Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night Rodeo!!

Tonight was our 2nd Friday at GHYR this year and I am glad to say that DD did really well tonight!! I got great video during all events I think...I have not yet sent my camera off, so I was able to use mine tonight. I did have some issues, I wasn't able to get a single good picture of my oldest niece..I am hoping to get some video's up at some point this weekend, we have another rodeo Saturday afternoon.

It was a great night but I will tell you there were many horses acting like total butt heads...I kept saying man what is the deal tonight, it was really windy so we were kind of thinking maybe that was changing their attitudes a bit but then finally someone pointed out that there was a full moon...AH-HA, that's it!! My niece "oldest Cowgirl" she was out for poles and her horse was acting like a total brat and she was trying her hardest to keep him under control. Mind you this is the calmest horse I have here on the ranch, but not tonight he wasn't!! She did a great job regaining control and his attention then on the run home he was doing a good lope then kicked down really fast to a trot which caught OC off guard and sent her right over his head. She did a really good job holding onto his neck but her foot was stuck in the stir up so she ended up going down and whacked her head on the gate. She has a pretty good goose egg, and was pretty shaken up. My poor OC doesn't have the greatest faith in horses so she sometimes gets nervous and we were so worried that she would be to afraid to get back on but she came and sat with us for a while then decided she was going to finish the night off in her flags race. We were very proud of her for being brave!! She did good to!!

DD did great in her goat tying and barrels, in poles she did good but Pete was just giving her a hard time for the first set of weaves, then he was fine..Silly horse!! Then during flags they were going into the turn to fast and ended up to far from the bucket so she had to circle again to get her flag in, which she finally did!! So all in all it was a great night!! Hopefully tomorrow goes smooth!!

DD and her friend

All smiles after her run!!

Waiting to see if her goat tie is good...It's Good!!


  1. Love the last picture of DD, the goat and her horse!!! Sounds like a fun time. Glad your niece is okay. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great time! Sorry the horses were being difficult though--that full moon will do it everytime! :)

  3. So glad to hear your niece was ok after that fall! That had to have been scary!!!
    DD looks great in her goat tying. So cute!

  4. You know what that goat in the last picture was a chunk LOL!! When I was watching the older girls Saturday their goats were like half that size LOL!!

    Thanks ladies!! I always look forward to your comments!!