Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Boy's and their Big Toys!!

So today Hubby and his brother decided that they would bring out their Bonafide Muddin Machine to go play in the snow... Well needless to say they were stuck within 5 minutes so I had to take them my truck so they could pull out...Well while I was there of course I had to take some pics to share:)

This would be Hubby standing in the road...

My Brother-in-law and Nephew sinking in the snow LOL!!

Yep it's stuck alright!!

My Nephew sunk...Yes it's really that deep LOL!!

Hubby pulling the Blazer out..

Going to try and get stuck again?

Blasting through

Plowing his way back!!

Still going...

And Brother-in-law makes it out :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Country Girl, City Life: Sign Up: Favorite Things Swap

Country Girl, City Life: Sign Up: Favorite Things Swap

Favorite Things Swap

Ok so I am a new blogger but have found on "Country Girl City Life" an exciting thing to join. It is the "Favorite Things Swap"... I am soo excited, and I also love this blog!! Go check it out!

Snow Day Fun!!

So what can I say about Kansas weather other than it's stinky!!! Yes we had our "blizzard", I don't think it is as bad as they thought it would be but we got about 10" of snow out at our place BLAH!! Of course some spots were less because of the blowing...

So first thing today I was looking at the views from my house and man it sure does make for some beautiful photography:)

I love these views!!!

So pretty with the snow blowing...

This about the only thing good with these snow storms LOL!!

Just a view from the house...

Then DD and her BFF Tay Tay wanted to go out and play in the snow so they did and had a blast while I snapped some cute shots of them.

DD and Tay Tay spinning in the snow!!!

And they all fall down :~)

Snow Ball Fight!!!!!!!!!!!

Just walking....

Chatting in the snow!!

Hubby who is danger addicted decided to go on a journey on our 4 Wheeler...Well he got stuck just down the road from our house, it took him an hour to dig himself out. Then after DD's BFF went home Hubby and DD decided that they were gonna play on the 4Wheeler, so I seen them and decided to take some more pics but just as I came outside I realize my Funny Hubby and DD are trying to climb the stairs of the front porch with the 4 Wheeler!! What, who does this??? It's like having another child sometimes LOL!!

Umm this would be when I caught them trying to climb the front porch steps!!

Snow blasting!!

More sliding out in the snow!!

Coming through the Cedar Tree's LOL!

Oh now we are acting like good kids.....NOT!!!

So then we were alerted that a farm family out here had plowed us a road to get out of "the village" ( that's what we call our area around here...Don't know why we just do), it was really quite nice because I didn't need to get out but since I could we decided to go to the Alco to get some things. Fun drive!!

This picture is the road directly west from our house...You can't tell it now but there is a down and up hill!!

Snow Plowed :)

This street sign was already this deep before they plowed :O

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Blizzard??? Yep it's Kansas alright!!

Well our day today has been one that was spent inside!! We have been expecting quite the blizzard here, but I don't think we've seen the worst of it yet.. I found something extremely strange a little while ago. It is snowing outside then all of the sudden I see lightening and hear thunder claps!!! What?? How is thatt possible?? All's I can say is I am ready for Spring to be back!!!

So Hubby was gracious enough tonight to do all of the evening feedings. I usually try to do them as he does them in the mornings. So he went out to brave the conditions and when he came back in I was surprised when he said "hey honey look at me"....So I look and if I didn't know better I could have thought I was being robbed!!!

Apparently the freezing rain was pelting his face and it was quite painful so he decided to take some protective measures LOL!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Shoot

So as some of you may know I have embarked on a journey with my sis-in-law one that is helping us to define our lives. Along this journey we have been doing many things and one of those was a "photo shoot" HA! Talk about being out of my element LOL!! This is something we did because when we publish our website we want it to have personal sides of us for you all to see.

Now I am telling you this was a day that just didn't go as planned. First off we are in Kansas and the wind that day was horrible!! So we just knew that we would have swirls on the tops of our heads :) We had our Cosmetologist do our hair for us cause we figured she could get it to stay better than we could LOL!! Then our poor photographer was not feeling well but she came anyways and really kicked butt with these pictures!

Now I have another issue in going into this. I wear glasses, I can wear contacts but I don't currently have any and since this was relatively a spur of the moment deal I didn't have time to get any contacts. Now I don't know if it is part of getting older or what but I have figured out that when I don't have my glasses on and I take pictures when I am smiling my right eye closes almost shut. Well not good for pictures right? So Nikki my photographer had to keep screaming (and I do mean screaming over the howling wind LOL) "Michelle open your eyes"!!! So we actually had a picture that I did exactly as she said and OMG I look like Chucky in this picture. She even worked on this picture and made it her masterpiece because she really wants me to post it...Not sure if I can do that...Even J my son is scared of the picture!!

So if I decide to share this picture with everyone please don't make fun :( Oh and yes my eyelashes are supposed to look like they do...Just a little glam I added LOL!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Play time turned mean time... UH-OH

While my father-in-law was out Saturday to see the new foal he asked if he could get his 2 year old colt out and let him run in the mares bigger pasture as the boys' pasture isn't as big..

So I said sure just let me get my camera because I always get good action shots during "play time"... Well that day we got more than we bargained for. I have a mare who has a colt on her side, he is now old enough to be weaned. He is 7 months old but I didn't want to wean him during the winter. This is another pair we bought that had odd foaling times...

So I got out with my camera and was ready for the action!! Well the action quickly turned from playing to fighting as Bubba (7 month colt) wanted to play with Jet and his mama wasn't having that and she went into full attack mode!! I snapped many pictures during this about 3 minute ordeal. So I thought I would share the action!!

Started out as playing and running!!!!

Then it quickly went from fun to fighting.....

Action shots here!!!

And notice Bubba standing there like HMMM???

Now we have paused to check on Mama and Foal?!?!?

UH-OH here we go again.....

OUCH!!! That bite had to hurt!!!

Jet's getting the heck outta dodge!!!!

Now Jet is just running and taunting the girls LOL!!!

The crazy thing about all of this is it was completely out of the blue and only lasted for a couple of minutes.... But WOW!!!