Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy Day!!!

So this past Friday I celebrated my 31st Birthday!! And I am so blessed with my Birthday because my family and friends always try to make sure I have a wonderful day!! I am such a Birthday freak LOL, I love them and I don't care that it makes me another year older!! My friends and I used to go to this country music festival called Country Stampede it's held in Manhattan KS. And never fails it always landed within my Birthday week, so the girls always allowed me to go from "a Birthday day" to "a Birthday week" Ha who wouldn't love celebrating their Birthday for many days LOL!!

So Friday I had to get my hair colored, I'd had a bit of a hair fiasco....My hair is generally dark red w/some blond highlights (my natural color is blonde, but I LOVE red)!! Well I was having some shampoo issues because I have used the same product called Grund, which I absolutely love but I can't use the same product for over a year because then my hair gets oily when I wash it EVERY day!!! So I had gotten some different shampoo from my stylist but this shampoo has color in it, it's called "watercolors" and it actually deposits color when you wash your hair!! Which I of course picked one called "crimson red" because I want red...Right?!?! Well I knew I was risking turning the blonde pink but I had hoped it would get red after a couple of washes, well after wash # 2 I decided I wasn't going any further.. My blonde was officially pink LOL!! So I wore a hat all week and got it fixed Friday!! I didn't do any blonde this time it's all dark red with dark brown lowlights.. Hubby really prefer's my hair to be blonde but he says I still look pretty LOL!! So that problem fixed!!

So Hubby had been out of town all of last week and got home on my Birthday, Friday. He was so sweet to bring me Birthday presents, even if he stopped at my rival's store to buy them LOL!! He said "well I had to check out the competition, right"?!?! But the thought was nice right?!?! So he got me the cutest sign that says "Horses Are Like Potato Chips You Can't Have Just One"!! We always joke about the fact that I need that shirt that says "I do not need another horse, I do not need another horse, etc"!! it's kind of true :~) And he got me the prettiest Brighton bracelet that is called "Love Rocks" oh I just LOVE it!! So then of course Friday night we had DD's rodeo and my Mama brought out a delicious Banana cake for us to eat!!

So sweet!! And OH SO true LOL!!

I just love this cute bag that my bracelet came in!!

Here it is!! My "Love Rocks"!!

So then Saturday night we went to my favorite restaurant called Strouds, I know my KS girl's know what I'm talking about?!?! Some of my family was there and it was so much fun, unfortunately DD was gone to camp so she didn't get to come:( Sadly I for some reason just couldn't eat so I did not enjoy their lucious food like I usually do as I only ate a little :(

Then we went to my Granny's and had cake and ice cream and more family time!! It was so much fun, I love my family!! We always have such a blast together and EVERYONE in my family made my Birthday fantastic!! I hope everyone is as blessed as I am!!

My Bubby and his GF!

My MIL, J, my nephew SB, and my Granny!!

My Granny, my Mama and I

My handsome Hubby and I!! And yes he has a horrible tan line :( He was on a rooftop in the 100 degree weather for a week!!

My J and I!


  1. HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY!
    Your hubby sounds like mine....I colored my hair red awhile back and he didn't really like it...loves it blonde!

    Your son is so handsome...he looks a lot like you! Have a great week.

  2. Hey! Happy Late Birthday! Sounds like a good time. My hubby has racoon eyes from the sunglasses. Just part of summer!

    Glad you had a good birthday! BTW - My hubby likes me red - no blonde!

  3. what a birthday! sounds like you had an awesome one!

  4. Happy birthday (a little late!) I LOVE that you went to Stroud's! That place is amazing! (And not far from my house!)

  5. Happy Birthday Michelle!! So glad you had a great day...you deserve it:)

  6. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday week! So many fun things!
    I love your hubby's tan line! That is so great!

  7. HAPPY BITTHDAY TO YOU! Love the bracelet. Sounds like you had a great day!

  8. CP&MP~ That is so funny that you say that about having seen this picture of me with J. My mom just said yesterday "remove the hair and he looks alot more like you than we thought" LOL!! I still don't see it though...

    Thanks for all of the Birthday wishes!!


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