Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Please oh Please let it be Good?!?!

In previous posts we have discussed what types of feed and forage we feed our horses. Well as I have said before our forage of choice is Brome hay. And we always try to make sure we have plenty of it stocked up!! This past winter we fed the Brome only to the weanling's and mama's. We fed round bales of prairie mix hay to the others...So last week the Hubby started his annual cutting and currently is cutting waterways of the Brome. Waterways are pretty popular place to have Brome planted as it is a thick grass that holds the dirt in place from the rushing waters!!

Well you know when us women tell our Hubby's things they sometimes don't like to listen to us.. When the Hubby told me last Thursday he was going to start cutting I said "I wouldn't do that if I were you, it's supposed to start raining Friday night (the next day)!! Well apparently all of the local farmers got together and discussed the rain issue and they all agreed that it wasn't going to rain it would be just fine!!! So Hubby goes out and only manages to get one waterway cut before he broke the swather and had to come home to do repairs but he got it all done and he said this was the best brome he'd ever seen!! He said it was so thick he was going to have to separate the rows!! Which means LOTS and Lots of bales for my herd!! WHOOT WHOOT!!

Well my WHOOT's quickly came to an end when it stormed really bad Friday night and the Hubby said "well I'm sure that hay will be a waste" WHAT!!! Why do you refuse to listen to me?!?! He says "well the guys said..." I said you KNOW I am a weather watching queen and you doubted me!!! OMGosh!!! So Sunday we took a drive over to see if there was damage done and it seems to be OK, not as good as before but will make OK hay.. Of course the Hubby's response "it's OK I have 2 more to cut, I'm sure they will be fine", Oh YEAH RIGHT!! Not if you listen to the men again it won't!!

Hubby checking to see how much green we got left...

The rows faired pretty well for the rainfall we had!

May not be as good as before but at least it's still here!!

Love big thick rows!!

I'm thinking we should start a women's farming society so we can teach our men how to do things the right way LOL!! Can I get an AMEN here!!!


  1. i am with you on that one! women have intuitions that men lack and that is all there is to it! my husband doesn't listen to me either so don't feel bad. they feel superior to us!

  2. Men they never listen to the women do they! love seeing the ranch happenings.

  3. please o please as i head off with trainer/friend patrick and my arabian in the "wild country" that we make it safe and sound... my women's gut is feeling good right now... yup we should start a women's git r done from the gut society

    will check inn later :)

  4. I so know how you feel! Men seem to think they know it all. My OH thinks he knows everything about horses, and I am always having to correct him on horse care, etc. And I am repeating myself all the time, does he listen? NOOOO! I doubt he ever will, but with someone with my experience he better start listening!
    Hope your hay turns out ok, we went through a nasty hay experience a couple weeks ago, and I never want to go through that again!

  5. Women rule!!! LOL!!

    GP~ I hope your travels went safe and well!! let me know how things went!

    PG J~ I know, men!! Yes I remember your hay fiasco!! At least mine won't be brought home if it's no good..

  6. Didn't know that you were a weather watching queen! I learned something new today!

  7. Jamie~ Your funny!!! Yes I am actually, my SIL doesn't even worry about the weather because she knows if it's something bad I'll send her a message LOL!!


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