Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Runaway Steer???

So here on the ranch today it was pretty quiet...I did some work on my new business, got some things I have been waiting for!!! My sister-in-law and my niece came over after the kids got out of school today so we could talk "business"... So the girls went out to Midnight's temporary pen because Hubby has apparently told DD that she needs to go out when she gets home from school and brush her steer. The hope is that he will begin to trust her more and the whole halter/lead breaking will be easier...Well that is not what happened today...When DD and her cousin went out there and climbed the railings to get in with Midnight he apparently freaked out and decided he needed to get away from these girls at all cost. So what did he do?? He jumped into the HUGE water troft and jumped out on the other side where I have my Geldings. This is a replay of DD and Cousin when they came in; DD-UMMM we we we were uh uh trying to uh uh Midnight he jumped into the the....All at the same time Cousin is saying in a much louder voice; uh ahhh ohhh Midnight...we didn't...ahhh....he's with...Then me; GIRL'S ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!!!!!!! So we find out that Midnight thinks its ok to swim in the troft...NOT!!! So DD calls Hubby to find out what he wants her to do, so her and cousin go out and try to lure him back...Well that wasn't necessary because he just jumped into the troft and went back to his side...Crisis averted!! So we thought...not even 2 minutes later he has jumped back through the tank and is with the horses again AHHH!!!!!! Of course these things always happen while Hubby is gone....Meanwhile at the top of our hill where my Mares are and one who is expected to foal is in an area all to herself, well my SIL and I where watching her and we have decided that she is in labor!!! She is in a great amount of pain, as she is walking in such a way that resembles having (pardon my candor) a cob up her rear LOL!!!!

So hopefully soon I will have beautiful baby pictures to post!! Nothing is greater than having babies:)

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