the cutest thing! You have the most precious babies! She sure does look like her mama!
    Love that song!