Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feed, Feed, and More Feed!!!

Living here with all of these animals requires alot of feed, and I do mean alot!!! I am sure some of you are quite aware of these things in your own lives!! So it was time for our Horse Feed run yesterday. We buy our horse feed from a town about an hour away that makes a special pelleted feed for horses. We in the past always fed Alfalfa pellets with brome hay, but decided to switch to this other pellet because it has Amino Acids in it and a mixture of other necessary things made from an equine nutritionist! We met with another Equine Nutritionist a couple of months ago she worked for ADM Alliance Nutrition, and while their product was great it was quite a bit more expensive to buy but the benefit to most people was that they could cut the amount they fed in half because this stuff had it all. So I brought in the label to my feed and had her look it over and she seen no reason for me to switch as we wouldn't benefit from it because the stuff we feed is already good!

So I thought I would share with you our process of getting 3 tons of feed home, most stays here and some we deliver for other people in our county that have also switched to this product, and they too love it!!

Hubby and J arriving home with the feed!! Yes they took the stock trailer, thought it might rain..

This is what 3 tons (well almost they had already unloaded some) looks like!!

And again..

1 & 3/4 ton stayed here, the rest we delivered to fellow cross brand feeders!!

J unloading bags

Hubby too!!

J's a little hot :(

These are the times I'm glad I can't lift heavy things LOL Just kidding!!! Or am I?!?!

Grain bin with the horse feed on the left...

Steer feed straight ahead

Pig feed on the right side of bin...We have got lots of feed!! If only our refrigerator where this full!!

I'd love to hear how you other animal loving friends feed your animals!! It's always a learning experience for me!!


  1. that is a lot of feed! and I thought my greyhound ate a lot, one bag of food that sizes lasts him about 2 weeks, he is like a mini pony

  2. Well...we don't have any horses and our cattle have gone to grass. So the only thing we're feeding is our 4-H sheep and they get a "special" ration we have mixed up! I don't envy unloading those darn feed bags...finally we have a cake wagon for the cattle! That is WONDERFUL!

  3. Right now, we are just feeding the horses a little sweet feed as they are out on grass. And Stubby is the only bull on feed since he's in competition. But when we yean our babies, they go on creep feed. The husband used to work 7 days a week so that meant I had to go get the ton + some and unload it myself.

  4. Well . . . we scoop up some 10% sweet feed in a big coffee can and then dump it into their stall bucket - throw them a couple flakes of good brome hay and call the job done! BUT right now, they are romping in the pasture enjoying green grass!

    The teamroping steer are on a round bale and get protien cubes after roping. The chickens get what chickens get and the cats get mice!

  5. yikes... you like us probably spend more $ and love on critter fixings than human :) I who just made six scoops of LMF feed to reward our herd for marching in (from turn out) so nicely!

    gp who has just moved over some yogurt in the fridge for some ace and banamine syringes too :)

  6. Wow! That is a lot of feed!! I thought we went through a lot! But you do have more animals than I do! It's a lot of hard work unloading all those bags! I help my OH unload hay all the time!
    I feed local grass hay morning and night, I don't have a pasture with grass, my pastures are dirt with a little bit of green stuff poking through! I have one area I can turn my horses out to graze. And I hand graze the horses up by the arena. I also feed in the evening 1 lb of LMF Super Supplement. It is for horses on grass hay, it has all the vitamins, minerals and supplements a horses need when fed grass hay, so whatever is missing in the grass hay, they get in the grain (it's not grain, but I call it that!)
    My horses can't have alfalfa hay, they would literally be jumping out of their skin!
    The goats eat the same hay the horses get, and they get "goat" grain. Yes, they actually make goat grain!

  7. We have quite the conglomeration of feeds and everyone who gets fed gets a little different ration, depending on the energy level they need to have.

    Moon-because he has a poor ability to chew his food and is a hard keeper, gets grass/alfalfa mix hay-preferrably prairie grass, but crested wheat is pretty good too. He also gets-1 coffee can of Nutrena SafeChoice, 1/2 can of rolled oatmeal, 1 cup of extruded soybean meal and 1/2 cup of A-Z vitamin supplement(for horses on grass hay), plus 1 cup of basic mineral.

    Everyone else gets grass hay and a 1/2 can of Exacta Oats, plus 1 cup of basic mineral.

    Now that the summer heat is coming on, I'll start adding a 1/2 can of Beet Pulp Shreds(with water added after measuring). It's the best thing I have found for keeping a horse's coat shiny and soft throughout the summer.

    My pastures in town are small and are really weedy-which I have been working on getting under control for the past couple of years-it's coming, so Moon is the only one who gets grass 24/7. Everyone else(Rip, Strawberry and Frosty) just gets to graze for a few hours and then they have to come back in.

    The horses at the river ranch live in the pasture. All they need in addition is a salt block and we put out a loose mineral supplement. All of the grass at that place is native grasses.

    The horses at mom's are on pasture as well, but she has crested wheat grass in parts of her pasture, besides the native grasses and everything there has to have their grazing time restricted. They are HOG FAT and now that the crested wheat is headed out-it's like they are on a full-grain diet. Excellent for growing horses...not so good for the rest of momma's portly crew. So they only get to go out at night. Which keeps the two that have a tendency to grass founder from having reaccuring bouts.

    Quite a dizzying mess huh? LOL

  8. I know what you mean - even though I can't lift heavy things - you might think that I would like not having to help. But in truth it kills me. I have never found that kinda work a pain or annoying I honestly enjoy it all - and it sucks to sit on my lazy ass and watch everyone else do the work I should be doing.

  9. OMGosh!! My comment back to you guys is gone!! Well in a nut shell thank you all for your feeding regime's!! Loved reading them!!

  10. I am getting more grateful by the minute for my feed delivery! We get 3 tons of bulk Strategy delivered by the elevator as needed. Granpa is on Senior, beet pulp and alfalfa pellets and oil so I swing by the elevator occasionally for that-most often I call ahead and they have it left out for me.

    Dogs get the same deal as goes Bocephus the piggy.

    we have a pretty streamlined deal, thank God or I would never get anything done!

  11. Paige~ I have some friends who use Strategy and they to love it!! The condition of my mama's this year really has me disgruntled!! They always look really good even with a foal suckling but since we aren't feeding the straight alfalfa pellets anymore they have declined this year...Trying to decide what to do with them, they just seem to have spine exposure and even their tail bone is visible...I have never had this problem before and I hate it!! Any suggestions?!?!?