Monday, June 29, 2009

Yes we Picked up Hay in the Dark!!

So literally this weekend has been gone by in a flash!!! We were so busy! Today was just overly busy and you know how it goes when you try to play catch up....Not so easy LOL!!

First off I might add that my DD is off to 4H camp with her 2 best friends, and boy do I miss her!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE when she's gone, she's my mini me and I just miss her!! So the Hubby spent the majority of the day working because he was gone all last week for his day job and is trying to play catch up on his HVAC company. He finally finished working about 4:30 but then had to go and swath a waterway of brome so we can get it bailed and moved home!! We also had 4H, so J and I went to that and man I am glad we went because there was NO one there so I wouldn't have had anyone to mooch the much needed info off of LOL!! Which J is the VP so we always go as long as we don't have rodeo or something interfering.. So it was short and sweet, which was good because we also had to get my 3 year old filly picked up from the trainer's house and J had 2 football games tonight!!

So we dropped J of with his buddies so he could head on to the game while we went and got Macy. I was so excited to get her picked up, I really missed her!! She was supposed to come home 18 days ago but when our friend David went out the morning we were supposed to be coming he found her with what he describes as one of the worst injury's he's ever seen on a horse. She had gotten her eye caught on something and literally tore from below her eye up. David immediately loaded her in the trailer and hauled her to his vet which is an hour and a half away. His vet said she was very, very lucky as she did not hit any nerves, facial/eye muscles basically the entire area that she tore is the area where all of the movement and vision comes from. So far he thinks her tear duct is OK, they flushed it at the Vet's office and it streamed through the duct and didn't leak anywhere so that was great news! Her vision is fine, praise God!! David did a great job caring for her, she got 7 day treatment of penicillin and some eye drops.

I was so disappointed because he had 40 days of riding on her when she was due to come home :( He says she bucked a little bit in the beginning but he hasn't had any trouble with her after that, she never tried to buck again and he says she never even thought about it!! He also said she will be a fantastic riding mare, she has learned everything really well and he was very excited for us to ride her, but now with her injury it will be a while... He is being very generous to us though because he is going to take her back after she's fully healed and ride her for about another week just to give her a refresher. And to top it off he tried to prevent me from paying the vet bill!! He felt bad and didn't want us to pay finally he agreed to at least let us pay half. It has now been 18 days since her injury and her eye is still really swollen!!

My poor girl!!

Oh it hurts her so bad... I just hate to see her in pain :(

So next we headed off to J's 2 football games, which they won both!! Then after that we grabbed a quick bite to eat because we still had 136 hay bales to pick up at the waterway hubby cut last weekend. So we finally made it there and I got my favorite job of driving while Hubby and J loaded it up!! We didn't get it all though, it was so dark we finally decided we will get the rest later...

Did I mention that it was dark while we were doing this?!?! Matter of fact it was 11:00 pm at the time I took this picture!!

OH and FYI, I did not have my camera so I took these pictures with my Blackberry....So not real clear LOL!! And the dark didn't help my picture taking!!

See that blur, that's Hubby picking up a bale so I can keep driving..

There it is!!!

Now on the trailer!

Time to go home!!!!


  1. yikes in the dark, that must have been fun!

  2. Picking up hay in the dark?!

  3. Hehe! You do what you have to do to get that beautiful stuff in the barn! We raced a storm on Saturday. We round baled most of it so that was a piece of cake!

    That eye looks so tender! Poor thing!


  4. Ouch...that looks painful! :(

    Glad you got your hay in...have a wonderful week! :)

  5. Your poor girl! Here's hoping for a quick recovery! It's hard to see those sweet things in end up so attached!

  6. Oh, I hope she is on the mend soon! It looks like it is healing well. She's lucky she didn't tear out her eye! Sounds like she did well at the trainers!

  7. wow that's an adventure.. gosh if these horses would just tell us what they did ! **sigh**
    take care

  8. Oh man, so lucky your filly still has the sight in that eye. Looks like it is going to take a lot of doctoring yet. Poor girl!
    A friend of ours was at a team roping and the steer ducking in front of his horse and tea-kettled them. He broke his leg and his poor mare literally peeled the skin from her forehead down to her nostrils. The ground was pretty soft, so no one could really figure out how exactly she managed to do that. It was the grossest thing I think I have ever seen.

    Picking up hay at night? You guys must not have rattlesnakes huh? ;)

  9. Wow she did a number on herself, didn't she?

    I do NOT miss middle of the nite hay picking up. Nope not a bit. Or any hay picking up ever. That is one of the worst jobs

  10. I feel so bad for your horse! That eye! But so glad she is going to be ok!
    You are so funny, picking hay up in the dark! Now, I have to say, I have not done that one yet! But it could happen!

  11. Thanks for the well wishes!!!

    BY~ Oh I remember we did have a storm Saturday!! I hope my hay didn't get rained on LOL!! I'd better check it I guess...

    GP~ I so wish they could talk!!! This is the 4th injury we've had in the last year in our herd that is still a mystery to us...

    BEC~ Oh what a number on your friend and horse! I hope they are healing/healed well!! I had another filly last year that did that, peeled her skin from a little below the eyes all the way down her nose...To the bone, not pretty!! We were so fortunate that she did not get an infection!! And no, no rattlesnakes...Well there are some nearby but not here!! I hope LOL!!

    Paige~ I don't mind doing the hay at night, I think the boys like it better for heat factor!! Did it again tonight LOL!!

    PG J~ OH yes, you know how it is...Busy schedule so you've gotta get it done no matter what LOL!! Tonight when we went back for the rest I was dodging hole's big enough to eat my truck and trailer!!! The only reason we knew they were there was because Hubby almost drove the tractor into them...Scared himself!!