Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update on Hailey

I want to first off thank everyone for their prayers. This family is so thankful for all of these prayers and they are such a blessing for them. For those of you who don't know Hailey's story please read here .

This morning was very rough for her. She spiked a fever and her eyes swelled shut so they acted with heavy antibiotics and that helped. The swelling went down and she was able to open her eyes good. Originally they had said 2 weeks before they were taking out the stitches but today they came in and said they have decided that she will be put under Thursday and they will remove them then. And then they will put Steri-strips on the wounds. I am not sure why they have decided to do this but I am guessing if they remove the stitches they may have less scar tissue to deal with?? My mom went and seen her after work today and said she was doing better but you can definitely tell which wounds will heal good and which ones won't heal so good...

This is an email I got from her grandma this evening:
The swelling in her eyes has gone down alot and she has them both open
this afternoon. Shes taking some drinks and bites and she seems to
really have a sense of her injuries, because she wants to put the food
or straw in herself and is very gentle about it. She was sitting up and
acting like her spunky self for awhile.

So please keep praying for Hailey, she has a long road ahead of her...


  1. Oh my gosh i am really really sorry for Hailey! I will keep her my thoughts and prayers, poor girl!

    In regards to my back - you'd wanted to know what all they had done for it. The answer is nothing. I have been on pills since the accident and went through 3 months of PT (that was unsuccessful) but I have been repeatedly told that because my X-Rays (one set just after the accident and one set about 2 months ago) and MRI (one, just after the accident) don't support the fact that I am still in pain - I am not a candidate for nerve blocks or injections or surgery of any kind. I wasn't even give a back brace at the time of the accident. I was sent home with pills and other than the PT that is the only thing my Doctor has done for me.

    (in his defense he says he believes me and admits he doesn't know how to help me - and therefore he has put alot of effort into calling around and trying to find someone who will see me who he thinks could help me - he has told me off the record he thinks injections might help me or at least it was worth a shot and can't believe he's having such a hard time finding someone who will give it a try).

    He referred me to the neurologist - who refused to treat me, actually the guy was a jerk and thought I was lying about the pain. Then my doctor referred to an ORTHO with a specialty in spine work - but he took a look at my X-Rays and MRI and refused to even see me for a consult. So I am really feeling nervous about seeing this new guy today - it really really gets you down when everyone thinks you are lying or won't even try to help you....I left the last doctors office in tears.

  2. PS - Neat video! I tried polls a couple of times but was never any good at them. The horse I tried them on was an ex-barrel horse and he kept looking for barrels and didn't get why we had to weave in and out of these stupid polls....

  3. I'm glad to hear there's good news!! Will be praying for the little girl and her family.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Hailey. I must have missed that post of yours. I couldn't even imagine having to go through something like that. I always hear on the news about pitbull attacks. I know other dogs can attack and bite too, but pitbulls seem to be worse than any others. Poor, poor Hailey!
    My prayers are with her and her family for a speedy recovery!!!!!


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