Sunday, June 14, 2009

OK change of plans again!!

Well I am so ready to be posting something that doesn't cause heartache for anyone!! My original plan for today was another introduction on one of my yearling fillies, however I think there is something wrong with my computer....It is being really slowwww uploading pictures so I will have to switch computers tomorrow and try it! So for today lets talk about J's "new" truck!! Well of course you know I mean new to him LOL!! I spoke a few weeks ago about the fact that we were truck shopping for him, well we had a little change in plans and in the end decided to go with a Suburban. I know some of you are probably thinking "a Suburban for a teenager"?? Well we have our reasons, so lets see if you think these reasons are good!! My first and foremost thought when allowing my son to drive is safety, well as we all know the safest vehicles are usually trucks and SUV's...Now let me explain why the safety thing is such an issue for me. We live about 9 miles from our town, about 5 of those are dirt road and the other 4 are 2 lane highway. The high school that J goes to is about 15 miles from us so that means 5 miles of dirt road and 10 miles of 2 lane highway...This highway has been an area of many tragic accidents, with many involving teenagers. Matter of fact about 3 years ago, there was a group of 3 girls who had left the high school to go do something for the yearbook and not even a mile from the school's parking lot they were in a head on collision with a semi and all 3 girl's were killed instantly...This is not the first accident around in that area, there are more!! Now I am not oblivious to the fact that J could still be hurt or God forbid killed even in something big, but I do feel safer that way! Another thing that played a factor in what we chose was price, if you priced a truck and suburban from the same year the trucks are higher...Not sure why that is right now, but it is. Not only is the suburbans running lower in price they are also cheaper on insurance! So then one more perk is J will have plenty of room to keep all of his sports gear and not lose it! And even with all of his sports gear he still has room for that coveted speaker box that Hubby has installed for him...You know how them boys love to jam, of course J's jam is country and rock primarily LOL!! So with that being said I tell you that right now the suburban is kind of "soccer mom" look right now, but give my Hubby and J a month and it will be a full fledged redneck ride LOL!! J has decide the name for his burb is "the Shaggin Waggin" LOL!! Teenagers, oh they crack me up!!

So today I decided I would start cleaning it out as we just got it home last night..We had to repair some things at the shop and we will do the rest here until it's ready to be painted, yes of course J gets to have it painted a color that HE would like to have so I think he has chosen black. Well I am going to tell you I pray that anyone who has 4 children and owns a vehicle of that size does not let the kids go wild like this previous owner did LOL!!! We also decided that we don't think the thing has been cleaned since it was new!! Hubby bought this from a guy up in K.C. but they originally brought it from California, man they got a lot of sand in California :)But this thing is so filthy inside I literally used 2 bottles of 409 and 2 rolls of paper towels and that is just the console and front seat area!!

J waiting for Hubby to unlock it so he can see the inside!!

Hubby showing J how everything works..

Of course J is now playing with the radio LOL!!

Still checking it all out!!

Loading her up!!

Up she goes..

Hubby saying WHOA boy!!

Ready to go home now!!

I promise as soon as this "redneck ride"is done I will post the after pictures!!


  1. as a city girl gone country too, do you sometimes look at stuff you're doing (like the truck or horses) and think "how'd I get here " :) :) LOL


  2. I can picture it now!!! J looks so young!

  3. GP~ You have given me a great idea! I am going to do a post about how I went from "City Girl turned Country Girl"!! Thanks!! Have a super blessed day!!

    Dusty~ I know!! Of course in my heart he is still young :( He actually will be 15 in 1 month!!

  4. Cutie! I think on vehicles, the bigger the better. My dad wanted alot of vehicle between us and an accident. I drove a '68 Pontiac Bonneville! I could fit 14 girls in that car, but I hit a pole head on and didn't dent the car! Purpose served!

  5. I bet J is so excited to have a new ride! And I totally understand why you want a bigger vehicle for safety reasons. Some of the cars these days are so small, I would never feel safe driving them! Can't wait to see the new paint job!

  6. BY~ You totally made me LOL!!! 14!!! WOW, LOL!! So you totally get what I mean then with the pole incident!! J was even more excited because he will be able to fit more people...I would rather him be driving with more people, than riding in some one elses small car!!

    PG J~ I know you are totally like me on the thoughts of trucks vs cars!! I can't wait till it's done!! On top of paint of course it will get a lift and bigger tires...Hence the "redneck ride" LOL!!


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