Monday, March 23, 2009

Play time turned mean time... UH-OH

While my father-in-law was out Saturday to see the new foal he asked if he could get his 2 year old colt out and let him run in the mares bigger pasture as the boys' pasture isn't as big..

So I said sure just let me get my camera because I always get good action shots during "play time"... Well that day we got more than we bargained for. I have a mare who has a colt on her side, he is now old enough to be weaned. He is 7 months old but I didn't want to wean him during the winter. This is another pair we bought that had odd foaling times...

So I got out with my camera and was ready for the action!! Well the action quickly turned from playing to fighting as Bubba (7 month colt) wanted to play with Jet and his mama wasn't having that and she went into full attack mode!! I snapped many pictures during this about 3 minute ordeal. So I thought I would share the action!!

Started out as playing and running!!!!

Then it quickly went from fun to fighting.....

Action shots here!!!

And notice Bubba standing there like HMMM???

Now we have paused to check on Mama and Foal?!?!?

UH-OH here we go again.....

OUCH!!! That bite had to hurt!!!

Jet's getting the heck outta dodge!!!!

Now Jet is just running and taunting the girls LOL!!!

The crazy thing about all of this is it was completely out of the blue and only lasted for a couple of minutes.... But WOW!!!


  1. Hi~I really enjoyed reading through your blog! Thanks for stopping in and visiting and for leaving a comment too! I hope you will come back soon for a visit!

  2. Oh Thanks!! And thanks for stopping by my blog!! I most definitely will be back to yours LOL!!

  3. It looks like they settled their differences, I hope nobody was hurt! So did you end up keeping them together? They are pretty horses, by the way! :)

  4. Oh yes they are fine now!! The 2 year old colt Jet was being chased by a mama who didn't want him by her 7 month old colt... No they are not together, and that day actually my father-in-law wanted to let him run out there so he brought him from his paddock that he shares with 3 geldings and then he was quickly returned LOL!! Usually if we bring the others up to run we will put the mares away but he didn't this day because he didn't figure it would be a problem. WRONG!!! And thank you, I love them all!!