Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whew it was one Hot Day!!!

Well let's just get right to the end result for the day...I am fried, sunburnt, overbaked, deep fried, whatever you wanna call it I am BURNT!!! You know we have all been saying for some time now that each of our weather conditions are varied from what they normally are. Well Friday night at the rodeo I was cold, I had on my zip up hoodie and a blanket!! And today it was so freakin hot...Really around 94 all afternoon!! Well needless to say I made a boo-boo and didn't apply sunscreen on myself anywhere so therefore my arms, neck, face, and even my hands are burnt!! Craziness I tell you!!

Saturday was day 2 of our weekend rodeo. After Friday night with my niece's accident I was worried about how she would do, but she Cowgirled up and rode her horse today!! She did not let him lope which is OK, I told her that we all do things in our own time and at least she got back on!! So I am very proud of her!!

DD has had an excellent rodeo weekend!! I couldn't be more proud of her, Friday night she had a great goat tie, pretty good barrels with a time of 23 seconds, then poles was OK, just a bit sticky...still working with Pete to run the pattern right, the flags were OK she had to circle the barrel twice to get the flag in because she came into the turn to fast and far out.

Saturday's rodeo was FANTASTIC!!!! First up she did goat tying, which her goat came untied...Kind of unusual for her but I told her not every event will go right every time. We just make the best out of all of them!! Up next were barrels, she actually had to run them twice because they messed up the clock on the first run but on her 2nd run she timed out with a 22 seconds which is her best time on this bigger pattern!! She was so proud, as was I!! Then came the pole bending, and she had an epiphany last night about how she was reining through the poles and decided to change it a bit and it worked!! Of course I have been trying to tell her this for a year now...I guess us mom's don't always no best..YEAH RIGHT!!! So just from her change in reining she cut 5 seconds off of her time from Friday night and ended with a time of 29 seconds which is the best she has done!! Poles have always been frustrating for her, but like I said she wasn't reining right...So up last were flags and she broke another one of her times and topped out with a 9.23 seconds!! WHOO-HOO!! She was so proud she just beamed from ear to ear LOL!!! I was so proud!!

I have added my Youtube channel to the top of my page so you can click on that to see this weekends runs!!


  1. We were at a rodeo this weekend too...but freezing our butts off! It was cold and rainy both days.

  2. So happy to hear DD had a great rodeo weekend! She was cruzin' in her video! Once she gets tighter around the barrels, girl, she is going to kick some butt!
    We had that 90+ heat last week. Finally cooled down! But I have learned my lesson, and don't forget the suntan lotion! Sorry you are hurting, it's not fun!!

  3. BEC~ Friday night I was cold! Then Saturday I was on fire LOL!!! But I will take that over the cold and rain! I hope you guys had a great rodeo weekend!!

    PG J~ This gelding is a powerhouse...He amazes me with his speed! You know he was just a ranch horse when we bought him a year and a half ago. Everything he knows she has taught him! Sometimes he will turn the barrel tight and sometimes he won't...She was definitely glad to finally get the poles issue worked out with him, she was so excited when she figured that out LOL!! Kids!! They are so funny sometimes! I know she is going to kick some butt LOL, I'm really excited for that. You know she was "All Around Reserve Grand Champion" in her age group last year which was 7-9 yr old's. She is now running in the 10-13 yr old age group. I went back and watched some of her video's from last summer, it's like watching a whole different pair!! They doubled in speed and ability LOL! So cool!! Thanks for the comments!!


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