Saturday, June 13, 2009

A couple of updates today...

This week and has brought a lot of heartache and pain for people I love and cherish...I want to update you on the the 2 people I have asked you all to pray for..

We'll start with little Hailey, she was attacked by a pit bull last Saturday. Well she was released from the hospital Tuesday evening as she was doing well with what she was dealing with. They ultimately decided to do the removal of stitches today (Friday), so she went in for the procedure, that's what it ended up being was another sedation to remove the stitches. So they did that, the main thing that did not go right was the stitches on her nose did not hold...I do not know what this means for little Hailey. Someone asked how many stitches she had and they did not have an exact count but they could tell her family that she had a total of 72" of skin that had needed stitching... WOW, I can't even imagine. What a sweet little angel..

Look at this beautiful little angel!!! Her eyes say it all...

Yesterday I came to you regards to my SIL and her unborn baby girl. From the minute she got the news last night we have been spreading the word like wild fire, I told her today she can't imagine the multitudes of people we have praying for her!! So today brought a calmer day for her, I am sure these prayers have a hand in that :) Her bleeding has almost stopped, her H&H was up to 9.3!! She was very tired and exhausted as she couldn't sleep last night, they gave her a sleeping pill at 3:00 am but then came in every hour and woke her LOL!! Of course I am sure they were doing the necessary checks on her so she understood that. The bed they had her in was very uncomfortable so they moved her to another floor and she said the bed is SOOO much better!! So she was hoping to get some rest tonight..They did not do another sonogram today, which is a little disappointing...Apparently it is quite chaotic up there as far as the DRs are concerned, it's almost as if there is to many Drs involved so no-one really knows who's in charge. So they all just kept waiting to see who would order it?!?! She I think was content though, she is keeping faith and knows the prayers are helping. So I am hoping maybe tomorrow (Saturday) they will do another and have more good news for her and her Cowboy! She did want me to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts, she can read everything she just can't reply from her phone..

Jen and I...I wanted you to see this vivacious loving woman and the beauty that she brings!!!

So to you my friends tonight I thank you...I thank you for being there like an army when I have asked for prayers for these very special people..You all are wonderful and we just can't even express how much we appreciate you all!!


  1. I will keep up the prayers for both of your beautiful friends.

  2. Holding all of you tight to my heart and continuing to pray!!!

  3. wow a neighbor girl here also got bit by a pit bull.. ... life is never the same... prayers
    gp in mt

  4. I will continue to keep Hailey and your SIL in my thoughts and prayers!!

  5. Well I have to say Prayer is powerful thing!! Thank you all for your prayers!! My SIL was released from the hospital today!! WHAT?!?! I know!! It's crazy that she could have been in such bad shape 3 days ago and now things are OK. Which I say OK in the lightest form of the word. She is not completely out of the woods, they decided to let her go home based on the fact that her H&H got up 9.8 before the dismissed her and so she will stay on iron 3 times a day, and continue to take her antibiotics and of course strict bed rest. She will follow up with the Dr Monday and then she is supposed to have another sonogram Wednesday...