Friday, June 5, 2009

OH so Sore!!!!

OK so there was no way physically I could have ridden today:( As I write I am having this ridiculous throbbing!!! But it's going to get better!!! Friday night will mark our 2nd GYHR for the season!! Hopefully DD and Pete can get back into their rhythm and have some smokin times!!! She is adding dummy roping to her list of events at the rodeo, she really wants to get into breakaway roping but this circuit is not currently offering that so for now she will do dummy roping..I am sending my camera with my dear friend who is a photographer tomorrow, she is going to take it to the bigger city to have it checked out since I have been having lens issues. Our main purpose is to rule out anything being wrong with the body of the camera..So if it is the lens I will have it replaced, hopefully :) Now my issue is going to be that I am without my camera for a week!!! Which is way better than the alternative if she didn't take it for me they would keep it for 4 weeks, blah!! So being the kind friend she is, she is going to loan me her video camera because DD has rodeo Friday night and Saturday afternoon and she knows I can't go without recording her.. I will have DD's little Canon Powershot, but that won't do me a whole lot of good at the rodeo LOL!! But if I need it for something quickly, I have it to use!!

Tonight was another night of softball, not a very fun one though...I really wish for our little town we could get some good coaches in here and teach these girl's some fundamentals...The coach we have now coached our soccer season and we had a great season, finished in the finals with only 1 loss all season and that was at finals!! But when it comes to softball alot of these girls have never played so it makes for some pretty rough watching...And playing too I'm sure..

Ha, love my fence shot!! I was to lazy to go up and take the picture LOL!!

DD guarding 3rd base and waiting for the ball...That never came...

Watching the batter intently..

She's up to bat!!

Unfortunately she struck out on this turn, of course the only other time she was up she hit it and I didn't have my camera out!! Bad MOM!!

Throwing it hard!!

Again waiting...You know I said this earlier this evening, they sure do alot of waiting...

1st base now!!


  1. Cute softball pics! You know I played softball when I was younger and they were still all trying to make us girls look like boys with our uniforms. We had nothing remotely as cute as what the girls wear today!

    On my back:
    Last Oct I was in a car accident, I was on my way home from work, I had just stopped at the store to pick up a six pack of my favorite mircobrew that just went on sale, and gotten back out on the HWY when a SUV pulled out in front of me from a side road to go the other direction. I was going like 60MPH and there was no way I could stop in time. So I hit him in a T bone type collision. They had use a tool to pry me out of my car - and my hospital visit showed I broke my T-3, T-4, T-5 and T-12 vertebra. All compression type fractures T-12 was the worst. There was also a herniated disc between T-11 and T-12.

    Supposedly my fractures were of a mild nature I should be completely healed by now, but I am still experiencing pain - it varies but it can be extreme at times. It seems I can ride and it doesn't hurt any worse but I am not 100% convinced that it's good, ya know? So I am see yet another doctor next week and I am going to see what he has to say.

    I have seen 2 other specialists - neurologists - and they won't touch me. They take one look at my X-Rays and say "well you should be healed" they can't answer my questions as to why I am still in pain, but they won't try anything to help me......sigh......

    My regular doctor will not prescribe me any more pain pills so I am really hoping this new guys can do something cause those pills are the ONLY thing that helps me get through the mornings (which is when it hurts me the worst). The new doc is a Physiatrist - which isn't going to focus on repairing the injury so much as to doing whatever needs to be done to get my pain reduced or eliminated. So I am hopeful.

  2. DD looks so cute out there playing! I love the look on her face.
    Hope you get the camera figured out! Have a great weekend at the rodeo!


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