Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bluffs in Kansas?!?! Really?!?! Do you believe me?

The general consensus about the state of KS is that it's flat...But I must ask the question, is it really?? Of course I know some of you girls live in KS so you know what I mean..There are alot of flat land area's in KS but we also have some of the most beautiful hillsides to. Such as the Flint Hills...OMGosh, that is one of my favorite area's!! Then down south here we have the Gyp Hills, which there are Gyp Hills in Oklahoma too but our Gyp Hills here are very hilly and gorgeous too!! So now would you believe me if I told you that my Hubby and I met a guy a few weeks ago and he told me that he has a bluff out on his property that has a natural spring shooting out of it in numerous spots...And it has been there forever!!! So he told me to come out and take pictures since that's one thing I love to do!! So my Hubby says to me this afternoon that we are going over there and I can take pictures of the spring...But,but, oh wait a minute....I don't have my camera :( And to top that off I won't likely have my camera for 4 more weeks as the repair tech said he believes there is an actual problem with the body and not the lens... *BOO HOO* It really does tick me off because the camera is only 4 months old!! Well enough of that pity party, my SIL had told me she would loan me her daughter's camera if I needed to take pictures of anything so I called her up and she said sure come get the camera!! So I get there and not only did she let me borrow a camera she let me borrow her Dad's Canon 40D that she has because hers is in the shop too...Well let me tell you she has one heck of a lens on that thing!! It totally rocks!! So now I will have to find the one compatible for my F frame Nikon D90!! So anyways I took the camera and before I knew it the memory card was FULL!! Mind you she sent me with a blank one *smiling*, I don't see what the issue was I had only taken 400 pictures...BA HA HA LOL LOL,how in the heck did I do that in a span of maybe and hour and a half!! So that was that I got the ones I wanted and that's all that mattered!!

ps~ you can click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger!!

Hubby standing at the top of the bluff!!

Pond/Stream here!!

This is the view from the top, can you believe this you can't even tell that there is a bluff right on the edge there!!


  1. I'm telling you, people that have Kansas pegged as a "wasteland" are seriously missing out! I love the Flint Hills...absolutely beautiful!

    I have a friend that grew up in Kentucky and moved here in Ocotober. His exact words were "Kansas really is beautiful...I wonder why people don't know that?"

    Even out of towners agree! :)

  2. That's really neat. Is this an "all the time" thing or just when you all have a lot of moisture?

    For several years we had artesian springs that ran out of one of the hills at the river ranch. Unfortunately, artesian means that the sodium levels are very high and rather than cause the grass to grow it stunted it and left a white film over the entire drainage area. And not a thing a person could do about it. Then about 4 years ago-the spring stopped running again. Very strange.

    I always thought Kansas was pretty. It was the tornados I couldn't handle. Of course, that was down by Wichita. When my internship was done at the pleasure horse training place-I got the heck out of there-LOL.

  3. That is one beautiful bluff! Never seen anything quite like it, with the springs. I bet you were happy you got to borrow that camera!

  4. I have not been in Kansas much--drove across it to get to Colorado once, I think. Your pics are great

  5. Lins~ I know!! I am one heck of a proud Kansan!!

    BEC~ The man that owns the property told me that this has always been there, he has been there for 30 yrs.. During the winter it freezes as it is coming out, I get to go back during the winter time and take pictures of it frozen!! He said it's really awesome when it does that and then when the sun is out it reflects off the red dirt.. We have alot of natural springs around our county here but they all are just water at the surface...That is strange about the artesian wells, I wonder why they dry up??? Yes I do agree with the tornado's LOL!! I actually grew up in Wichita, but I now live south about an hour and I promise you we get weather 10 times worse than Wichita LOL. Every time there is a weather warning of any kind we are involved :)Put it this way I carry a weather radio pretty much everywhere now LOL!!

    PG J~ I am sooo glad I got to borrow that camera!! Great camera, I love Nikon but I definitely have nothing bad to say about Canon!! That Canon is awesome!!

    Paige~ You always make me laugh!! Well I hope when you drove through you got to see some of the pretty country side!!

  6. BEC~ I just had to chuckle and come back and tell you this. As soon as I closed this out my weather radio went off! Severe Thunderstorms...*jeepers*


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