Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break!!!

Wow what can I say....Wow is right....What a day!!! I am loving Spring Break with my kiddo's and their friends!! Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting J's new girlfriend!!! I just love her, she is a really great girl!!! It is so nice to be able to say that again..It's been a while since he has had a girl that is so great!! They really seem to get along good so that makes me happy :~)

DD is having a great Spring Break too. She got to have her super cool older cousin DS over to spend 2 nights. They had alot of fun playing with the horses and riding the 4 wheeler. Today DD had soccor practice so she was loving that. And the best part for her was her BFF Tay-Tay was back from her family ski trip so she got to come home with us tonight!! I just love having these girls together, they are soooo funny!!! Just the 2 of them is like a whole bus load of cheer leaders they are so loud:) So we went and did a little shopping and they made some spa stuff tonight then topped off the night with one of my favorite facial masks. They were pretty giggly when they looked in the mirror LOL!!

This is the picture that they wanted for their "Friends" frame!!

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